Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Art first. Love later…or so she thought. - Pacific Blue (A Coastal Romance #2) by Kristina Luckey

"This book was beautiful. I loved every second of it, and I wish that it didn't end up all good things come to an end. It's filled with art, humor and most of all love. It's worth the read." Zamantha, Goodreads

to catch a spy... The Smuggler's Escape by Barbara Monajem

"Not only did I enjoy the humorous situation, the characters personalities and their dialogue, I appreciated being privy to some truly amusing inner thoughts. This is a fun light-hearted Regency certainly worth the read!" Eileen, Goodreads

The Blood Lights are the last thing you’ll see… The Blood Lights by Elaine Pascale

"Just... wow. This book is different from anything I have read before. The strength, the intensity of Pascale's writing shines from the very first paragraph. When I read just the prologue I stopped and showed it to other people "Check this out!"." Mar, Goodreads

Heritage and magic... Exile in Darkness by Annalisa Carr

"Exceptionally well written, this complex and compelling story draws readers in immediately. While Isabella is naive and optimistic about her family, she is surrounded by a circle of friends who are both supportive and honest. It is both frustrating and rewarding to watch her grow from a sheltered trust-fund girl to a woman learning her own power. Maldit is complicated and flawed, but a hero in every sense of the word." Elissa, Goodreads

a familiar stranger... Seeds of Eden (The Concilium #1) by A.P. Watson

"OMG. I loved this read. The story and the characters. I loved how Evey and Conrad were together. Even when they met. I admit it's a little slow to start with then boom can't put it down. I could see this as a movie. Little surprised you the ending. 5*" Susan, Goodreads

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Refusing to let her secret past - From Geek to Greek Billionaire by Gloria Silk

5 stars - Gripping story of true love, forgiveness and happily ever after! 
Did he deserve her second chance? Could he love a woman with secrets? 

Monday, May 13, 2019

survive a cunning killer... Bad Pick (A Brie Hooker Mystery #3) by Linda Lovely

"There's such a lot to enjoy in Linda Lovely's third Brie Hooker mystery Bad Pick. Of course, I came for the goat yoga and the religious extremists (I'm only human), but I stayed for the love triangle, the female friendships, the family members rubbing along so realistically, the sidelights on vegan cooking and the rich depiction of small-town life. And what kept me flicking the pages fast enough to cause a draft? The twisty, knotty, killer plot underneath all that charm. Bad Pick is a good un!"—Catriona McPherson, Multi-Award-Winning Author of the Last Ditch Mysteries.

truth and fantasy - Billion Dollar Daddies by Breanna Hayse

Friday, May 10, 2019

A mind is a terrible thing to destroy''... Inside the Asylum (A Kathy Ryan Novel #2) by Mary SanGiovanni

"Five Blood Soaked Stars!!! While I had so much fun reading about Kathy’s previous investigation in Zarepath, this investigation blew me away. I loved the setting, the characters (especially Ernie), the action, the interaction between characters and the imaginative ways Henry’s friends interact with our world."

Meet an author: Linda Bennett Pennell

"This story will keep you reading, it is so interesting. [...] It’s a fascinating read. The way the author wrote this story made it so easy to get a visual of the characters, the setting and just life in general – you could feel yourself in the ’30′s, living what they were living and you could feel yourself in the present time, living what Liz was living. I highly recommend it." Maggie, Goodreads

If her cover is blown... Run for Your Life Trilogy by Pamela Beason

"The pace and the suspense make Race With Danger an exciting adventure that all ages will enjoy. " Cherie, Goodreads