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Friday, August 31, 2018

Silver Dagger Book Tours 2 Year Anniversary

Silver Dagger Book Tours is now 2 years old this month! 

Believe it or not, Silver Dagger Book Tours was created and is mainly operated by just one person! 

It is what it is. - Mailroom Delight by Khardine Gray

"This is a great story once I started it I couldn't put it down. I couldn't stop laughing at the letter incident. The chemistry between Paige and Jason is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend it to any book lover." - Raecharmed, Goodreads

In an age ruled by iron men... The Butcher's Daughter (A Journey Between Worlds) by Mark M. McMillin

“… a pleasurable and action-packed read … a delicious spin to the otherwise tired clichés of male captains … the joy of the open seas - as well as the danger churning below - pulses throughout this rip-roaring, hearty tale of the high seas.” - Kirkus Reviews 

this time, his prey is... If I Want You by Rachel Brimble

"I adored this Fast Moving, Unputdownable psychological thriller.Rachel created well thought-out characters and an absorbing addictive twisting plot. It kept me on my toes rooting for Tori the whole way through."- Dash fan, Goodreads

someone she wants to hold onto - Clutch by Lisa Becker

“LOVED. The perfect blend of sassy, smart and stylish!”-Amazon Bestsellers Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke 
“This book is absolutely hilarious!” - Pretty Little Book Reviews 
“I thought the comparison to men and handbags was so genius! Becker really knows how to write to her audience, and this clever novel had me giggling throughout.” - Chick Lit Plus

Hell Hole: The Official Screenplay by Donald Firesmith and Leland Anderson

"[...] Now, sprinkle these elements in with an extremely well thought out thriller and I’m intrigued.Overall, Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton was a wonderfully written book that had my heart pounding from beginning to end. A thriller through and through.
The length was really nice for me too. Sometimes I enjoy reading a novella or a shorter novel. Especially when you pack as much into them as Firesmith has with Demons on the Dalton." Brian, Goodreads

a daunting suspect list - Bear Witness to Murder (A Teddy Bear Mystery #2) by Meg Macy

“Cute and cuddly on the outside, murder and mayhem on the inside . . . Totally adorable.” —Duffy Brown on Bearly Departed
“Entertaining . . . inhabited by quirky, fully developed characters and good dogs and cats.” —Publishers Weekly

Unknown to most, one mage desired power... Armies of the Silver Mage (Histories of Malweir #1) by Christian Warren Freed

"Filled with great characters and vivid battle scenes, Armies Of The Silver Mage is a fantasy adventure on an epic scale. [...], this book bursting with fantastical action scenes. True to a genre that we have all grown to love, reminiscent of the works of Tolkien and C.S Lewis but with it’s own style and flavour. Armies Of The Silver Mage is a great addition to the world of epic fantasy." Peter. Goodreads

what makes us beautiful... Hiro Loves Kite (Paper Stars #2) by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

"I have no negatives to say about this book. It kept my attention the entire time and I loved how the story ended. [...] You just have to read it for yourself to experience Lauren Taylor at her best with her unique writing style!! " Doris, Goodreads

Can she stay alive long enough? Twelve Months of Awkward Moments by Lisa Acerbo

"In a word: Addictive. [...]
Overall just a really awesome read. I would highly recommend to anyone who likes YA romance, NA romance, or just wonderfully written contemporary fiction." - Lauren, Goodreads

she wasn’t interested... Taxed by Love (St. Fleur #5) by A.J. Renee

"These cast of characters have become like family to me and I love reading and catching up with them. I love their connections, comrade and I LOVE the diversity as well. I’ve been a fan of A.J. Renee since her first book and each other just keeps getting better and better. Renee is an author that everyone needs to look out for!! " Richelle, Goodreads

have a little... Faith in Love (Arden’s Glen Romance, #1) by C.M. Albert

"A truly wonderful, can't put down, and very special novella no reader should miss. A truly being a smile to your face and love in your heart read (and re-read). " Alicia, Goodreads

secrets forever? - The Mystery of the Hidden Cabin (Bess's Magical Garden) by M.E. Hembroff

... she thought her biggest problem would be settling into a new school. She was surprised to learn that it was a one room school house which was different from what she was used to.

there isn’t a clear explanation - Fate and Fortune (Part One) by Robin Daniels

Welcome to the Cover Reveal

This YA Contemporary Romance is the first part
in this new duology, coming...

What I don’t know - Malice by Pintip Dunn

Cover Reveal
What I know: a boy in my class will one day wipe out two-thirds of the population with a virus.
What I don’t know: who he is.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Rockstar Series Part 1 (Rockstar #1-4) by Anne Mercier

17+ "This is one of my favorite series, I have read it a few times which is rare for me. I have fallen in love with each and every one of the characters. Each and every one of them will steal your heart, make you feel what they feel and have you laughing along with them every step of the way. " Cynthia, Goodreads

Small secrets... big secrets... Hidden Pieces by Paula Stokes

"Hidden Pieces is the dark, twisted, amped up, I Know What You Did Last Summer-esque YA suspense of my dreams! Paula Stokes delivers a modern classic."
-Gretchen McNeil, author of Ten and #MurderTrending

Shadow House never sleeps... The Missing (Shadow House #4) by Dan Poblocki

"Shadow House has everything I love -- strange characters, magic and the supernatural, endless danger and adventure -- and a mystery I dare any reader to try to solve." ―R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps (about book#1)

My life began at the dawn of time... Xavier (Angelbound Worlds, #1) by Christina Bauer

“Anyone into fantasy and other worldly experiences would enjoy these books. I am officially addicted!” – Rachely, Goodreads

secrets and truths that can't be ignored - Ruin of Stars (Mask of Shadows #2) by Linsey Miller

"An intriguing world and a fantastically compelling main character make for a can't-miss debut. Miller's Mask of Shadows will make you glad you're not an assassin―and even gladder Sal is." ―Kiersten White, New York Times bestelling author of And I Darken and Now I Rise
"Compelling and relatable characters, a fascinating world with dangerous magic, and a dash of political intrigue: Mask of Shadows completely delivered. Fantasy fans will love this book." ―Jodi Meadows, New York Times bestselling coauthor of My Lady Jane

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

she needs just one teeny-tiny favor. . . Dr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers #5) by Penny Reid

I can't say enough about this book to express how moved and shocked I felt while reading it. If you're a fan, I say, please read it ASAP. If you haven't read any of the previous books, DO NOT START HERE! Rewind, grab the other books and start on an epic journey. This book is late in a series, has bombshells galore, and is chock full of juicy, series-wide arc tidbits." Shannon, Goodreads

where gods roam and mortals fight... Storm of the Gods (Areios Brothers #1) by Amy Braun

"WOW what a rush!!! I anticipated a great story but Amy Braun quite literally blew me away. Storm of the Gods is a brilliant start to the new Areios Brothers series, where the Olympians are in power once again and in control of the land of California, now known as Néo Vasíleio. I'm a huge fan of the Greek Myths so any book with this theme I will gladly read and this one in particular was quite unique and I craved every word from start to finish."- Caitlin, Goodreads

Is something real worth the risk? - Hard Drive (Tech Titans Series #1) by Marcella Swann

"The journey they go on is sweet and fun. I loved every moment and frankly would love more of their story. I feel like this was just a snap shot of the beginning and there is so much more story to tell. I recommend you one click and give this one a try. It is a fast read with a sweet story line." Jami, Goodreads

Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder. - Hard Trigger by S.L. Hannah

18+ "S.L. this was a good read. It took me a bit to get into it but you finally hooked me to know what will happen. You have suspense and intrigue. The sexual tension between Victoria and Diego was built perfectly by you. The history of the characters to the present has twists and turns of an angsty nature, you won't know till you continue reading. " Candy, Goodreads

a legendary cargo to die for... Obake Neko (Ghost Cat): A Pacific Tale by David Michael Gillespie

"I found Obake Neko (Ghost Cat): A Pacific Tale very well written, humorous at times. [...] The history recorded in this novel shows a lot of research went into writing this book. I will recommend this to history crazed readers, though most would enjoy this fascinating read. " Pegboard, Goodreads

Who can blame her? McCabe (Dark Justice #3) by Jenna Ryan

"There are a ton of twists and turns to the story, some I never saw coming. [...] 
This is a great action filled book that I think everyone will enjoy. I recommend it." - Bette, Goodreads

Will anyone survive? The Genes of Isis by Justin Newland

With their world in crisis, Akasha and Horque meet, and a sublime love flashes between them. Is this a cause of hope for humanity and the Solarii? Or will the hybrids destroy them both? Will anyone survive the killing waters of the coming apocalypse? 

Killer body or body killer? Slashing Mona Lisa by D.M. Barr

"Romance, love, danger, suspicions, murder, and mystery, all combined in one hell of a tale that also serves to make you more aware of the intolerances this world displays, and maybe, just maybe, realise the extent to which your own actions can affect others. A clear message in a gripping story." K.J. Simmill, Goodreads

the adventure begins... Donnan's Rose (MacLeods of Skye #1) by J R Salisbury

As the fourth MacLeod son, Donnan MacLeod does not have to take on the responsibilities his older siblings do. He is free to keep his business private. As a privateer he sails the channel looking for smugglers. Very elite smugglers.

Okay. I’m a man. There’s that much.- Unscrewed by Ren Alexander

"There is so much going on in this book and let's just say that the more you get into it the more things you find out and the more shocked you become. [...] I absolutely loved everything about this book. It was extremely well written and the characters were phenomenal, all of them!" Lorena Garcia, Goodreads

The story isn't about one girl... There Once Was a Girl by Josie Townsend

"The author did a great job with this, as the plot moved along at a great pace and the characters were well developed." Cristie, Goodreads
“This is a story to be shared, and those in similar situations looking for support might take comfort.” – Foreword Reviews

a simple act of mercy... Keeper of the Bees by Meg Kassel

KEEPER OF THE BEES is a tale of two teens who are both beautiful and beastly, and whose pasts are entangled in surprising and heartbreaking ways.

from a paint stain on the sidewalk - Splotch by Anne & Kenneth Hicks

Alice’s parents refuse to let her have a dog, so when Alice sees a paint stain on the sidewalk that looks like a dog, she decides that she will make him a virtual pet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

in order to survive... Dragon Unchained (Blood of the Drakon #5) by N.J. Walters

"The story was so full of surprises, suspense, and action that I couldn’t stop reading. I was sucked in from begging to end. I will say you can read this as a stand alone. The author gives us plenty of information to make it easy to grasp the world and details, but I urge you to check out other previous books. Dragon shifter lovers will enjoy the Blood of the Drakon series. " Angela, Goodreads

Death is just the beginning... The Soul Keepers by Devon Taylor

“A fantastic high-stakes adventure on a ghost ship sailing forever into eternity, where every soul is (literally) worth fighting for—what’s not to love? Devon Taylor weaves an endearing tale of friendship and loss with heart-stopping action and a whole lot of terrifying monsters. You’ll root for Rhett and his fellow reapers through every twist and turn!” —Rin Chupeco, author of The Bone Witch and The Girl from the Well

To move forward... Eight Goodbyes by Christine Brae

"Eight Goodbyes is not only a heartwrenching story of two people navigating the globe, their love, and their personal lives, it's unputdownable, exciting, and unpredictable to the very last page. I hope everyone will pick this beautiful story upon its release this fall. If you've yet to read a book by Christine Brae, you are sorely missing out." Ashley, Goodreads

she’s been sent from another... Missing Signal by Seb Doubinsky

“Beneath the entertaining wrapper of science fiction, Missing Signal is a masterfully written work, both provocative and rewarding.” ―Foreword Reviews

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The balance is upset... The McKenzie Files by Barry K. Nelson

" I liked the characters, the setting and of course, the action. This book is nothing if not suspenseful. It actually reads pretty much like a movie. Some of the descriptions are so vivid that I could picture the scenes happening right in front of me. " Majenka, Goodreads

find out just how hot the tropics can get.- Private Charter by N.R. Walker

18+ "This story is somewhat fluffy with sun, sand, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, sex, shots and of course the infamous Speedos but there are a couple of heavy moments that balance the fluff. " Christina, Goodreads

the biggest lesson of them all…Love, Cutter by Michelle Jester

 He is able to hear the world around him, yet he can’t move. What he hears propels Carter to begin to see life in a new way, especially when one of his nurses, Kinley, shares parts of her tragic past with him. Soon, Carter realizes he is falling in love with her.

The storm was only the beginning… Queen of Iron and Blood (Shattered Realms #2) By Melissa Wright

Launch - Note from the Author
Welcome to the tour for Queen of Iron and Blood, book two in the Shattered Realms series! It was a thrill to continue the story of plucky heroine Mackenzie Scott, her younger brother Riley, and the complicated creatures who invaded their world...

conspiracies and twisted struggles for power - Dark Tomorrow by Jeremiah Franklin

When a deadly virus decimates the majority of Earth's population, 16-year-old Sawyer Bradshaw finds he is both immune and alone in a world that has descended into violent chaos. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

she doesn’t hesitate - Morgan is Missing (Kayla Falk Series #2) by K. Hanson

"The scenes are graphic and descriptive it paints a fantastic backdrop that really makes the storyline pop. All the twists, turns, ups and downs brings our girls bad side out and leaves her a force to be reckoned with. Yeah, you don't want to mess with our girl. Hanson did a remarkable job bringing this read to life flawlessly. Fantastic job Hanson, thanks for sharing this awesome read with us." Kaye, Goodreads

her limits and ends with a satisfying bang - The Devil’s Standoff (The Devil’s Revolver #2) by V. S. McGrath

"This is a tremendous read: a brutal fantasy Western with complex magic, twisty plotting, flawed characters, impossible problems, and some spectacularly nasty meanies including the magical Wall between the US and Mexico which...good lord. [...] I really want there to be another book, I am not nearly done with this world and its hot-mess characters. Loved it" H.J. Charles, Goodreads

TALES OF SCIENCE FICTION: THE STAND OFF by Sandy King and John Carpenter

"It shares plenty of common ground with Hellblazer and even Robin Furth and Peter David’s Dark Towerseries, adding in its own intriguing blend of fatalism and Catholic guilt. With the odd flourish of light relief to temper the weird, Asylum is the best horror comic you’ve never read." ―Starburst magazine

Would you... Anodyne Eyes by Milt Mays

In the near future, a World Oil War leaves the Midwest in ruins, except for pristine GMO crops controlled by a monopoly, Ambrosia, and the Army, which savagely protects the crops from starving war survivors.

the risks we all must take... Chance for Rain by Tricia Downing

Elite athlete Rainey Abbott is an intense competitor on the outside, but inside, she feels a daunting apprehension about her chances of finding true love. Her life as a downhill skier and race car driver keeps her on the edge, but her love life is stuck in neutral. A tragedy from her past has left her feeling insecure and unlovable.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard - Nobody Said It'd Be Easy by Patty Blount

"Patty Blount creates a community you'll want to visit in this heartfelt, realistic romance with a hero everyone will adore!" ―Jamie Beck, national bestselling author of Before I Knew and Unexpectedly Hers 
"Patty Blount's Nobody Said It'd Be Easy is a sweet, heartwarming story with genuine emotion and a Single Dad To-Die-For!" ― New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra

I didn’t do it. - A Shameless Little Con (Shameless #1) by Meli Raine

"Oh my lanta I cannot stop gushing. This was hands down one of the best heart pounding reads. It was beyond fast paced description, it consumed me. It was intense, it was complex and the depth of each twist and turn was stunning. Raine really lives up to all my expectations when I read her books. A Shameless Little Con is just the tip of the iceberg, I can feel it. She has completely beguiled me - heart and soul. "- Suey, Goodreads

Mute & Haze Box Set by Christine Bernard

"I read this straight after Mute, and I did wonder if the sequel would be as good as the first, I needn't have worried, it surpassed itself. WOW, just WOW!" - Shelley, Goodreads