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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Remembering Home by J.M. Adele

How do you forget your first love? 
The girl that haunts your dreams.
The one that no other woman could ever live up to.
The one you left behind...


Published: October 19th, 2015

How do you forget your first love?
The girl that haunts your dreams.
The one that no other woman could ever live up to.
The one you left behind...

It takes a tragedy to wake Aiden Thomas from his stupor, prompting him to return to his home town. Nothing could've prepared him for what he finds when he gets there. His life, as he knows it, is about to change. It was time to stop hiding behind his lens.

Angel Murphy had her heart ripped away when she was a teenager. She survived the toughest times of her life, with the help of her family. Fifteen years later, after another cruel blow, she is again scrambling to adjust. Angel doesn't know how much more she can take, when the man she never thought she’d see again returns.

Can she trust him to stay this time, especially when he discovers the secrets he left behind?


Aiden’s face was a picture of desire, his lids heavy, beautiful lips parted. The muscles of his chest heaved with each breath. He stood still. One hand grasped the towel and the other hung limply at his side.

At that moment, she waivered. She didn’t come for this. If he left tomorrow without the chance of return, she’d always wonder what it would be like to be with this man. What they could have together. After an awful few weeks, she needed something life affirming. Something to make her feel alive and connected with someone she loved. Sitting here seeing Aiden, the man, and realizing her feelings had never faded, she just wanted to be reckless. To have just one night with him before everything changed. Before he leaves again. She promised herself she would be truthful with him in the morning, but for now, she needed him. Only him.

Her gaze raked up his body to his eyes. Angel unfurled her arms and stood.

“Don’t say a word.” Her voice quivered from lust and fear. Fear that he might not want her as she wanted him.

He didn’t speak, only stalked towards her, reaching to cup her face in his hands. His eyes searing as he lowered his lips to hers. She closed her eyes and reached her hands up to grasp his wrists. The feathery brush of his lips against hers sent divine tingles shooting through her body. It was always like this when they kissed. He set her heart alight, and branded her as his with every stroke of his touch.

His hands moved to the nape of her neck and travelled down her shoulders and arms. She grabbed onto his waist, knocking the towel loose. His kiss became bruising. He reached down grabbing her thighs, urging her to wrap them around him so he could carry her to the sofa. She was way ahead of him, jumping at the suggestion.

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About the author:
J.M. Adele is the author of the contemporary romance novella, Remembering Home, and paranormal romance, Sensing You—coming soon. She lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband, three boisterous boys and two geriatric Labradors.

Working as a nurse in a former life allowed her to meet all sorts of wonderful people and gain many different perspectives on life. Her love of, and addiction to stories prompted characters of her own to take up residence in her daydreams. When they became more insistent, she finally took pencil to paper.

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