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Saturday, December 4, 2021

REVIEW for Born For This by Maggie Blackbird & Nine For a Kiss by D.S. Dehel

Born For This (A Maizemerized Tale #1) by Maggie Blackbird
Genre: Historical Time Travel Romance, Paranormal

Nine For a Kiss (A Maizemerized Tale #2) by D.S. Dehel
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Born for This by Maggie Blackbird is one of two (that I found) books of the Maizemerized series, the other one being Nine for a Kiss by D.S. Dehel. Reading the story, the name of the series becomes pretty clear. Cut between and hidden by the high corn rows, the paths of the labyrinth could take you to unexpected destinations, even mystical ones. The strangeness and potential dangers that (could) lurk in the dark made corn mazes great locations for mystery, thriller, and horror stories. But for Maggie B. the corn maze is “just” a safe way to transport the heroine in a new/old world: the 1840s’ world. And where the safeness stops.

“This is where we’re meant to be. This is what we were born for.”

Born for This is categorized as a time travel romance and historical. Both categories are correct but historical seems more relevant. Why? Do you know The Vikings, the History channel serial? Before becoming the big success that many loved and a “classical” TV serial, it started as an attractive, entertaining way to learn about the Vikings’ civilisation. Born for This is similar, well on this route.

The author found a good balance between the pace at which the love story moves and the interesting information about the life of her Ojibway ancestors. The inpatient readers, comfortable with things moving fast, could be a bit unhappy, but they will be rewarded. The world that Maggie re-creates is a wonderful world. The values, the morals, the traditions of the Ojibway people that the author gifts us with have their own intrinsic value whilst bringing value to the love story itself. Our Ishkode-kwe and Nimkii Makwa are the creation of that time and that civilisation and its believes. Their love could be announced in their visions but is not a given, as choices must be made and dangers and challenges overcome.

Born for This could have come whit a warning: be careful what you wish for. But all's well that ends well… whilst… still… my heart kept a shadow of wistfulness…


Born For This (A Maizemerized Tale #1) by Maggie Blackbird

Genre: Historical Time Travel Romance, Paranormal

She’s always been obsessed with her ancestors, and now he’s offering her a chance to live with them…forever.

Second-year university student Edie Whitecrow gobbles up each course on Indigenous studies. If only she could experience the lives of her Anishinaabe ancestors instead of reading about them. On her way to a Halloween party decked out as a historical Ojibway maiden, she spies a corn maze in a spot known to be barren.

A scarecrow figure beckons Edie to enter with the enticing offer of making her biggest wish come true. She jumps at the chance and finds herself in the past, face to face with the man who haunts her dreams—the handsome brave Thunder Bear. He claims he’s spent twelve years waiting for Gitchi Manidoo to send her to him.

Life in the eighteenth century isn’t what Edie romanticized about, though. When her conscience is tested, she must choose between the modern day or the world of her descendants—where the man she was born for resides.

Nine For a Kiss (A Maizemerized Tale #2) by D.S. Dehel

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Just one perfect day.

Nothing has gone right in Sadie Lyons’s life since the accident, but she’s trying her best to get back to normal. She’s just not sure if the trip to the old apple orchard was the best decision, and the creepy corn maze run by the even creepier owner confirms her fears. 
Inside, the maze is even worse, and she’s soon lost in a never-ending labyrinth that twists and turns but goes nowhere.

When a raven joins her as a guide, she feels better, but like the maze, the raven is not what he seems, and the news he brings her changes everything.

Love and loss intertwine in this tale of the endings and beginnings we all face.

"Nine For a Kiss is one novel that I would recommend to romance fans! Grab your copy of Nine For a Kiss a heartwarming romance story today for a great adventure in a corn maze on Halloween!" Nancy, Goodreads

About the authors:
An Ojibway from Northwestern Ontario, Maggie Blackbird resides in the country with her husband and their fur babies, two beautiful Alaskan Malamutes. When she’s not writing, she can be found pulling weeds in the flower beds, mowing the huge lawn, walking the Mals deep in the bush, teeing up a ball at the golf course, fishing in the boat for walleye, or sitting on the deck at her sister’s house, making more wonderful memories with the people she loves most.

D.S. Dehel is a lover of words, wine, and the Oxford comma. When she's not immersed in a book, she is a mom to her four kids and her spoiled feline Mr. Darcy or two pampered pooches: Piper and Jaime. Having "retired" she spends her days dreaming up new plot lines and word smiting for hours on end. She adores literary allusions, hot sex scenes, and British men. Her husband is still convinced she writes children's books. Please don't enlighten him.

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Bea LaRocca said...

Thank you for sharing your review and the author's bio and book details, this sounds like an awesome book and series, a must read for me

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@Bea - Thank you

Nice to "see" you again and I'm glad that you found another book for your TBR list