Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

tracking the real killer - Dark Money (Jack Bryant #2) by Larry D. Thompson

"I could not put this book down! "Dark Money" had me enthralled from start to finish. This is NOT one of those books that you get half-way through and it ends up collecting dust on your nightstand, you will find yourself dying to know what will happen next!!!" - Goodreads, Tara

Evolution always finds a way...- Tribes Of Decay (The Decaying World Saga #1) by Michael W. Garza

"The author has a wonderful writing style that makes me want to dive in and not come up for air until I have turned that last page. Great job making one of my least favorite genres, a compelling read." - Goodreads, P.S.Winn

the question she wants to face the least - Pure (Pure #1) by Catherine Mesick

"From start to finish, Pure puts an entirely refreshing spin on young adult paranormal reads. Low on angst, high on mystery, dark, yet not terrifying, the moments of lightness are a great addition while the tale itself remains a perfect read for younger YA readers, also. Great main characters and unexpected twists highlight just a few of the reasons I enjoyed Catherine Mesick’s tale." Goodreads, Dianne

when the past keeps coming back - Marked (The Birthright, #2) by Amy Saunders

Starting over for Rosamund Brandt is more complicated than it sounds. Especially when the past keeps coming back to haunt her. As she and her mom and brother try to pick up the pieces in a new home, the universe seems determined to tear them apart even more as secrets multiply, and distrust grows.

Does True Love Always Lead To Happily Ever After? - Falcon Song by Kristin Cross

So much emotion came through the words of this story. I felt it all—regret, forgiveness, redemption, and a powerful love that wrapped it all together. I had a hard time putting it down. This story really touched me!” DL
“I loved this story! Jason is one of my favorite heroes ever. I felt like I was right there with them through it all.” JM 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

No longer warm and loving - Ravaged River by Lindsay Cross

A stand-alone novel in the Men of Mercy Series
Special forces operative Hoyt Crowe wasn't just damaged… he was broken. After suffering brutal torture in captivity, his once lively spirit is shattered. Now his greatest adversary isn’t some unknown terrorist in a foreign country, it’s himself.

Who is he really? - The Fall of Lord Drayson by Rachael Anderson

Cover Reveal
Coming soon from USA Today Bestselling Author Rachael Anderson - The Fall of Lord Drayson

The clock is ticking. - State of Destruction (The Collapse Series #7) by Summer Lane

The destruction of California is at hand.
San Francisco.
The clock is ticking.
Survival of the fittest is their game.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Can she trust him not to betray her? - First Blade (Awakening #1) by Jane Hinchey

As the only half vampire, half angel in existence, Zak Goodwin is an unbeatable foe and unashamed womanizer. With his band of warriors, he rids the earth of demons, while guarding a ring created from the blood of angels – a ring that, when coupled with an ancient dagger, has the power to destroy the earth. Only the dagger has been lost for centuries and no matter how great Zak’s power, it remains out of reach. 

the hunters become the hunted - Blood Gold Revenge by Dave Wright

The cattle on the Hatchet River Station homestead have not been mustered for the past ten years. The brutish Maxine, her husband Scrubber, and her brother Price have agreed to run interference for Mr C.; after all, they have always enjoyed killing the odd lone prospector when they had the chance.

Ashes in the Sky (Fire in the Woods #2) by Jennifer M. Eaton

Today Jennifer M. Eaton and Month9Books are revealing the first chapter for ASHES IN THE SKY, which releases March 15, 2016! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to be one of the first readers to receive a eGalley!!

Timeshaft by Stewart Bint

Cover Reveal - Booktrope are shortly publishing a revised edition of Stewart Bint’s time travel novel, Timeshaft…and here’s a sneak preview of the dazzling new cover created by Booktrope designer Troy Johnson.
Originally published on Smashwords in 2013, the new edition features a new beginning and ending, along with a number of new scenes. 

a menacing shadow - Alexa Loved (Alexa #2) by T.R. Cupak

Upon graduation, Alexa wants nothing more than to move on with her life, go to college, and forget all the hard and hurtful things from her tragic past. But when her first love, Ethan, shows up at her graduation—it kicks off a whirlwind of events that threatens the good and stable things she’s worked so hard to achieve.

the last thing she expects - Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow

“Fighting legendary creatures isn’t on the syllabus.”
My world had gone from normal to magical in only a few days. Everything I’d once believed to be true had been turned upside down, and even though it was crazy and possibly dangerous, I loved every second of it.

impossible to completely move on or forget - Whatever It Takes (Nothing But Trouble, #1) by Lindsey Pogue

One horror-filled night changes the course of Samantha’s seemingly normal life. She’s ruined everything. Despite her determination to keep the family ranch up and running, her guilt makes it impossible to completely move on or forget.

her new friends - Even Angels Fall by F.L. Darbyshire

"Usually 5 star ratings are not handed out lightly through my eyes, but F. L. Darbyshire’s Even Angels Fall has hit the mark of truly earning the right to claim five golden stars and more. The fact that it caused me to have an emotional fight deep down in my soul and caused my eyes to water, says that this story can make one feel as they are truly right beside the characters." - Goodreads, Alicias Peek

Mafia Takeover with Amy Rachiele, E.J. Fechenda, Kat Shehata, Lisa Cardiff

Amy Rachiele - Website * Goodreads * Twitter * Facebook
E.J. Fechenda - Goodreads * Twitter * Facebook
Kat Shehata - Website * Goodreads * Twitter * Facebook
Lisa Cardiff - Website * Goodreads * Twitter * Facebook

Thursday, January 28, 2016

They’re all about to play - The Zombie Game (The Dr. Scott James Thrille #2) by Glenn Shepard

The real Zombies of Haiti come alive in this story of a plastic surgeon, a man who "fixes people's faces," racing to stop a plot to kill the Pope during his Papal visit to America. Follow Dr. Scott James as he falls into an incredible world of psychotropic drugs, exotic ceremonies, and murder.

Are people born pure? - Redeeming Rhys by Mary E. Palmerin

"A twisted trip of dark, depraved, and uncertainty. You will be shocked, slightly sick, and completely consumed. A wild ride, strap on your seat belt, make sure you have your bible ready, and enjoy the forbidden chaos. " - Goodreads, Di Twisted Sisters

Hazard of Shadows (Chronicles of the Goblin King #2) by Mike Phillips

"I found the writing style in Hazard of Shadows near faultless and the story to be engaging as it is full of magic and intrigue in a fantasy world full of betrayal and death. Phillips successfully combines elements of horror, humour, mystery and suspense that will satisfy any Urban/Dark Fantasy fan out there." - Goodreads, Catherine

Bound To Fate (Bound Series #1) by Kiru Taye

Still time for Facebook Release Party
Lara Johnson is coping with the emotional scars of losing both parents in a tragic incident and facing the challenges of starting a new school. Getting involved in a relationship isn't on her priority list. Certainly not this illicit desire for a man, who demands the best from her, yet leaves her breathless in his presence.

the fateful day when it all falls apart - Clean by Mia Kerick

High school senior Lanny Keating has it all. A three-sport athlete at Lauserville High School looking at a college football scholarship, with a supportive family, stellar grades, boy band good looks… until the fateful day when it all falls apart.

Desperate to make sense - Reprieve by Celeste Hollister

17+ In the summer of 92, Gale and Meredith find the body of a dead black man in the river of their all-white hometown. They go for help, but when the search doesn’t turn up a body, Meredith’s father, the police chief, accuses them of making it all up. That night, Gale runs away from home, turning Meredith’s whole world inside out.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It was Fate that decided - Russell's Revenge by Dennis Fishel

Fate has been messing up Dennis’s life for as long as he can remember. 
It was Fate that decided Russell Folmer—the biggest, ugliest, and meanest kid on earth—would live only two houses south of Dennis’s. 

magic, thrilling adventure, and sweet romance - Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow

“Fighting legendary creatures isn’t on the syllabus.”
My world had gone from normal to magical in only a few days. Everything I’d once believed to be true had been turned upside down, and even though it was crazy and possibly dangerous, I loved every second of it.


Ms Ford, though, luckily spins a little magic into her story with a dead agent brought back to life. And so the plot thickens. 
But who is watching Jess besides a dead agent, and who is stalking her?
The more Jess puzzles over gathered evidence the more she fears the outcome.

a woman willing to risk it all…- Cady Delafield series by Joyce Proell

Passion and murder collide in 1880’s Chicago as they race to keep one step ahead of the police who want Doyle to pay for his crime. As the attraction between Cady and Doyle sizzles, they battle suspicions, lies and lethal actions to uncover the murderer before he destroys them both.

The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Complete Collection by Nicole Arlyn

Readers can now enjoy the entirety of author Nicole Arlyn’s dark fantasy saga in one complete book. This complete collection also includes a note from the author detailing the inspiration and events that led to The Sugarspear Chronicles.

Through the Veil (Aisling Chronicles) by Colleen Halverson

Elizabeth Tanner is no Tinkerbell, and her life is no fairy tale. Broke and drowning in student loans, the one thing she wants more than anything is a scholarship from the Trinity Foundation. 

Shearwater Part One (Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance) by Derek Murphy

"It was time to take my life back into my own hands...
even if it meant growing fins."
An innovative paranormal romance with a brand new magical system, and a version of mermaid biology that actually makes sense.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the world couldn’t get any crazier - Omen Operation by Taylor Brooke

On the outside, Brooklyn finds the world is as normal as ever. But when they are attacked in the city, they dispose of their attackers far more efficiently than any normal human.. Is there more to Brooklyn and her friends then just being highly trained?

Bonds are broken, relationships are tested - Blood Moon (Everealm #3) by J.D. Wright

"My non-stop love for the Everealm series; without a doubt, my favorite adult series ever. Granted, it is the ONLY adult series I have ever read. But that doesn't matter, because it was a great way to get into the genre. I love the new characters that were brought in via Wildfire. I could not wait to continue the story, and the moment I started the book, it was very difficult to put it down." - Goodreads, Hadassah

In Africa, she hoped to find both - In the Belly of the Elephant: A Memoir of Africa by Susan Corbett

Everybody needs to run away from home at least once. Susan Corbett told people she was out to save the world, but really she was running — running from her home as much as to anywhere. Like many women, she was searching for meaning to her life or for a good man to share it with. In Africa, she hoped to find both.

You can't die twice. - Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed (Ascenders #1) by C.L. Gaber

Principal King explains the rules -- there are none. Why? You can't die twice. 
Walker Callaghan doesn't know what happened to her. One minute she was living her teenage life in suburban Chicago...and the next minute, she was in a strange place and in a brand new school with absolutely no homework, no rules, and no consequences. 

her only hope - Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

"Holy Hell are you in for the ride of your life with Ms Zanetti's new "post- apocalyptic novel. I love this authors books and could not wait to read this one....and it sure did not disappoint." Goodreads, Jackie Kluyts

a long forgotten has risen - The Third Power (BlackMyst Trilogy #3) by Kelly Hess

The struggle for the Dagger of Torrill has brought Delvengard and Sorak to war. But a long forgotten third power has risen, scheming to bring destruction to both kingdoms. 

Waging War (The Immortal Descendants #4) by April White

Their desperate manhunt drags Saira, Archer, and Ringo into the London underground on the eve of a Nazi bombing raid where they come face-to-face with the Monger assassin on a suicide mission to split Time. With the lives of all mixed-bloods in peril, Saira must make a sacrifice that even Time and love may never forgive.

The battle continues - Death to the Undead (Life After the Undead, #2) by Pembroke Sinclair

The Families want them captured, the zombies want to eat them, and other survivors want them dead. Caught in between powerful forces, they must survive long enough to devise a new plan and put it into action, all while trying to solidify their new relationship and trying not to self-destruct in the meantime.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Marie Bartek and the SIPS Team by Robin Murphy

"This book is brillian and I think this is a must read book and I will read the other in the series as soon as I can. I love how the story works and how much feelings we get. I also like the paranormal aspect of the book and like to see this in a crime novel." - Goodreads, Angelica

the final battle - Funeral Games (Far Stars #3) by Jay Allan

The battle for the unification and rule of the Far Stars Confederation will be decided in this exhilarating third and final book in the swashbuckling space saga begun with Shadow of Empire and Enemy in the Dark.

what will he do? - The Boy Who Wields Thunder by Gibson Morales

In 2060, the Naga are in charge. Humanity lives off of 1940s technology and teenagers are expected to spend their post-graduation lives serving a Naga overseer. Living with his adoptive parents in an upscale human city, Olton Sorrell has studied hard to have a great career serving under his father’s Naga friend. 

This is war. - Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros

"It felt so real, so authentic; I'm still a little bit in mourning and not fully healed from the journey, but so thankful I was given the opportunity to take it. As with every other book in this series, this one is going to leave a mark on my heart. If you haven't taken the Flight & Glory journey yet, it is not one to be missed. You owe it to your heart to pick up these books." - Goodreads, Give Me Books

Sexy Bastards Anthology - A Collection of Bad Boy, Biker and Alpha Romance Stories

18+ A Collection of Bad Boy, Biker and Alpha Romance Stories
Featuring New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. 12 top selling authors bring you 12 never-before-published Hot and Steamy Romance stories

In that moment, love changes everything. - Derailed by Renee Lee Fisher

When you get hit by it, you will know. Aubrey Tanner is married to her work. With her recent separation from long-time boyfriend and the town’s most eligible bachelor, she definitely isn’t looking for love. Working in her bakery keeps her busy, feeds her the town gossip, and pays the bills, all that she needs… At least until she finds herself under attack with no way to save herself.

to defy Fate - Arrow's Flight series by Casey Hays

"I loved this story! Ms. Hay's writes with such accuracy, every detail placed to perfection. Nothing is a coincidence. The plot, setting, scenes, characters, and every word chosen are so well developed. Casey Hays is one of my knew favorite YA writers![...]
I loved how the story was developed, and I so did not see the plot twists coming. I loved the ending and anxiously await the next book where Kate will become even more of an admirable heroine." - Goodreads, Angie Taylor

enough to keep them all alive - Wings of Vengeance (Hidden Wings #5) by Cameo Renae

No one knows of Lucian’s long-held secret—a recently transformed Nephilim daughter. Unfortunately for the Gray house, Lilith believes Emma is the one responsible for killing her father, and her deep-rooted hatred has turned into an envious obsession.

An undying love threatened by darkness... - Forged in Ice (The Forged Chronicles #2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

" I find the concept for the Essence and her guards in the alternate world unique and captivating it’s an interesting concept of time. Forged in Stone is action packed, loaded with romance and mix in a little blast from the past darkness to create an intricate story. " - Goodreads, Mandy (about Forged in Stone)

Kids Moments - Sit, Stay, Love: A Wish Novel by J.J. Howard

Cecilia Murray has been wishing for a dog for as long as she can remember. But when a cute little pug is brought in to Orphan Paws, the shelter where she volunteers, she knows Potato is the dog she’s been waiting for.

this kind of love can be scandalous - Bryce (Scandalous Boys #1) by Natalie Decker

Bryce Matthews doesn’t do the whole nice boyfriend thing. Chocolates and flowers—girls can forget all that. And he certainly doesn’t care about the gossip and rumors that follow him at school and around town. If anything, the talk amuses him. Bryce isn't lacking in confidence. He knows himself and he knows his limits.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Music Time

the most forbidden of all - The Sixth Domicile (The Domicile Series #1) by Courtney Ruggles

In a future ravaged by greed and war, The Domicile has emerged. A new civilization governed by clandestine Elders where citizens are united by white masks and uniform identities. To remove one’s mask, to go outside the Domicile, to show defiance, means being sent to the Meurtre, a horrifying death sentence.

GRAND FINALE for Tevanon and Kensic: Turlot by Tyson Clarke

Upon the shores of the Laughley Sea, in the shadows of the jagged Northland Mountains and not so far south as the blistering Aronee Desert, there exists a land of lush forests and golden plains. This land is known as Lynsid, a once great nation that has suffered through more than a decade of demoralizing wars.

If I were dead, I wouldn't be able to see.- Ugly by Margaret McHeyzer

If I were dead, I wouldn't be able to see.
If I were dead, I wouldn't be able to feel.

All of our best dates end up in the emergency room….- Shopping for a Billionaire’s Fiancee by Julia Kent

Shopping for a Billionaire’s Fiancée gives near-billionaire Declan McCormick the chance to tell his story in this continuation of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shopping for a Billionaire series.

Can two worlds collide in dreams?- Crossroads Series by Mary Ting

Protecting her from the fallen was his duty.
Falling in love was never part of his plan.
Loving her was forbidden.
Being with her was all that mattered, even if it meant he would be exiled for all eternity.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

some serious choices to make - The Art of Raising Hell by Thomas Lopinski

“There are some people that walk around on two feet and others like me that run on all four.” Newbie Johnson tries to understand the meaning of this statement while learning about friendship, loss, and love as a small town teenager.