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Monday, April 30, 2018

intertwined stories - A Deadly World - Anthologies

18+ "Alana Greig, Erin Lee, LJC Fynn, A. Maslo, Alice La Roux, K. L. Roth, Chelsi Davis , AJ Renee, Anke Van Zweel, and Rita Delude have done an amazing job on this book!
I love all the details and how each author brought a little something different to the book. "
- about book #1 Kimberly, Goodreads

a past to claim… Road of a Warrior (The Silvan Book II) by R.K. Lander

"The characters feel…well, not human, since they’re elves, but alive, realistic, and believable, and we get to meet more of them this time. [...]
The story is delightful, the characters genuine, and the narration gloriously artistic. If you like epic fantasy and tales of action, adventure, intrigue, and deep friendship set in a rich, powerful literary world, you’ll want to pick up this book." - Andrea L, Goodreads

against his will - The Blind Alien (Beta-Earth Chronicles #1) by Wesley Britton

"Dr Wesley Britton is a natural born storyteller who has worked so much on his craft that it seems effortless. [...] I would strongly recommend it for someone who enjoys sci-fi fiction and furthermore to the ones who are not familiar with the genre and are reluctant to read it. It’s a great introduction to it and its unique charms thanks to a gifted author. Buy it, read it and don’t forget to thank the author for the beautiful journey once you are done with a smile on your face." - Amanda, Goodreads

She was killed 200 years prior - White Witch by Larry D Thompson

"White Witch by Larry D Thompson is so much more than what I was expecting. The twisting and turning, the mystery and danger, the tension and suspense kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning. I love when an author can incorporate fact and fiction with a little mysticism into an adventure that makes me see an exotic tropical island in a new light. I knew some of Jamaica’s history from reading and visiting this world tropical paradise. That makes it easier to get lost in the story." Sherry, Goodreads

All the ugly and all the beautiful - King's Wrath (Sydney Storm MC #5) by Nina Levine

18++ The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated King's Wrath by Nina Levine is now available on all ebook retailers.
"Nina nailed this story! And there’s even more to come and I’m so damn excited. These storm men will work their way into your hearts and never let you go! Way to go Nina! This story is perfection!!"- Lindsey, Goodreads

why SHOULDN'T the boy fall in love with the ugly girl? - Don't Look at Me by J.P. Grider

"This is one of the best contemporary retellings of a fairy tale that I have read, ever..."- Carrie Griffin
"...A real emotional read with a touch of drama and suspense. Who is behind the vicious attacks on local women? So not just your run of the mill- boy meets girl love story."- Pauline Anne
"...It is so good, I could not put it down...This book drained me emotionally and left me stunned for a few hours after reading it..." - Trisha

fighting secret societies - The Ancient Tripod of Peace by Kalen Cap

The Ancient Tripod of Peace is the first book in novelist Kalen Cap’s Teen Thief-Catchers Series. If you like stories with artifact treasures, fighting secret societies, and spirited protagonists, you’ll enjoy this novel.

their ancient conflict - Assassin’s Soul (The Angel Crusades #1) by Noella Royce

18+  "The author takes you on an action packed adventure where you meet sexy, badass demons, empaths and a whole lot more. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. [...] The plot was gripping with several twists and unexpected surprises thrown into keep you on edge. " -P.Leslie, Goodreads

No one is safe - The Vampire Within by Laura Daleo

"This book has lots of action and there is an ancient vampire component which heavily influences the outcome of the book. If you are looking for an interesting vampire read, minus the romance, then this is definitely worth a consideration. " - Barb, Goodreads

Sunday, April 29, 2018

memories of great victories of the old - The King Is Dead by Al Burke

"The best Medieval fable I've read since David Eddings The Diamond Throne. You got it all! [...]
It was awesome to read, and it goes in my top 10 of 2016 MUST READS." - Ellie, Goodreads

the inner truth, empowerment and sexual liberation - Self's Blossom by David Russell

18++ "Self's Blossom is a story that should be in the Tate Gallery, were the Tate a gallery for literature as opposed to art. [...] This book is prose at its best. The language used is eloquent and intelligent. You won't find crude words or phrases here, but a rhetoric that is closer to that of Charlotte Bronte (yes, I did say Charlotte Bronte -- well, if she wrote erotica that is....) The narrative is highly descriptive and even a little "gothic" in some places." - D. Hardy, Goodreads

khalid fears nothing and no one ...anymore - Corridors of Time by Vinay Krishnan

The book is simple in style and content, for often it is this simplicity that bewilders and rouses Interest. ~ Shri S . Rajendra Babu, Former Chief Justice of India
The book has excellent literary craftsmanship, passion humour and adventure. Highly recommended.~ Mr. Namboodiri, former Asst. Editor, Deccan Herald
This charming book about old Bangalore is written in a racy easy-to-read style. ~ Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

wariness and suspicion - Cursed (Born of the Blood #1) by Skylar Mckinzie

"Great story! Characters are nice and full, and the story is gripping from beginning to end." Stefani, Amazon
"I highly recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of paranormal reads!! This book will not disappoint!! It is well written...easy to follow and get lost in...and will leave you guessing what does Skylar Mckinzie have in store for her characters and her readers!!!" - Ebony, Amazon

The dark past secrets - Dead Air by Cliff Protzman

"Dead Air is an impressive debut for author Cliff Protzman. I was immediately drawn into this story full force [...]. I would call it modern noir; gritty but also upbeat and surprisingly humorous. The secondary characters are vibrant and really well written [...]. The clues are all there in the narrative and the denouement is well paced, exciting and satisfying." - Annie, Goodreads

a time for forgiveness in the magic world - Book of Roots (Creole Moon #2) by S.T. Holmes

"Holmes penned an exciting journey that included intricate clues, glorious and maniacal creatures, nail-biting predicaments, and an ending I found both satisfying and a cliffhanger perfect to end a trilogy. She engaged me with an excellent description that brought to life the world of demi-gods, the bayou, the magic spells and potions, and the creatures and humans alike, but she didn't rely only on the narrative." Kathleen, Goodreads

Book Tour Grand Finale for First Crush, Last Love by Elizabeth McKenna

What do you hope readers take with them after they’ve read it?
I hope they, for a moment, remember how bittersweet love can be - especially that first love. I hope they are reminded that a bad relationship has to be ended, no matter how insecure you are, and I hope that the belief that things will get better is reinforced in the reader's mind.- Launch - Author Interview

Friday, April 27, 2018

one thing is certain–she cannot trust her instincts - Midnight Moss by Carissa Ann Lynch

"This book is fast paced and there is always something going on. The suspense builds the further they investigate and you get the feel of the chase. [...] It does not matter what genre Carissa writes she always has a flair to tell an exciting story. A great fantasy adventure which I did not want to end." - Yvonne, Goodreads

on the run - The Fix by Robert Downs

"...a short but powerful book with the force of a right hook or a squeezed-off bullet." -- Foreword Clarion Reviews
"Original and enthralling. A journey of a gamblers problems and how he tries to 'fix' them." -- Lisa Garrett, NetGalley Reviewer

Nothing is as it seems in the dark world of the Stalkers - Night Stalker (Dead Love Lives #1) by R.L. Weeks

"The Prologue of this book was intriguing, mysterious, and ended with a shocker. I was hooked immediately. The nightmare scenes were definitely frightening and had my pulse racing as Casey struggled to get away/wake up. 
There was no shortage of action and suspense in this book. [...]
This book had it all and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series." - Samantha, Goodreads

worse than never finding the love of your life - Witch Wants Forever (The Witches of Wimberley #2) by Victoria Danann

"The story had a brilliant plot line, great characters, had me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails. [...]
Another 5 stars." - Victoria, Goodreads

"Evocative, deceptively straightforward" - Best Evidence: Poems by Mark S. Osaki

“I have found the poetic voices of Asian Americans to be among the strongest and most original in contemporary English literature. Among those writers, none impress me more than does Mark Osaki.” - Joseph Bruchac, The Greenfield Review Press

Thursday, April 26, 2018

unanswered questions - Alice and the Assassin (Alice Roosevelt Mystery #1) by R.J. Koreto

"The novel's settings give the reader a grand tour of New York City in 1902. It also gives a good picture of the social structure of the city at that time. I liked the dynamics between the smart, sheltered and spoiled Alice Roosevelt and St. Clair. I'll admit to stopping in the middle of the story for a bit to research Alice since, while I'd heard of her, I knew little about her.
Fans of historical mysteries will enjoy this engaging and well-told tale." - Kathy, Goodreads

a dark puzzle - Eternal Victim by Dexter Morgenstern

"What a book. The author is pure genius!! The evil described here is so unholy and depraved that the darkness pervades into his words, into his pages, into his story.. There is a complete eclipse which obscures all the light. Traversing and defeating such a demonic spirit to reach the radiance of goodness is what this book promises.... Wow! What a ride!!!" - Shalini, Goodreads

a dark and deadly path - Tears of the Fallen by K.M. Hager

"If you read this story, be prepared for a roller coaster ride. Every twist or turn or ups or downs in this story will have you guessing what will happen next. [...] Right when you think this story couldn't have more going on in it, it does and it keeps going until the end. Looking forward to the next book." T.R., Goodreads

a sure sign of bad things to come - Masked Desire (The Masked Arcana #2) by Alana Delacroix

"Alana Delacroix has done it again!! Masked Desire is the second story in her Masked Arcana series and it is a doozy! I absolutely fell in love with the Masquerada in the first book, Masked Possession, so I had high hopes for round two in Masked Desire. I was amazed by this story!" Deborah, Goodreads

unusual, even unique - Visions Through a Glass, Darkly by David I. Aboulafia

"David I. Aboulafia presents to readers a well-written, dark horror story with impeccable and genuine dialogue, as well as spot-on character development. [...] 
I found “Visions Through a Glass, Darkly” by David I. Aboulafia to be an intriguing and dark must-read story, and recommend it to all horror, and thriller lovers as a Five-Star book for sure." - Reader View's, Goodreads

a man who was never meant to be MINE - Enticed by you (Miraculous Love,#1) by Meghana Sarathy

18+  "This book will have you overwhelmed with emotions, some of them angst filled, some of them of the heartbreaking kind and some of them of the love kind. [...] This author does know how to make a reader sit up and take notice. " - April, Goodreads

some people are very, very dangerous - A MURDER ON WALL STREET (Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian #1) by Owen Parr

"There is something about a well-written Detective/PI story that makes me not able to put the book down. The interaction of the private investigator (or in this case investigators) and the people surrounding the crime makes for such an enjoyable story." - Brian, Goodreads

Enemies make the best partners…No Cowboy Required by JoAnn Sky

Welcome to Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World! Sweet Home Alabama meets Raising Helen in this sweet small town contemporary romance debut from Golden Heart® Award finalist JoAnn Sky!

an ill-defined edge - The Gene Police (Shep Harrington Smalltown Mystery #3) by Elliott Light

"Elliott Light has a way of creating characters that pop off the pages, and this book will have you immersed from the very first page. [...] Not only is the science of eugenics part of this novel, but throw in a murder mystery, and you’ve got a suspenseful, engrossing tale." Kerrie, Goodreads

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

a supernatural war rages - The Guardians (The Tempest Isle #1) by S.C. Storm, Rena Marin

"This is a fast paced start to a new series that is engaging and well thought out. [...] Even though the book is written by two authors, the writing is cohesive and consistent, and you can’t find any wayward seams that would separate the two authors. Looking forward to the next book in the series." Cyrene, Goodreads

a quirky and protective hometown - Hometown Series by Kirsten Fullmer

"There is also, I found, a charm underneath the romance, meaning it had a greater depth than just being a romantic-type of novel. A lot more subtle, but also rewarding because of that."- Novel Addition, Goodreads, about book #1

success or madness? - Love, Music, Madness by Tabitha Rhys

Will the chemistry that fuels their creativity drive them to make the record of a lifetime, or only to absolute madness?

this book is for smart sexy women - The Madonna Model by T.L. Ashton

“Authenticity is what Ashton’s second novel is all about. With a brilliant metaphor, Ashton connects fake people with forged art. Real people are authentic just as original art has provenance that proves its authenticity. Auction house art specialist, Jillian Warner, knows that every masterpiece has a story, and tracking down the provenance of paintings by Mary Cassatt, Sargent, O’Keeffe and others teaches her how to overcome art world forgers. That helps her resist fake men and find a man who is not afraid to love her." Amazon

His only hope, his only salvation... - Lycenea (The Brotherhood of Merlin #2) by Rory D. Nelson

"At first I was not completely drawn into the story because it has such an enchanting begining. However, it did not take long after the initial scene for me to be enthralled! [...] This book has so many wonderful elements like action, romance, passion, loyalty, and bravery to name a few! The author created a fascinating and beautiful world that is very original." Leona, Goodreads

I should have known... Evading The Dark (The Cross Chronicles #1) by E.M. Rinaldi

"This book was a roller coaster ride, but a fun one. Filled with action and twists, it was a real page turner." - CrazyCate, Goodreads

"both entertaining and intelligent" - The Phoenix Cycle: The Best Shall Rise by Bob Collopy

"It’s rare to find a book that’s both entertaining and intelligent: I found both in the Phoenix Cycle. [...] This should be required reading for philosophy classes in both high schools and at universities. The Phoenix Cycle class makes “choices” they never thought possible. The reader comes away questioning just how he or she would choose. Excellent read! " Mary Jean, Goodreads

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

a ritual of dark magic - Waking the Ancients (Nemesis of the Gods #2) by Catherine Cavendish

“Cavendish has constructed such an elaborate plot—combined with painstaking research into Egyptian mythology—that the fantastical events taking place seem to literally ‘come alive’ on the pages before you.” —horrorafterdark.com 

A Dangerous Choice - Day Reaper (Night Blood #4) by Melody Johnson

"I loved the pace and plot. I didn’t want to put this down. I do recommend you read this series in order so everything runs smoothly as you read this book. This book had my interest from the first page until the last. I could find nothing to criticize and loved that also. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend." Angel, Goodreads

And he was gone... - Dangerous Passions by Leigh Anderson

"Wonderfully written with strong, intriguing characters. I want to read more from this author." Kim, Goodreads
"I could not put this book down! I loved it! I loved the way the story unfolded and I loved where it ended up!" - Jamie, Goodreads

love is on the menu - Can't Stand the Heat (Will Cook For Love #3) by Peggy Jaeger

"I love Jaeger’s style of writing. Her dialogue is witty and realistic, and her characters are always interesting and multi-dimensional. If you haven’t read any of her books before, do yourself a favor and get one today. And get comfortable, because once you start reading Can’t Stand the Heat, you are not going to want to put it down!" - Donna, Goodreads

deadly details - Murder, She Knit (A Knit & Nibble Mystery #1) by Peggy Ehrhart

"The mystery moves along at a nice pace. There were plenty of suspects and a few twists along the way. I felt the reveal was a bit abrupt, but it made sense. The plot is not complex, but that's ok since this is a light, cozy mystery. All in all, an entertaining story and a nice start to a new cozy series. The cover art is SO cute! The cover definitely drew me in and made me want to read this book!" - Juli, Goodreads

The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder by Cookie O'Gorman

"You MAY read this because you like mystery; you SHOULD read this because you enjoy YA romance; you MUST read this because Ethan Wilder is Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable PERFECT!!!" - Isabelle, Goodreads

a desperate decision - Dead Giveaway (High Sierras #2) by Diane Benefiel

"Diane Benefiel masterfully creates intense situations for her characters, but no matter what torment they go through, readers are guaranteed a satisfying ending. I'm looking forward to the next book in the High Sierras series – or anything else from this talented writer." - Ria, Goodreads

for a family’s hidden past...The Siege by Marilyn Baron

"This is a remarkable story and one worth reading. You won't be disappointed." - Gabrielle Sally for The Romance Reviews
"I highly recommend this fast-paced novel to readers who like historical backgrounds and rich descriptions of exotic regions. The romance adds spice and the ending satisfies." - Susan Coryell, Amazon Reviewer

It's not like in the movies - Superheroes Suck by Jamie Zakian

Now that Shay's in the mix with superheroes and crazed villains, everyone wants a piece of her. A super villain wants to devour her soul, a superhero wants to love her, and Shay just wants to go back to her normal life. It's not like in the movies. In real life, superheroes suck.

Monday, April 23, 2018

before it’s too late - Serpents and Saviors (Project Emergence #2) by Jamie Zakian

"Not only was the story fast paced and fun, with a few emotional moments mixed in for good measure, the characters seemed well developed to me. I'm not a literary expert by any means, but I wasn't bored. I connected with the characters. I liked some, but not all. There was just enough back story to keep the present interesting but leave you wanting to know more about the past." - Katrina, Goodreads (about book #1)

something unique and rich - The Elemental Trilogy by Toni Cox

"Having read and really enjoyed the first book in the series, Elemental Rising. I was looking forward to this being another page turner and i was truly not disappointed. [...]The twists and turns of the story kept me filled with different emotions, page after page. " Darren, Goodreads

There is magic... Raritan Manor Ranch by C. R. Moss

"Wonderful. Touching. Cute. Contemporary Romance Read that once you start it will have you devouring it in one sitting…" - Beckey, Goodreads

Why all the yelling? - Anonymous by L.P. Dover

"This book kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its entirety. From the first page I was so engrossed I read it straight through without pausing. Although it never gets into “boiled bunny” crazy, it’s enough for you to know that whoever is behind the texts are unstable. This is definitely the book you want to read if you like suspense with your romance and a dash of thriller thrown in." - Carvanz, Goodreads