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Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

age is just a number... The Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency by Marc Morgenstern

Chas, Zoe, Xander, Nickie and Patricia and Sally make up the Sherlock Jr. Detective Agency.
They must put their best foot forward to solve the crime before time runs out and the kidnapped Casper is sold on an auction web site to the highest bidder.

A crime spree to steal aerospace technology - Aries 181 by Tiana Warner

"So, all in all, I LOVED this. There’s so much crazy girl power (literally and figuratively), in this book, it’s hard not to love it. It’s got science, it’s got gay girls, it’s got crazy tech, it’s got heists, it’s got nerd culture, what more could you want? I know there’s no series number on the Goodreads entry, but I’m holding out hope that I see more from Jess and Halley in the future." Allie, Goodreads

Bulwark, a quiet town... or is it? The Bulwark Anthology

Bulwark- a wall or stockade that protects or sometimes hides the truth from the outside world.

Bulwark, a quiet town... or is it?

Monday, March 25, 2019

I thought that I saw her. I know I did… The Ice Rose Series by Destiny Hawkins

a paranormal tale of magic, shifters, and soulmates - The Lost Lunason Series by Stacie Sultrie

18++ "Curiousity, heat, and the feels are so well written that I found myself reacting with the characters - a sign of good writing! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a nice, deep story. Doesn't matter if this genre is preferred - the story carries itself!" Shannon, Goodreads

Burn. It all needs to burn. - Lowcountry Incantations (Lowcountry Incantations #1) by C.J. Geisel

"This book had many elements that I loved. [...] The story was complex and interesting." Lora, Amazon
"Thrilling and exciting. This book drew me in. [... ] This is a must read. I can't wait to see what happens next."

will they allow secrets to destroy them? - His Secret Love (Cuffs & Spurs #7) by Anya Summers

18++ "Read this wonderful book by Anya Summers, in this she bravely deals with mental health and the characters that she writes about have their own demons, the actual plot was also so very well written that once you begin reading you will not be able to put this wonderful book down." Sue, Goodreads

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Life is good, but life is also full of the unexpected - Of Sound Mind and Someone Else's Body by William Quincy Belle

"Just WoW!! This book held me in suspense until the next-to-very end, and then again until the very end. You’ll just have to read for yourself to fully understand what I’m talking about. [...] So, is the author “of sound mind?” I wasn’t sure of the answer at first. Maybe you should read this book “in the name of science” and come to your own conclusion" Sandy, Goodreads

Silk: Confessions of an Online Sex Worker by Vicarious Silk

18++ Discover the secret world of online sex worker’s inner thoughts and workings with this up close and personal look at the men that frequently seek them out. Meet the women that take care of these men one session at a time.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

she is not sure she can win…The Shifters of Africa Series by Leigh Anderson & Alice Wilde

18++ "This is an enthralling read with a very good plot that captivates the reader from the beginning.The characters are well developed and well defined and the secondary characters do enance and support the storyline. Recommended." #1 Stella, Goodreads

REVIEW - Mrs. Rossi’s Dream by Khanh Ha

"I live in a coastal town in the deep south of the Mekong Delta. During the war this was IV Corps, which saw many savage fights. Although the battles might have long been forgotten, some places cannot forget.

A utopia for some, a dystopia for others... New York by William Quincy Belle

"This was such an awesome read!! I love dystopian books. It’s always interesting to see where our world is leading, and then how the author manipulates the character’s actions and reactions" Sandy, Goodreads

a nasty temper and uncontrolled mystical powers - The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman by Robin Gregory

"I thoroughly enjoyed Gregory’s mystical, offbeat story. Her prose is playful and there is a tenderness to her writing that perfectly complements Moojie’s innate empathy for humans, animals and nature.The tale is altogether allegorical and folkloric, and I was very easily led into its magical hinterland. An impressive début and I very much look forward to seeing what this talented author comes up with next! " Kevin, Goodreads

I was the imposter who lied to her… The Accidental Mafia Queen Series by Khardine Gray

18++ From USA Today Bestselling author Khardine Gray comes a sexy, delightfully devilish, seductive Mafia Romance series. Enter the alluring world of the ruthless and the dangerous with book one.
Mafia Boss is the first book in The Accidental Mafia Queen trilogy. Lucian and Amelia’s intriguing, sexy, story continues in Mafia Scars and completes in Mafia Love.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Her... Him... Betrayal (Corrupt Empire #1) by Sarah Bailey

18++ "I'm appalled, bewildered, frustrated, and weirdly touched by the character dynamic throughout the course of the entire story. Of all these things that I feel, I simply cannot look away. I've never discussed a book more with my peers, and I've never needed to know what happens next in a series more than with this selection. This in many ways makes the novel a controversial work of art. To put it simply: I'm all-in." MJBurroughs, Goodreads

violent powers and conspiracy - Storm of the Gods (Areios Brothers #1) by A.R. Braun, Amy Braun

"A wild ride with plenty of mythical twists and turns. If you are a fan of Pierce Brown's Red Rising series you'll love Storm of the Gods. So action-packed and great characters. I love how author Amy Braun has brought the Greek Gods back to life and into our modern times." Adam, Goodreads

a deadly game of cat and mouse - Killer Lawyer by Mark Nolan

"Killer Lawyer is filled with action and suspense on every page. It will take you on a thrilling ride that will have the old adrenaline pumping wanting more. Killer Lawyer is one of those books that likes to hold on to its secrets right up until the end and then slams you in the face with it. The action just keeps pouring out page to page beginning to end. " Nancy, Goodreads

is the end of the world is the end of everything - Augur of Shadows (Destined #1) by Jacob Rundle

"Augur of Shadows is a phenomenal achievement. What really struck me is the sheer amount of research Jacob must have gone through to walk the fine line between agnostic sensibilities and deep cut religious references. Henry's reaction to conversing with the various avatars and deities felt well balanced." Sean, Goodreads

What would you do? Dead In A Week by Andrea Kane

"Excellent suspense! I loved the very detailed play-by-play. The description of all the newest and latest technology/electronic devices/spy equipment - how fun! I want to play with some of those! Makes me want to go into the CIA or something. I wonder how many of them are real or made up?" Wall to wall books, Amazon

they picked the wrong person - T-Minus by Shannon Greenland

I am the daughter of the first female POTUS, and today is about to become the longest day of my life… 
I can't trust anyone, so it’s up to me to uncover the conspiracy and stop these madmen. Because little do they know, they picked the wrong person to terrorize. 

somebody knows the answers... Neliem by Clare DiLiscia

Drawing strength from ancient tales of her enemy, young Oriana transforms herself from victim to warrior with the help of a mysterious and powerful dagger given to her by a kind and dying boy.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

who I am - Little Dove (The Redenzione #1) by Perryen Livingston

"Perryen Livingston has written and incredible story that will touch your heart. Little Dove is her debut and is based on true life events. The mystery will have you flipping through the pages guessing what will be revealed next. The characters are flawless.

Seductive supernaturals - Fated Mates Anthology

with 18++ stories by: Ivy Quinn || Angelique Armae || Sarah Biglow and Molly Zenk || Brantwijn Serrah || Bella Andrews || USA Today bestselling author Shelique Lize || Julie Trettel || Khardine Gray || Valia Lind || April Canavan and C.J. Laurence || Keira Blackwood and Liza Street || Athena Phoenix || JS Bright and Holly Holston || Candace Sams || Heather Young-Nichols and J.A. Hardt || Crystal Ash || Sarah Zolton Arthur || Daniella Clark || C. J. Beaumont || Miranda Harvey and Cate Alexander || Aria Adams || Elena Gray and Kelli McCracken || AJ Anders and Amanda Perry || Erica Gerald Mason

her identity is a secret - Mona Lisas and Little White Lies by John Herrick

"Wow! Mona lisas and Little White Lies by John Herrick was the perfect book to read by the fire this weekend. Herrick has a way with characters." - Jill W.
"The premise is unique, and the story is engaging, entertaining and well written. I recommend for a fun light read." - Jamie B.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dark clouds were accumulating. - We Survived....At Last I Speak by Leon Malmed

"This memoir fascinated me from the beginning, with descriptions of normal life in Europe, but once I got to chapter 11, when the Nazis came into the author's life and changed it forever, I could not put the book down. Leon was just four in 1941, and his sister was five years older, and the story of how they survived in Nazi-occupied France is compelling. Even after the war ended, there were more trials to endure for this brother and sister." Beverly, Goodreads

Whom Shall I Kiss...An Earl, A Marquess, or a Duke? (Tricking the Scoundrels #1) by Laura A. Barnes

"This is romantic, amusing, unpredictable and thrilling. Sidney decides that she will conduct an experiment aimed at exposing just how far gentlemen will go, no matter their rank, to ruin a lady for sport. [...] There are games played, reputations disparaged and lies told. The courtships range from sweet to overbearing, and none are dull. I loved this and found it impossible to put down." Mary, Goodreads

Readeropolis Anniversary

 The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader turns one year old this March. [Cue the party music!] The time has flown by so quickly. My to-be-read list has expanded even faster. As a reader, you know that is both a good and bad thing. LOL!

a search for the lost Hawthorne treasure - The Secrets of Hawthorne House by Donald Firesmith

"A great book for readers of all ages. [...] Donald Firesmith created a story that has humor, sadness, love and realistic characters. All this combines for a spectacular reading experience." Ann, Goodreads

the wrong decision could lead to deadly consequences… Beneath the Broken Moon: Season One by Sarah Mäkelä

"This is an amazing story so far we have had, a few murders, 2 kidnapping, a dad I want to kill and 2 men want who want the same women and it's still getting better. Oh and let us not forget the drama.Sarah Mäkelä writes a great story!" Pam, Goodreads

intertwined - Immerse (Mer Chronicles, #3) by Tobie Easton

"EMERGE gave a thrilling love story; [...] This is a series finale that has it all: sigh-worthy romance, nail-biting adventure, and a gripping story of two very different girls navigating the shifting tides of family and societal expectations." Kathy, Goodreads

I didn’t mean to bite her... Just Like Animals (Werelock Evolution #5) by Hettie Ivers

18++ "Just Like Animals is a fast paced dirty ride! It’ll leave you wanting more, if you’re an unapologetically greedy reader, like me. One click this book, call in sick, lock the doors, draw the blinds, and enjoy!" Justforfun, Goodreads

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A lost soul... Fool’s Errand (Fate’s Fools, #4) by Ophelia Bell

18++ " Ophelia Bell is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the privilege to converse with and I am so grateful that I get to read her amazing works. Thank you for always keeping me entertained, on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, falling in love, laughing and crying and most of all cursing at my kindle when I get those damn cliffhangers! Can’t wait for the next book!" Margaux, Goodreads

a special assignment - Trust the Push by Kaylee Ryan

"I am already a huge Kaylee Ryan fan. I mean if she writes it, I will read it, but she never ceases to surprise me with the sheer awesomeness of the stories she comes up with. [...] 
Kaylee Ryan writes the absolute best characters and the best happily ever afters. This is a definite highly recommend read for me!!!" Shannon, Goodreads

the mysteries she hides and the brutalized souls who suffered her holds - Slave Shipwreck Saga by Michael Smorenburg

"I read this book in the onve sitting. It was so well told and so energetic from the very first sentence throughout. There is a beauty in the story. the beauty of being underwater, seeing something that just can't be. The beauty of the fear of running out of oxygen. All beautifully told and yet, I was sitting on the edge of my seat as they raced against air loss and powerful storms. " Vicki, Goodreads

a unique set of circumstances - Out Of The Darkness (Joe Cavelli, Paranormal PI #2) by Darcia Helle

"This well-written novel was light and fun, yet during Gus’s very unusual journey to find out what had happened to him and to solve a mystery, there were several thought-provoking and insightful moments of clarity. I thought the author did a wonderful job of balancing the “different shades of light” in the story and creating characters that readers can truly visualize." Lisette, Goodreads

Trust Me Series by Amy Romine

"Just the right amount of romance to equal the thrills and roller coaster ride. I was on the edge of my seat, reading swiftly to just find out what was next. The thrills and suspense was fantastic, the romance very real and electrifying. These parts I found very realistic. The storyline flowed smoothly, giving the reader that right amount of smexy, sexy stuff, and of course the suspense was riveting." Katrina, Goodreads

What would you do if... Assassin By Day, Catalyst At Night by Tessa Robertson

THE ART OF SEDUCTION - What a Lord Wants (Capturing the Carlisles #5) by Anna Harrington

"The characters are fabulously crafted and gloriously complicated…the author balances the dark with a light, witty humor and a sexual tension that adds sizzle to every scene…How I Married a Marquess is intense, satisfying, and cleverly unpredictable. Consider me a freshly minted fan of Harrington’s style of happy ever after.”—USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog on How I Married a Marquess

Can You Ever Truly Put the Past Behind You? House of Madness by Sara Harris

Great descriptions!
Love the scary story
Very very intriguing
Sara Harris Creeps Me Out!

Great fun – until somebody turns up dead... Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth Series by Cassidy Salem

"This was a great story! The characters were so personable, and even the secondary characters were memorable and interesting. The story line was good and the steady pacing kept the reader involved as Adina gathered clues. With so many possibilities, it was impressive watching her work! Don’t miss this one – and see if you can guess “whodunit”!!!" Emily, Goodreads

She should have told him - Jules by (Reed Security, #12) Giulia Lagomarsino

18++ "Intriguing, exciting, hot and funny at times. [...] The characters are wonderfully written and so likeable that you really wish you were a part of their world. [...] A wonderful entertaining and intriguing read and I highly recommend this book!" Kathy, Goodreads

what holds a marriage together ? - Climbing The Walls (Hart & Cole, #1) by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné

"Climbing the Walls is a book like no other, and Sacha T.Y Fortuné has just set the mark high for anything to compete with this read. [...] This is one of the best reads I have read in a very long time, it’s raw, real, it has angst, hot steamy passion and incredible characters twists and turns that leave you wanting and needing more, both Kris & Nicole have their story to tell and boy do they tell it!" Chantelle, Goodreads

She assumed he hated her. - What He Wants (Baxter Boys, #2) by Jessie Gussman

"5 STARS= Excellent= Immensely Enjoyable= I loved it...!I loved, loved, loved the book. It's definitely my favourite of all this author's published works so far. Awesome writing. Such depth and emotions. I cried, I laughed, and I swooned. Superb characterisation." - Ramla, Goodreads

Monday, March 18, 2019

Nothing will stop me - FAITHFUL: The Mountain Man’s Babies #10) by Frankie Love

18++ "Wow, this one is a real roller coaster of a read. Love at first sight, family dramas galore, tragic events, a "miracle", this one had me compulsively turning the pages. " Deb, Goodreads

Some lessons are harder to learn than others - A Lesson On Love (Jenkins and Sons Construction #3) by Sharon C. Cooper

Spells, Salt, & Steel - Season One by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin

"The novellas included in this volume are interesting, amusing, addictive and thanks to them even our reality seems to be more magical. This collection is a great entertainment, fantastic adventure and an opportunity to enrich the circle of our fictional friends with some really amazing characters." Karolina, Goodreads

half... Dark Assassins Series by Valerie Ullmer

18++ "This book had an amazing depth to it as all the characters were "fleshed out" to a degree that you understood their POV as it related to the underlying storyline. The visuals Valerie Ullmer produces makes reading her novel, so damn enjoyable!" Icu2qtpi, Goodreads

Two mad kings. One poisonous crown. - Inferno (Fourth Talisman, #5) by Kat Ross

"It's a roller coaster. It's an adventure. It's the ultimate conclusion. It's believable. It's so, so satisfying. The emotional growth of our characters is never more evident than it is here, in this volume. They'll fall apart. They'll come back together. Some bonds are broken, some are forged, some are forged anew." Sarah, Goodreads

Myth, Magic, & Reality - Kindred (The Akasha Series #2) by Indie Gantz

In the future, Tirigan is dealing with the complicated emotions that overwhelm him after the events of Passage. In an attempt to control the situation, Tirigan turns inward and cuts himself off from those who need him most.

his vengeance runs deep - A Hundred Breaths (A Hundred Kisses #0.5) by Jean M. Grant

"The storylines are intriguing, suspense filled and keep the reader immersed until the last page. I couldn't put the book down and I had just read A Hundred Kisses. The author does a wonderful job of describing Scotland in the mid to late 1200s. Her characters run the gamut of good to not so good to downright evil." Texas, Goodreads