Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Monday, November 27, 2017

one tour stop at a time - The Secret Lives of Rockstars: Book Two by Suzanne Lazear

"I love it when I find an author with some innovative twist to their story and a way of writing that puts the reader in the heart of the action. That’s just what this story did for me so I can’t wait to continue this series [...] I defineitely didn’t want to put it down and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys fantasy adventurous stories [...]" - Elaine, Goodreads

to never fall in love - The Funeral Flower by Michelle Jester

17+ "I love books that make you think ... & that is what this book did for me. I've grown because of this book. It has added to my life. & yes, I would say you should read it too and see what you may gain from reading as well. yes, I have to quote a bit from the acknowledgements "Go easy on your future self will ya!" I think we all need to listen to that. Give yourself a break. If you try, if you do your very best, no one can ask for any more." - Beth,Goodreads

before it’s too late... Children of Refuge (Children of Exile #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is a topical thriller that brings heart and thought to the sci-fi genre. ―Kirkus Reviews
The plot twists are multiple, exciting, and completely logical… An excellent dystopian adventure for tweens. ―Booklist

In Stars We Trust - Tainted Rose (Starlight Gods #2) by Yumoyori Wilson

18++ "Darkness is coming, for some, it's already arrived. Everything is hanging in the balance for Mako and her Knights once more. I am dying here. Stars, I want more now! " - Jennifer, Goodreads

Sunday, November 26, 2017

before they strike again…A Pound of Flesh: A DCI Lorimer Novel (DCI Lorimer #9) by Alex Gray

"The author does a great job is putting the reader in the middle of the seedier side of Glasgow. Lorimer is a terrific series character ... he never steps over the lines and he feels all victims deserve the best he can give for them. I also enjoy the personal side [...] Secondary characters are well thought out and lend credibility to the story." - Linda, Goodreads

Thursday, November 23, 2017

who will win the final showdown? Blood Bound Series by J.L. Meyers

What Lies Inside
Made By Design
Web of Lies
Born To Die

strong enough to save them all - High Witch Series by Mona Hanna

"They appeared in a small street filled with buildings, in a nearby village. Brayden breathed raggedly, unable to contain his shock. Ariel finally lost consciousness, and tears began to run down his face. He screamed for help."

Please wait. Upgrade in progress. - Exposure (Incandescent, #3) by Sylvie Parizeau

"Wow, wow, wow! Sylvie Parizeau never ceases to impress me with her stories but this one blew me away. I loved every single second of this novel and fell in love with both characters over and over again! [...] This is a must read, so curl up with a nice steaming mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and dive in when this is released! You won't regret it!" - Cassie, Goodreads

Little Melanie: My Grand Piano by Melanie Greene & Melanie Winrow

Executive Producer and creator Melanie Greene states: “Children need a positive hero - a mentor they can aspire to. Melanie Brown is the inspiration behind our main character LITTLE MELANIE. All of our episodes and stories have been carefully written and crafted.”

Have you had enough? -Constitutional Renaissance by Richard R Monts

Have you had enough? When will the United States government stop growing?
All constitutionally enumerated activities should have been in place long ago. There should be no more expansion in scope, yet there is. 

her life is about to change - Yesterday is Never Gone by Ilona Sally

Niki is about to discover that things are never what they seem to be. In this thrilling tale, deception and inner turmoil hamper a young woman’s journey toward a new reality as she attempts to reconcile her past and find the truth.

unexpectedly perfect guy - Echo (Archer’s Creek #1) by Gemma Weir

18++ "This honestly is hands down brilliant book by the new author, she has produced a book that leaves you wanting more, and I definitely can’t wait for more. Definitely deserves 5 ⭐️ and another top author for me. Well done on your debut book." - Tracy, Goodreads

the perfect laugh-out-loud romantic finale - Marrying an Alien Pop Star (Alien Pop Star #3) by Kendra L. Saunders

"Y'all, I can't even tell you how much I love these books. For one thing, the plot flows perfectly. Kendra L. Saunders has mastered the art of conflict and climax, story and setting. That's something that I cannot say for a lot of writers, myself included. I think it goes without saying that I will read anything she writes in the future (especially if it features hot British aliens!)" - Jacqueline, Goodreads

a lifelong secret crush - Believe in My Heart (Tangled Hearts #4) by Maria K. Alexander

"This is exactly what I love to read for a Holiday story." - Mia, Goodreads
Culinary arts student, Hope Mastriano, is down on her luck. Homeless on Thanksgiving Day, she’s caught trying to break into her cousin’s apartment by her sexy boss and lifelong secret crush.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review - Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart by Dianna Vagianos Armentrout

"Dianna Vagianos Armentrout is courageous! She will not stay silent like so many people out there. She knows her story needs to be told."

from catching shooting stars to playing the guitar - Fairy Wishes 1-2-3 by Michele Barrow-Belisle

A tale of two little fairies of different ethnicities, backgrounds and environments, who are envious of the things the other gets to do…from catching shooting stars to playing the guitar. 

he’s about to find out how special he really is… Four Corners Trilogy by Kristin Durfee

"The plot was well written, with attention to detail. The characters are likable and well developed. The friendship that grows between Levi and Aura is beautiful. The balance of action, adventure and friendship is perfect. I recommend Four Corners to those who love a good fantasy." - about Four Coners Sheri, Goodreads

fate sent her exactly where she needs to be - Special Delivery (Mill Pond #6) by Judi Lynn

In Mill Pond, Indiana, neighbors always look out for each other. And even though tourists are drawn to the small town’s charms, it’s the locals who fill it with warmth . . .

isn’t as easy as it seems - The Golden Series by Kathryn Celeste

"The premise is amazing and I love the freshness of it. There's a whole world of special creatures, and unicorns are just the first species introduced. You get to quickly meet dwarfs, other horse beings, wolves, pixies and more." - Dracona. Goodreads

hiding a dark secret - The Highlander's Princess Bride (The Improper Princesses #3) by Vanessa Kelly

"We all know romance novels are sweet and sexy. That’s why we love them, right? But some are also downright funny too. Every book in Vanessa Kelly’s Improper Princesses series has been fun to read, but this one especially, with its hilarious misadventures and witty dialogue, had me laughing, sighing, and wishing I could move to the highlands." Amy, Goodreads

He remembers—every life he's lived before - The One Apart by Justine Avery

"This book is A-MA-ZING!! In my WWW Wednesday post earlier, I mentioned that this book is for fans of The Age of Adaline and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I stand by that. If you loved any of the movies or books, you can’t miss this. Even if you haven’t watched or read any, you should still read this book." - Taiwo, Goodreads

an collapsing empire - Hypatia of Alexandria (Legendary Women of World History #8) by Laurel A. Rockefeller

"A brief but very intense account of the life of a female philosopher and her lasting impact on education, changing beliefs and events of her day. Suitable for upper middle school age readers and older, this interesting introduction to Hypatia will cause the reader to desire to know more." - Laura, Amazon

cryptic messages start sneaking their way - Dark & Stormy by J. Mercer

“Complex characters give way to a brilliantly written story… Incredible writing from a first time author.”
“Great small town setting with an awesome cast of characters. J Mercer masterfully takes you on a journey full of twists and reveals that are woven so skillfully into the story you’ll want to read it again and again.”

No one to keep him steady. - A Wanted Man by Robert Parker

"The storyline was strong as were the characters. Additionally, this story did not have foul language. It just goes to show you that not all gangster novels need or require strong language. Besides a strong storyline, the action was plentiful. There was no down time in the story. I could see this book being on both the small and big screen." - Cheryl, Goodreads

the forbidden treasure needs to be found - The Chosen Knights (The Angel Knights #1) by Mary Ting

***City of Bones meets The Da Vinci Code.
Urban fantasy lover’s dream! Demons, vampires, angels, witches, and fallen angels all set to the back drop of high school in Hawaii, and astral travel to the past to Knights Templar era.

The Authority decides who lives and who dies - The Culling by Ramona Finn

"A fast paced dystopian scifi full of action and I enjoyed it! What set this one apart from the usual dystopian is the scifi aspect. [...] I really like the concept and story line. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series." - Angie, Goodreads

All is fair in love and death - For Whom The Reap Tolls (Reapers #3) by Jack Wallen

"This was a gripping fast read and I hope to read more in this series. Mr.Wallen is a brilliant writer and storyteller. If you have not read any of his other series pick one up. There is something for everyone. " - Pheebz, Goodreads

no choice but to protect - Fire Born (The Guardian #1) by Rayanne Haines

"I really enjoyed this story. The world was deep, complex, and all the characters interesting. In fact, the author really has a knack for writing details that make the characters so vivid and real that you want to know more about all of them. " - Jane, Goodreads

living and working in - 2D Surgical Hospital: An Khe to Chu Lai South Vietnam by Lorna Griess

"i really enjoyed reading this book. [...] It is extremely well written." - J. Goodreads
"I enjoyed this. I will have to mention the series M*A*S*H once. It is a more serious version of that. It does contain comedy but most of it is deadly serious. " - John, Goodreads

the collision of empires - The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland by Michael Eging

"The ending was exceptional – the reader is given just the right amount of perception to build a picture of the final battle, and it made use of heroism, loss, friendship, and objects within the story to make it a truly epic tale. I’d read more books like this, and would watch more films like this. The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland is an astonishing and proud achievement, and as a reader I feel I’ve reaped the rewards. " - Alex, Goodreads

bent on revenge - Lydie of Peruwelz by Richard Burack Sr.

"Love, longing, class consciousness, insanity, and death by nicotine poisoning are focal points in Dr. Richard Burack’s debut novel “Lydie of Peruwelz.”[...] 
“Lydie of Peruwelz” is a fictionalized account of historical events that warns of dangers of class-consciousness and psychopathic behavior. It also recognizes the power of love. - CISION

Home Coming: A Beary and Ti Maxumus Adventure by Charles Lansford, Irene Nickerson

Homecoming is that surreal feeling that a soldier has when he has returned home. For our heroes, each is facing new challenges, hopes, and fears.

All the pieces are now in place. It has been a month since everyone has returned.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

REVIEW Not Dead Yet (AM13 Outbreak #4) by Samie Sands


far more than she bargained for...- Listen for the Train by Rosa Sophia

Esther thinks she'll never have to face the truth. Until the only woman she's ever loved shows up on her doorstep in the middle of rainstorm. 

a high stakes space race - The Orb of Terra (The Jupiter Chronicles, #3) by Leonardo Ramirez

"I found the book to be brisk (I finished it in one sitting, which is not something I say often), and I found it to be overstuffed with creativity. And by that I mean, fun and full of imagination." - J.D. Dehart, Goodreads

is love strong enough to hold them together? - From Midnight to Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

Dark and compelling, Gideon’s novel will appeal to those who enjoy the vampire novels of Anne Rice. —Library Journal
A colorful and hauntingly beautiful tale of otherworldly love . . . destined to become a classic! —Affaire de Coeur
Incredible, spellbinding reading! —Rendezvous

Saturday, November 18, 2017

What’s worse than Flying Mutant Zombie Rats? Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors (Moto Maddie BMX Portal #2) by Kat de Falla

"The gem in this tale, however, is the science. Adventure seeps from every page, but so do all sorts of science facts. [...] But the book never feels like a science lesson because it isn't. It's just drops a few facts along the way.Summed up, this is a fun read for especially boys and reluctant readers. Not only will they love the adventure but enjoy learning something too." - Tonja, Goodreads

Friday, November 17, 2017

Not all caves are uninhabited - Something Down There by Nancy Widrew

Not all caves are uninhabited
Horror erupts when newlyweds, Karen and Jeremy, cross paths with members of a diabolical cult inside a West Virginia cave. 

Revenge has no limits. - Hunger Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers #5) by Alexandra Sokoloff

"This is one of those books that felt too damn short, it's the kind of energetic, blood soaked fiction I could keep reading forever. As it was, it became a late night, the perfect time for a book about the creeping evil of It, that dark, whispering force infecting human nature. " - Emma, Goodreads

First comes the rain, then follows the flood - Shifter Chronicles by Melle Amade

Heritage - In the dark shifter world, they prepare for a summer of fun, but find they must battle
Sanctuary - It’s survival of the fittest, but first you have to fit in.
Remnants - Now that she understands the rules, she wants to change them.
Harvest - In the shifter world, one law holds true; you will reap what you sow.
Deluge - First comes the rain, then follows the flood.

will she ever really be free? Losing Cadence by Laura Lovett

"Forget ANY other suspense novel you have read in the past or even recently. RUN to buy, borrow or steal Laura Lovett's LOSING CADENCE! My breath was held, my heart was stopped my mind was blown. There was never a minute when I wasn't on the edge of my seat with dread. I was scared for Cadence from start to end." - Lana, Goodreads

enemies lurk around every corner - Ignited by A.M. Deese


Bold, opinionated, and haplessly self-confident - The Real McCoys (The Real McCoys #1) by Matthew Swanson, Robbi Behr

"This clever, funny, delightful book is just what this crazy world needs. The surprising and inventive interaction between text and illustration shows that two brains are, indeed, better than one--especially when they belong to Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr." —Andrea Beaty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Ada Twist Scientist

he challenges me to want more - Black & Blue by Ily Jacks

18++ "I love this story. It's a beautiful and emotional love story. Awesome storyline that pulled me in right from the beginning and kept me glued to my kindle until the very end. I could not put it down." - Esther, Goodreads

we're not going down without a fight - Bound to the Bad Boy Series by Alexis Abbott

18+ I sacrificed everything for her. When I saved her from the mafia, I traded my freedom for hers. I’ve never regretted it. Never looked back. I cut her out of my life to keep her safe. She never even knew what I traded for her.

Sugar? Spice? Everything nice? - Love the Wine You’re With (Vineyard Pleasures #2) by Brooke E. Wayne

This novel is a snarky, passionate, sexy, funny, feel-good CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE-ROMANTIC COMEDY full of twists and turns that will have you laughing out loud from start to finish. Grab a glass of Champagne, kick up your stilettos, and enjoy the journey.

the real threat might be a little closer to home - Enchant (The Enchanted #1) by Micalea Smeltzer

"I love the uniqueness in this story. For now I'd say it's more Fantasy than Paranormal, more New Adult than YA. Smeltzer's writing always amazes me, she reels you in and soon you're in another world. The details from the writing to her cover! It all matches, clicks, and connects." -Yericka, Goodreads

A Family for Christmas (Where Secrets Are Safe #13) by Tara Taylor Quinn

Welcome to a very very special story in my Where Secrets Are Safe series. If you’ve never been to The Lemonade Stand – please, come in. Visitors to the Stand are transitory so you’ll fit right in with the rest of the current batch of residents, who are also new here. If you’ve been here before, buckle your seat belts because you’re in for a double treat... Launch - Note from the Author