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Sunday, December 13, 2015

a deadly quest for vengeance - Shadow of the Winter King by Erik Scott de Bie

"This book is fantastic. I am impatiently awaiting the next book in this series. There is so much going on in this story it is like a grade 6 white water rafting excursion. Betrayals, conspiracies and truths are revealed throughout the journey of two who were once intimate but have been leading lives not truly known to either."Amazon



Armed with the voracious sword Frostburn, court slayer Regel Winter once shed the blood of countless foes in service to Orbrin the Winter King. 


But even the coldest steel cannot save those Regel loves: his beloved Princess Lenalin, her daughter Semana, and the Winter King himself, felled by treachery five years ago. 


Barely an echo of the man he was, Regel forges a pact with the assassin who slew Orbrin, setting out on  that will change the face of the World of Ruin.

"Here Mr. de Bie has taken off his gloves and delivered a great story that captivates the reader. We become invested in the characters early on, and care about the direction the story goes. There are no "safety" features wherein we, the reader, know certain characters are "safe" because they don't belong to the author. Here, the dialog between characters is crisp yet the prose isn't overwrought with jargon." - Amazon

About the author:
I am a speculative fiction author, mostly writing fantasy, science fiction, and some mix of the two. I'm probably best known for the Forgotten Realms series SHADOWBANE (the tale of a thief turned vigilante paladin, sworn to a dead god), as well as a growing body of short stories in various anthologies and available for download on the web. (Seriously, check my website, it's pretty awesome.)

I am also a known quantity in the gaming industry, designing for the legendary tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons as well as other systems.

When I'm not writing, gaming, or more writing, I compose technical documentation by day and fight injustice by night. I lives in Seattle and am married with pets.

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