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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Review - One Spring Break (Wimberley University #3) by Sophie Stevens

One spring break brought them together.
An insolent bird…
A hateful sister…
A best friend with secrets…
Will tear them apart.


Reading the first lines of the blurb, I thought that One Spring Break promises to be a fun read and that was what I wanted.

Reading the last lines of the blurb, I thought that the premises are promising and that they offer good possibilities for the plot.

I’m happy to say that this story deserved my time and made me smile a few times.

I liked how the author built the relationships between the characters, their backgrounds which are possible and even probable. I also liked how subtly the old sentiments are introduced defining and accentuating the intensity of the new ones.

I liked a lot how the author succeeded to lease serious aspects among humorous ones, how the real issues of the modern youths, “their” problems, and politically correct views are delicately but firmly approached. Even better, Sophie Stevens just put them “on the table” serving the right amount of information and letting the readers draw the (right) conclusions themselves.

There is room for twists, unforeseeable and even some physical challenges and the author uses them well. The love story itself follows a sinuous path with obstacles and meanders because love is, after all, a serious matter to deal with.

I liked that, even I could say that I am a “bad boy” (not a bad person!) fan, this time the “Good guy. Boy next door” wins. But to be fair, I could think at one, two moments in which the bad boy vibe manifested.

"One Spring Break" is a sweet, amusing story in which the characters are tantalized - a bit - for our pleasure. I’m sure that are many others who will like it.



Publication date: January 10th, 2022

Flat-ass. Chubby cheeks. Whore.

Pre-med student, Rosie Magee, has been called every slur imaginable by her obnoxious roommate, a foul-tempered fellow who drops food on the floor and poops wherever he pleases. If the insult thrower didn’t have scarlet feathers and a beak capable of shearing fingers, she’d happily kick him out. But her roommate, a macaw named Baby, belongs to her snotty sister Maria, and according to their mother, if the siblings want room and board, they’re stuck together until graduation. After scrimping and saving, Rosie has finally tucked away enough money to escape from her boyfriend-stealing sister and her evil, yellow-eyed minion for one spring break.

Wholesome. Good guy. Boy next door.

Engineering student, Erik Snider, never believed good guys finish last until his girlfriend has a one-night-stand with a local thespian, Tulsa Lester. She wants to reconcile, but Erik can’t forgive a betrayal so deep. When he learns she’s moved on while he’s still mourning their relationship, his roommate hatches a plan for revenge—ask out the prettiest girl on campus, Maria Magee, and take her to the spring formal his ex will be attending. Though not the vengeful type, Erik is desperate enough to agree in hopes a date with a gorgeous girl will help him heal, but pretty girls have agendas of their own. If he wants an evening with Maria, he’ll have to take care of her demanding macaw for one spring break.

When Baby escapes Erik’s care, Rosie ditches her vacation to help him find her sister’s macaw. As they fight off parrot hungry hawks and navigate trees with flimsy branches, they form a bond that might just verge on love. But nothing comes easily for Rosie. With a man-stealing sister who lives to torment her, and a best friend Tulsa who tore apart Erik’s relationship, happily-ever-after will be anything but smooth sailing.

One spring break brought them together.
An insolent bird…
A hateful sister…
A best friend with secrets…
Will tear them apart.

About the author:
Author of contemporary romance, young adult and urban fantasy.

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Rita Wray said...

Sounds like a book I will enjoy.

Sophie Stevens said...

Thank you for the review, Mythical Books, and for hosting a stop on the One Spring Break Book Blog Tour. Happy reading everyone!

wghutton said...

thanks this sounds like a wonderful book

lildevilgirl22 said...

cute cover

laurie nykaza said...

This sounds like a great romance to read.

Julie Waldron said...

The cover is so sweet! This sounds like a wonderful read.

Nancy P said...

Beautiful cover

Denise said...

Love the plot description! Wish I could go back to my spring break!