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Monday, February 13, 2023

Killer Case Files: 20 Shocking True Crime Stories (Killer Case Files #4) by Jamie Malton

Follow law enforcement as they use forensic science and old school detective skills to identify and apprehend these violent criminals, deviant predators, and serial killers.


Published: November 2022

Shocking and brutal true crimes against innocent victims who deserve to have their stories remembered.

A true crime anthology of 20 stories, Killer Case Files delivers gripping accounts of depraved and horrifying murders. These killers can range from seemingly normal people to psychopaths and serial killers who commit years of murder and mayhem.

Follow law enforcement as they use forensic science and old school detective skills to identify and apprehend these violent criminals, deviant predators, and serial killers.

20 Shocking Stories in Each Volume

Volume 4 includes . . .

Death in the Desert: A girl walking to high school in Las Vegas was found dead after being viciously sexually assaulted. The case went cold for thirty two years until a local philanthropist donated $5,000 to a company specializing in DNA genomics - stipulating that it be used on a cold case. Soon, not one, but two murders were solved.

A Nun Killer: In 1981 an elderly nun was murdered in her bedroom. In 1992 a young man was executed for her murder. That much is certain. What is not certain is whether the convicted and executed man was really guilty.

Just a Drifter: When a twenty-two year old woman goes missing while walking her dog it doesn’t take long for solid clues to lead to a senior citizen who is a drifter. But police can’t help wondering whether a drifter in his sixties has finally committed his first murder, or whether he’s previously committed several others.

Washington Axe Murderer: A beautiful area of Seattle, popular with both locals and tourists, had its residents living in fear during the summer of 1990 as an axe murderer stalked the neighborhood and left terrifying messages inside homes.

. . . plus 16 more shocking, true crime murder stories from Jamie Malton's Best True Crime.

If you enjoy the books from top authors like Jack Rosewood, Robert Keller, and Jason Neal – you’ll love Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime series.

Each volume in this series includes a 21st bonus chapter and additional supporting Case Files from every story - available free at the author’s website, where readers can join the author to dive further into additional photos, news reports and disturbing specifics of each case.

A Word of Warning

The explicit details of these murders come directly from eyewitness accounts, interviews, police reports, court transcripts, crime scenes, and autopsy reports. They contain disturbing facts that may not be for everyone.


Chapter 1 - Death in the Desert

John Isaacson was waiting for his daughter to come home from school. He was concerned when Stephanie’s normal arrival time had passed and Stephanie still wasn't there. She always came directly home from school and if she decided to stop at a friend's house on the walk home, she would call him as soon as she got there.

Did he miss a school event? After an hour with no call from Stephanie, John called El Dorado High School to see if Stephanie had stayed after school for a club or event.

The school secretary answered the phone and informed John that Stephanie was absent from school the whole day. She said they assumed he knew where his daughter was and why she stayed home.

John tried to stay calm but immediately called Stephanie's close friends to ask if they’d seen her. Each friend said they hadn't seen her all day. Now he was really concerned, and his next phone call was to the Las Vegas Police Department.

By the early evening of June 1, 1989, John had filed a missing persons report on Stephanie, and Las Vegas MPD had initiated a search for her. The main focus of the search was the vacant lot she cut through to get to school. As the officers combed the area, John and his friends combed through the nearby desert land on horseback.

It was 8:30 pm and it was starting to get dark, but John was prepared to search all night. A friend of John's, Gary Braley yelled for John to come over. Braley had found something on the ground. When John rode up on his horse, he immediately recognized Stephanie's keys and schoolbooks in the dirt. He wanted to keep hoping Stephanie was alive but now he knew she’d been abducted.

After the discovery of Stephanie's school items, Las Vegas MPD called in a helicopter to aid in the search and deployed scent-tracking dogs in the area. It wasn’t long before the worst was confirmed. Twenty-five yards from where Gary Braley spotted Stephanie's books and keys, the police dogs found Stephanie's body.

About the author:
Amazon best-selling author Jamie Malton is an American non-fiction writer.

She is the author of Killer Case Files: Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime Series which is an anthology of crime stories where the author examines the homicides perpetrated by murderers and serial killers.

Drawn to the how and why of real crime stories and fascinated by the detailed police work, DNA reconstruction, and genetic genealogy, she started writing her books to share the details of these stories with her readers.

For book research, she splits her time between American and European destinations where she often visits some of the places where crimes have occurred.

With criminal apprehension and victim restitution as a personal cause, she donates a portion of her book sales to charities that fund DNA reconstruction to solve cold cases and charities that support the families of murdered victims.

You can reach her at JamieMalton.com where she curates her research into Case Files for her readers who want to dive deeper into any case in her books.

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