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Friday, February 17, 2023

a law to hunt, imprison and kill them all... The Exodus by David Fairchild

"Rare find! [...] I think this might be my favorite book that I have read an a looong time. [...] Excellent, excellent read. If you like fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, straight up literary fiction, this is a rare find and an incredible read that hits on every cylinder." Jordan, Goodreads


Two-time award winning book in the classes of E-book from NGIBA and Science Fiction from IAN

A girl who feels nothing; a boy who sees shadows and hears what others cannot; a baby without license to be born; a deaf teenager and scientific savant; offensive people; a general who passed law to hunt, imprison and kill them all. Where do they hide when the sub-nations of the United States draw their own lines in the ground that dictate which people get to be oppressed and who gets to be offended?

The Salvo Cartel built the tunnels to help them escape, to aid those with mental ailments, those who question, those who refuse to conform, gays, Christians, artists, people with scruples, and other deviants. Do they flee to Salvo's underground cities, with eyes set on a grander safeplace? Where do they go when Lady Liberty douses her light? Perhaps the same place she's been pointing her torch towards ever since she stepped atop her pedestal and realized at once that one day she too would be told to shut up.


In the beginning, darkness was upon the face of the deep. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Angels cheered. The devil frowned. The blind man cried out, “What in the hell?” Then God said, “It is beautiful,” and, his children committed him to the old folks home: refusing to visit, refusing to pay their bills and concurring that they had created all. There is a story about God escaping to visit his children, but they cried, “We don’t serve your kind here,” and he was forced to go home, where it is said that the city turned off his power and he now sits by candlelight that he presses himself—and that’s okay, because He still loves everyone. For that, his children are grateful, so long as it doesn’t interfere with their own agendas. Thus their stubbornness has played a vital role in helping them become adept at navigating the dark.

Thalia prayed. She hadn’t before, never had a reason to, but now she did because she couldn’t see. She prayed to get her way, to find her way, to make her own way, and deep down she knew that she would stop praying the moment she was out of these tunnels. After all, why pray when one can already see or thinks one can see? As the story goes, God healed the blind to see, and the blind said, “Work your own corner, or I’ll gut you like a fish.”

About the author:
David Fairchild resides in Spanish Fork, Utah and teaches writing at Utah Valley University. He has a background working in the amusement and entertainment industry, including: amusement parks, haunted houses and theatre. He is a retired stand-up comic. He holds degrees in writing and communication. He wishes he could say that he loves to write in a way that entertains people, but that would be a lie. He never gets to write because all the characters he’s ever created keep stealing his keyboard. Did I say characters? I meant bullies. They’re all bullies! In fact, his work is always taken over by that bunch of bullies who each strive to fill the pages on David’s computer with their own stories, leaving absolutely no room for David to tell his own. To date, he hasn’t written a single one of his own stories. He just gives birth to bullies who take over his book pages and tell him how bad of a job he does talking about them. They’re so mean, and they talk behind his back. They say they’re not, but he can hear them. Anyway, he never gets to write what he wants. Well, there it is! Fairchild is a fraud who stands on the shoulders of the characters that have punched their ways out of that pea-brain of his. Suppose it makes sense. They’re all smarter than he is. His brain is just too small to contain all that bully intellect. David does want everyone to know though that some day he will finally write the story he wants, but what does anyone care? They all just use him so they can get close to his bullies.

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Michael Law said...

This looks like a good book

Audrey Stewart said...

David Fairchild is a new author to me, but I want to thank this blog for the introduction. I look forward to reading this book.

Michael Law said...

Can't wait to read this!