Albert Camus

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

in order for her to live—first she must die - Stygian (Scars of the Wraiths #1) by Nashoda Rose

18++ Water. I closed my eyes and imagined holding a cool glass of water and chugging it back; the liquid sliding down my throat, coating the harsh dryness. I’d never thought about the daily bottles of water I’d consumed, but now … now it was all I thought about. “I’m not letting you die, damn it.” His voice was harsh and abrupt and yet to me it was soothing.

things get tense and complicated - Resounding Truth by Kate Thomas

Derik has been the Alpha of the Graybacks since the death of Drucilia’s father, his murder still weighing heavy upon Dru. With fierce determination and an iron fist, the new Alpha has successfully kept them alive and fed, but the threat of Hunters and Vampires creeps ever so close. With his eye on Dru as a prime candidate for his mate, he demands more than she’s willing to give and blazes a trail of rage across the pack at her denial.

into the line of fire - Irrevocable Midnight Part III: Lunar Eclipse Series by Kristina F. Canady

“We arrive at the lake house as the sun begins to climb in the sky, sending breathtaking rays dancing across the sparkling water. Lake Braies is a fairytale all on its own, tucked away in a lush, green, northern Italian forest with the Swiss Alps unexpectedly rising like snowcapped sleeping giants in the background. Pinks and oranges streak the heavens, adding to the feeling that I am standing on the porch within a painting, wielded by an artist’s hand as they attempt to capture the varying two worlds on one canvas. Against all odds, we made it here.” ~Sasha

sister against brother, light versus darkness - Praefatio (Praefatio #1) by Georgia McBride

After having been missing for weeks, Grace is found on the estate of international rock star Gavin Vault, half-dressed and yelling for help. Over the course of twenty-four hours Grace holds an entire police force captive with incredulous tales of angels, demons, and war; intent on saving Gavin from lockup and her family from worry over her safety.

Find the murderer, the traitor, survive! - A Soldier of Substance (Daniel Cheswis #2) by D.W. Bradbridge

1644. The smoke of parliamentary musket, cannon, and mortar fire is in the air around the royalist stronghold of Lathom House. Though guards still stand atop its walls, it is besieged on all sides, and it is only a matter of time until the house, along with its embittered and unwavering countess, Lady Charlotte de Tremouille, falls to Parliament’s might.

Small Town - Big Secrets - Circumstantial Evidence (Sweetwater #3) by Lisa Clark O'Neill

As Chief of Police in Sweetwater, South Carolina, Will Hawbaker has seen more than his share of violent crime. But none of it has prepared him for the aftereffects of a young boy dead at the hand of his mother’s boyfriend. And when the suspected killer turns up dead himself, it raises more questions. Could this crime which has already shaken the town be even more sinister than it appears?

He crossed the centuries to find her…- Knight of Rapture by Ruth A. Casie

For months Lord Arik has been trying to find the right combination of runes to create the precise spell to rescue his wife, Rebeka, but the druid knight will soon discover that reaching her four hundred years in the future is only the beginning of his quest. He arrives in the 21st century to find her memory of him erased, his legacy on the brink of destruction, and traces of dark magick at every turn.

let me tell you all about - Kelly (Mixed Drinks #2) by Rae Matthews

Having your cake and eating it too is something everyone on the planet wants in life. For some, it is the happy family with two monsters for kids that no matter what happens, they can do no wrong, some it is fame on the big screen, being stalked by paparazzi and others, it is to travel the world seeing all that mother nature has to offer. 

the greatest sacrifice of her life - Hometown Girls: Beginnings by Tressa Messenger

Life for Marissa Lou was great. She was a popular senior in high school with great friends and an even greater boyfriend. She was on top of the world. That was until she made the greatest sacrifice of her life.

her love will be tested once more - April Snow (August Fog, #3) by A.L. Goulden

18++ She’s made one terrible decision after another in the wake of meeting Quinn Matthews and spiraled into someone she doesn’t even recognize. But the fog is lifting, and she’s becoming the only one able to see things clearly. Monica finally knows what she wants, where she’s heading, and in who’s arms she’ll be in when she gets there.

are they just legends? - The Hunted (The Abandoned Series #1) by C.J. Hart

The Hunters—a group dedicated to tracking the creatures—are hot on their trail and they won’t stop until every last one is dead. But are they all as evil as foretold? Seb, alpha of the Taylor, Arizona reservation pack, begins to question the acts of their kind. But he’s broken a rule and must choose between killing the girl he loves or risking everything to save her.

a girl with a plan - An Event to Remember. . .or Forget (Event to Remember #1) by Melissa Baldwin

Sienna Harris is a girl with a plan. Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company. Her relationship with Luke Price is headed in the right direction and they are approaching their one-year mark. The future is looking bright and she knows that life could not get any better .

Monday, March 30, 2015

She did not agree to lose her heart. - Revolutionary Hearts by Pema Donyo

Parineeta Singh has always known her purpose in life: to help exact revenge on the invading British and free India. She becomes a maid for General Carton in order to supply information to her brother’s Indian revolutionary group. But when her employer is exposed as an American spy, she agrees to help him escape the British Raj.

She’s not asking for forgiveness - The Griever's Mark (Griever's Mark #1) by Katherine Hurley

"“And you will redeem yourself with your success, correct?” I’m not fooled. The question is a threat. I speak the words of commitment, as I have so many times: “To serve is to live.” I am relieved that my voice is strong, that it doesn’t creak from lack of use. I have been in the dungeon for two weeks."

Will fate decide for them? - Unforgettable (Able Series #3) by Gigi Aceves

Which path will they choose?
Will they travel the same road?
Will they say goodbye or start a new beginning?
Will fate decide for them?

The equations are simple. - Love Surfaced by Michelle Lynn

Why does he keep leading me on?
He continues to toe the line between friendship and more, but he never actually steps over it. Each time his hand brushes mine or his eyes search me out, my heart stops beating for a moment as I hope this is it—until he crushes the fluttering butterflies and steps away.

Hollywood magic - Murder in One Take by April Kelly, Marsha Lyons

"He hadn’t expected it to pay off for another twenty or thirty years when a much older Dev Roberts overdosed or had an M.I. in the saddle, but what the hell, Sam deserved this. Who cared about one more dead actor anyway?"

Sometimes it isn’t as easy as choosing right or wrong.- Bone Dry (Soul Shamans #1) by Cady Vance

Sixteen-year-old Holly Bennett is a comic book nerd, a con artist, and a shaman. Most days Holly wishes she could trade in her power of spirit communication for something more useful--like fireballs or Wolverine claws. She knows spirits aren't exactly Casper the Friendly Ghosts. They're dangerous beings from Lower World who snack on human life, and messing with the magic from their world is an express ticket to big trouble.

He has been in the dark - Kaylen's Rising (Tomes of Taria, Book #1) by Yves Robichaud

"Suddenly, the ground started shaking. In the middle of the floor where the dirt had disappeared, a skeleton hand popped out from the ground. Then a second skeleton hand popped out. The hands seemed to brace themselves on the floor to pull up the rest of the body as the head, torso, and, eventually, the legs magically appeared from below. The full skeleton stood up in the middle of the room."

Can true love shine through the darkest storm? - The Calm After the Storm by Mya O'Malley

"The coffee and donuts were gladly received, but the idea that someone would go out of their way to show a random act of kindness truly touched Jake. He felt the warm liquid slide down his throat and knew that he would always remember the woman’s thoughtfulness. Who was he kidding? That woman’s beautiful face was what he would most remember. He just wished that he had gotten her name."

will he be strong enough? Rise of the Lost Prince by London Saint James

18+ They fight to protect those who would never welcome them into the human world...
Petúr always knew he and his brothers-in-arms were different. Something more. Something not human. Yet, he never expected to find out the truth of their origins, nor fall for a human woman whose father was set to destroy Neverland.

Could love have a shelf life? - Claddagh and Chaos by Cayce Poponea

18 + Cover Reveal Shamrocks left us with Patrick posing an intriguing question. What exactly happened during those twenty five years? We know that they got their happily ever after, but how did Patrick and Christi get there? Could love have a shelf life? 

They’ll have to be - Brave (Oni Fighters #1) by Natalie Gayle

Cover Reveal - How do you go on, when the one thing that defines you is suddenly ripped away—only to leave scars and a hollow shell in its place? Has the beauty gone forever? Or has it just retreated—to now be hidden, and dormant; guarded by the inner demons? 

Some demons never die - Red Sky Dawning by Ian J. Malone

Cover Reveal - Five years after the historic Battle of Dulaston, Danny Tucker, Lee Summerston, and the Renegades have settled nicely into life on Aura — yet none more so than Tucker. Fueled by a rising career as an ASC staff sergeant and a love unlike any he’s ever known, Danny is in the prime of his life and at last free of the demons that have stalked him for years.

The darkness is stalking her - Protecting Shaylee (Fae Guard #1) by Elle Christensen

Cover Reveal - As a child, I believed in the fairytales my father told me.
Until he was gone and with him, that belief.
As a woman, I believed in the possibility of love and passion between myself and Aden.
Until he was gone and with him, my belief in magic and happy endings.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

somehow ... fascinating - Scenes by Greg Schroeder

Peering through the chokecherries he saw a cardinal’s brilliant red plumage suddenly burst out of hiding in a stately elm and two smaller, more nondescript birds at the same time from the same tree. Tracing the line of the trunk to the ground he saw what he hoped: a human figure clad head-to-toe in a camouflage jumper.

Take My Hand series by Nicola Haken

18 + Twenty-four year old Dexter Michaels has arrived in the UK for a fresh start - leaving everything and everyone he knows behind in the states. Determined to put right some of the wrongs he’ll never be able to forgive himself for making and make his Aunt Sarah -

Saturday, March 28, 2015

If You Leave This Farm: The Dream Is Destroyed by Amanda Farmer

As a teenage Mennonite girl, Amanda lives with her close-knit family in south central Pennsylvania. Life revolves around hard work, faith, and commitment to the family. She doesn't question the daily routine; it's the only life she's known.

When the moon comes out, it's time to...- Run (Caged Trilogy #1) by H.G. Lynch

Tilly is a witch…at least, she thinks she is. All she really knows is that she has powers she shouldn’t, and that the cruel women she escaped from – who definitely are witches – will stop at nothing to make her their prisoner again because of those powers.

she’s escaped to the one place nobody will ever find her - Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd

"A captivating, heart-wrenching, beautifully written story about those who scar us and those who help us heal. I could not put it down and am still thinking about it!" - Mia Sheridan, New York Times Bestselling author of Archer’s Voice
“I can’t recall ever reading a novel that made me laugh, smile, cry… just, feel as much as this one did.” ~ Books over Bros Reviews

Dark Secrets - Stifled (Summoned #2) by Rainy Kaye

Stifled ReleaseDimitri would like nothing more than to live a low-key life in Naples, Italy. His girlfriend, Syd, has other plans. 
After three months of researching, she is positive she has found a jinn on a killing spree in San Diego, California. 

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. - Reft by Libby Austin

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. ~ Newton’s Third Law of MotionBrandon “Brand” Carmichael’s life was the stuff dreams were made of…too bad it was an illusion. As a guitarist for Inert Motion, Brand traveled the world, performing with his brothers in all but blood. He never stopped moving all the while his mind played in a never‑ending loop. 

right the wrongs - Failed Moments by A. Robert Allen

1790, French Caribbean: biracial plantation owner Patrice Beaumont is known as a “kinder” slave master, but his trusted friend reminds him that is no cause for pride. He claims to be committed to ending slavery, but his actions don’t back-up his words. Is being the “best of the worst” all he’s capable of?

Friday, March 27, 2015

What could possibly go wrong? What can’t? - Victim Souls by Andrew Terech

"The characters are interesting, funny and engaging. The story sweeps along at breakneck pace. I couldn't put this book down. It's a thrilling romp, definitely worth the read (which I did in almost one sitting). Highly recommended." - Amazon

her plan has a tiny flaw… - Part Time Cowboy (Copper Ridge #1) by Maisey Yates

Sadie Miller isn’t expecting any welcome-home parades on her return to Copper Ridge. Least of all from part-time rancher, full-time lawman Eli Garrett. The straight-laced, impossibly hot deputy sheriff glares at her like she’s the same teenage hoodlum who fled town ten years ago.

can he forgive her? - Fools Rush by Ciara Knight

To avert an impending life of servitude, Bethany Cook seeks freedom on a wagon train bound for gold country. Disguised as a young boy she secures work as a travel companion with Thomas Nolan, a rich New Yorker who is on his own quest to distance himself from the nightmare of a fraudulent marriage.

anything to survive one more day - Blood Oath by Sabrina Rawson

17+ Collin spent fifteen years leading a team of operatives renowned for their zero failure rate of disrupting the horrors of human trafficking. Struggling with PTSD, he was ready to retire after one last mission. He had to stick to the mission and any distractions could lead to lives lost. His attraction to Madeline was instantaneous, a future filled with warm nights now possible.

Will anyone take the horror she finds seriously? - Watch the Shadows by Robin Winter

“Robin Winter’s ‘Future Past’ is an original, meticulously crafted science fiction tale that blends the fantasy of Pinocchio and the hero’s journey with elements of time travel, redemption, and a post apocalyptic world that brings readers to a satisfying, yet unexpected conclusion.”- Matthew J. Pallamary

Fasten your seat belts. This ride may get bumpy - Fall Out Girl by L. Duarte

18 + Proceed at your own risk. Since it’s a snippet of my life, I’m one of the main characters. And to put it lightly, I’m not the most likable person in the world, cue the earned label. Also, unlike fairy tales, my story is real with a dash of sorrow and loss.

suddenly all bets are off - Earth Reclaimed series by Ann Gimpel

Resilient, kickass, and determined, Aislinn's walled herself off from anything that might make her feel again. Until a wolf picks her for a bond mate and a Celtic god rises out of legend to claim her for his own.

Hiding from the world… - Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock

The strings felt foreign to his fingers, like old friends meeting up again. He played soft and slow, sending notes to the edge of the circle gathered around them. Fingers and strings worked together carefully, as if this tender bond might be broken at any moment.

Join forces with a parallel universe. - Orenda (Orenda #1) by Ruth Silver

The wind burned against her flesh, tearing at her skin worse than the most painful sunburn she’d ever experienced. The forest shifted in waves around them. She opened her mouth to speak, to ask what was going on, but the words didn't come. The forest grew darker the faster they drove. The trees billowed overhead and though it was spring and there had been leaves on them, the dark forest looked dead. Lil glanced back behind them, seeing a shift and a ripple, the same odd glimmer she'd seen when Rawlie first appeared outside the school.

a love that was ill-fated from the start - Bittersweet (Faerie Song Trilogy, #2) by Michele Barrow-Belisle

To save the Faery world and her mother’s life, Lorelei sacrificed everything, and the dangerous bargain she made in Nevermore had lasting repercussions. Now safely back in her own world, Lorelei seems the same to her highschool friends and her supernatural boyfriend

This Cinderella didn’t plan on a prince . . . - Royal Date by Sariah Wilson

Thanks to the claims of a jealous British noblewoman and the schemes of a meddling paparazzo, Kat’s rule doesn’t seem to be a problem at first. But the more Kat gets to know Nico and the people around him, the harder it is to remember her keep-your-distance plan. Should she stick to it or risk everything for a chance at happily ever after?

Lives will be lost. Secrets will be exposed. - Hunted (Sinners #2) by Abi Ketner, Missy Kalicicki

Chapter Reveal - HUNTED is the electrifying sequel to the bestselling debut BRANDED, A Sinners Series, by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki.
Lives will be lost.
Secrets will be exposed.

What happens when their worlds collide? - Discovering April by Sheena Hutchinson

Cover Reveal - April Landau thinks she has everything she’s ever wanted. Her high school sweetheart, a house she can’t afford, her bipolar tabby cat, and she’s all set to begin her Junior year of college. Just when she least expects it, her life gets thrown for a loop. When things between her and her long time boyfriend unravel, she becomes stuck in a downward spiral of emotion. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I’m trying to put the pieces back together - Unlike Any Other (Unexpected, #1) by Claudia Y. Burgoa

The name AJ Colthurst may not have any meaning to the public eye, but it should, as I’m the daughter of two famous celebrities. Like any superstar, they crave privacy; so much of it, they built a house in the middle of nowhere for us children. As we grew older, we discovered the lies they built as a fort to protect us from the media, ended up causing emotional damage along the way.

he's not supposed to exist - Hidden Deep (Hidden Trilogy, #1) by Amy Patrick

She's still irresistibly drawn to those woods. There she encounters the boy who kept her from freezing to death that long ago winter night and was nowhere to be seen when rescuers arrived. He's still mysterious, but now all grown-up and gorgeous, too. And the more she's with him, the greater the threat he poses to Ryann's strict policy-- never want someone more than he wants you.

revenge, and the need to bond for love - Oblivion (The Awakener #2) by R.E.S. Tidmore

Darron Marks, a Soul Hunter, is on a mission to recover the Seer from a Psyche ward when he finds a blue and black haired female assassin is protecting her. Events are set in motion that leaves Darron questioning his gifts, his need for revenge, and the need to bond for love rather than a business arrangement.

A forbidden love, lost dreams, and family turmoil - Duet for Three Hands by Tess Thompson

A story of forbidden love, lost dreams, and family turmoil. The first book in a new historical series from bestselling author Tess Thompson, Duet for Three Hands is equal parts epic love story, sweeping family saga, and portrait of days gone by. Set against the backdrop of the American South between 1928 and 1934, four voices blend to tell a tale of prejudice, fear, and love. 

dark secrets from the past - The Legend of the Light Keeper by Kelly Hall

After a hurricane destroys her home, Lily Jordan is ready for life to get back to normal. That would be easy if her mother’s recent engagement hadn’t landed her in a house along Southeast Texas’ most haunted ghost road.

a suspenseful and sweeping historical fiction - Sudetenland by George T. Chronis

“The plot moves quickly along keeping you intrigued with well defined characters and great imagery to help immerse yourself in the story… I adored the way George managed to weave together the tragedy of war, depression and politics with romance, love and hope.” — Jennifer, pirategrl1014 - Buy the Book

je ne sais quo - The Frenchman (Crime Royalty Romance #1) by Lesley Young

18+ Fleur Smithers rarely veers off the straight and (excruciatingly) narrow. So moving to the seaport town of Toulon to live with her newfound biological mother—an inspector with the French National Police—for one year is a pretty major detour.

the healing power of family - Her Sister's Shoes by Ashley Farley

Cover Reveal - Her Sister’s Shoes is a contemporary women’s novel that proves the healing power of family. Set in the South Carolina Lowcountry and packed with Southern charm and memorable characters, Her Sister’s Shoes is the story of three sisters—Samantha, Jackie, and Faith—who struggle to balance the demands of career and family while remaining true to themselves. 

an unconventional solution - BINGE (a 7 YEAR ITCH novel) by Jennifer Foor

Cover Reveal - Flynn & Aria Roberts have had plenty of ups and downs during their seven year marriage. Everyone warned them not to wed so young - that they'd be missing out on the key years when people grow from young adults to mature individuals.

Let the fire burn. Sometimes, it's what saves you.- Othello Station by Rachael Wade

Cover Reveal - Every woman in my life is supposed to be like Othello Station – a last stop. Unless they know how to keep their distance. I’ve managed to maintain a routine, one that works for me and one I have no intention of ever changing. But this dove came along. Soft and delicate, tainting my thoughts. I can think of twenty different ways to get rid of her. I need this dove to take flight.

She escaped death once, but her past is back to haunt her - Lies Come True (Avery Hart Trilogy #1) by Emerald O'Brien

Cover Reveal - The dangerous search for truth appears to be muddied with each shocking secret brought to light, as Avery, Fiona, and Noah realize that when someone is deceived for too long, sometimes...
Lies Come True