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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

REVIEW - The Wolf of Ashford Manor by Toni Cox

The Werewolf within Patrick is never far from the surface, but with Angelica, it’s another beast he must tame. 


Sometimes, Playing with Fire is good… Toni Cox with her The Wolf of Ashford Manor proves it.

The Wolf of Ashford Manor was a nice, good surprise. Even if it is presented as a paranormal romance, which I expected to find and which it has, the story has also an important mystery component and even a little bit of gore. The mystery component is the vehicle not only for the maturing of the main characters but also of the romantic relationship. In what regards the gore, as a representative of the thriller side, chill, it is not explicit, but it stresses the atrocious aspects needed for the story development. These accents will establish the seriousness of the dangers in which the characters are. Also, they add arguments for the grey shadows in which the situations and facts are to be judged; there is not too much room for black and white.

It is known from the blurb that we deal with werewolves. I was a tad surprised to see how normal are their day by day life when they are not always the “bosses”. Don’t misunderstand me, I liked. I liked because, even if they have a “normal” life, the main character and others are still bad-asses alpha males ready for action, they just adapted to the necessities of real life. And that is very good, as Darwin said. The female characters are also represented well and the main one has interesting facets.

In their real-life where they all play together, the author mixed the folklore, superstitions, and religion; they coexist without contradicting themselves. If you think about it, you could reach quite a debate and I love a good debate.

I also like the cover which is a welcomed change from the naked dudes. It reflects very well the message and the atmosphere of the story it shelters. 

The author said that she was a little bit out of her comfort zone. I must tell her “Relax, you did good! I’m waiting for the next volume – just don’t keep its working title (W&A) because it will be a big spoiler for the first volume.”

It remains to be seen if love conquers all. Enjoy!


Published: January 7th, 2020
Cover Artist: Fire Quill Design 

The animal within him was never far from the surface, but with her, the wolf was untamable. 

Patrick Blakesley, born to a bloodline of werewolves, falls in love with the mysteriously shy, yet ravishingly beautiful daughter of his new employer – the Lord of Ashford Manor. 

When the town of Ashford is besieged by a sudden spate of murders, suspicions fall on Patrick, for he has been discovered for the beast that he is. 

Although forced to go into hiding, it does not stop Patrick from pursuing his love for Angelica. Shacked up in an old boat shed, they discover pleasures such as only forbidden fruits can yield. 

As Patrick discovers all that Angelica has to offer, the brutal murders continue. 

Are they strong enough together to discover the true beast and tame it, before all of humanity perishes before its wrath? 
A steamy paranormal romance that merges romance, thriller, mystery, and the paranormal. 

About the author: 
Born in Germany in 1976, International Bestselling Author Toni Cox moved to South Africa in 1991. Although she has spent much of her working career in the timber wholesale business, she is also an accomplished horse rider, has a diploma in project management, photography, and nutrition, and has a passion for books and all things fantasy. 

From a young age, her dream had always been to put her imagination into words. When she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013, she decided life is too short not to follow her dream. With the support of her husband and three children, she began writing book 1 of the Elemental Trilogy in January 2015. 

Toni Cox writes Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy. She is a firm believer in dragons. 

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