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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Restoration (The Revelation Series #5) by Randi Cooley Wilson

Would You Run
Would You Fight
Would You Fall To Fate
If your heart was full of love, could you give it all up?


Published:November 30th, 2015 

Would You Run
Would You Fight
Would You Fall To Fate

If your heart was full of love, could you give it all up?

Eve Collins will do anything to save those she loves, especially her gargoyle protector and mate, Asher St. Michael. With the world crumbling down around them, Eve and Asher must face the final battle between darkness and light. One that will end in great sacrifice.

When the skies darken and love in it’s truest form is tested, would you run? When death becomes silence and battle lines are drawn, would you fight? If you had to sacrifice, to save the one you loved, would you fall to fate? Would you dare to let it go?

The End, Begins.

Restoration is the highly anticipated finale in the Revelation Series, a mesmerizing epic romantic journey filled with dark themes, beautifully melancholic musings, divine secrets, sacrifice and forbidden love. 

Do We Always Need a H.E.A?

With Restoration, the last book in The Revelation Series releasing, I’m asked, begged, and pleaded with hourly to confirm that it will have happily-ever-after. H.E.A. is one of those ‘relative’ terms. What a happy ending is for one reader, isn’t necessarily the same for another. Every novel is different. Every writer is different. And every reader is different.

I understand a reader’s desire for H.E.A. endings. I really do. We want to immerse ourselves in a story, be taken away by new words and fall in love with characters. Once attached, we don’t want anything bad to ever happen. In reality not every story, or character, can have a H.E.A. In my opinion, it’s important for the ending to stay true to the story in a genuine manner. It doesn’t matter what genre. If the ending isn’t authentic, whether an H.E.A or realism, then it just doesn’t work in my opinion.

H.E.A narratives can illustrate important lessons. On the other hand, H.E.A. can also set you up for everyday failures. Conforming to H.E.A. in literature is not always possible. Many readers read to escape reality. In worlds and stories create as an illusion. We want to feel good at the end. We want to come away with a sense of closure that we may not get in real life. Sadly, just like in real life, we mustn’t always expect that every story ends in a perfect bow. Sometimes, realism steps in and ugliness and raw emotion leaving us wounded and bleeding out.

I think it comes down to readers and authors trusting one another. Readers need to understand and respect the author’s journey they’re being taken on. Authors need to trust that readers can decipher real life from fiction and stay genuine and true to their story and characters.

About the author: 
Randi Cooley Wilson is a “New Adult” Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author. A resident of Massachusetts, she makes stuff up, devours romance books, drinks lots of wine and coffee, and has a slight addiction to bracelets.


Christina said...

I've only read the first book in the series, but I'm looking forward to continuing!

Joseph Hawkshaw said...

Have not read any yet but they look very good.

Danielle merkle said...

I have not read the series yet!

Betul E. said...

Havent read it yet!! :(

Betul E.

Jan Lee said...

I haven't read it yet so I'd have to answer the question after I start :)

Andreea Dragan said...

I haven't read the series yet, but I wish to do it.

Ally Swanson said...

I am new to this book series, however, I think these books sound quite interesting. Looking forward to checking out these books!