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Monday, January 24, 2022

Eamonn never wanted to be a thief... The Thief's Relic (Son of Avaria #1) by Angela Knotts Morse

"My favorite thing about this book was the prose! I liked the characters and the fairly classic coming-of-age, discovering-magic-powers storyline, but for me by far the most appealing aspect of this debut novel was Morse's writing style." Anya J., Goodreads


Published: December 4th, 2021

So when a risky mission goes awry and he receives the chance of a lifetime, he leaves behind everything, even his newfound family in the Thieves’ Guild, to pursue an apprenticeship as an honest merchant.

Traveling the country means he sees and hears everything. Civil unrest, rebellions against the monarchies, and rumors of a usurper bent on uniting the provinces under himself with a mythical form of magic. Few suspect he’s not chasing a dead end, including village girl Leyna, a believer in the magic of ancient histories. Eamonn’s skeptical heart is also swayed once he finds himself the tyrant’s target, unknowingly possessing the key to harness the dangerous power.

To protect it, Eamonn's only choice is to flee. But now that it’s the mission of his former brothers in the Guild to hunt him down, keeping magic out of their hands might be harder than either Leyna or Eamonn thought possible. If they fall, though, their world does too.

Eamonn’s destination awaited him around the corner a few paces away. His heart began to jump, the way it always did when he was about to commit a theft. In all his time stealing, he’d never been able to determine whether it stemmed from guilt or the fear of being caught. Maybe both.He ignored the fluttering of his heart and focused on steadying his hands. At the door of the shop, Eamonn pulled two long, slender tools out of his belt pouch and gently slid them into the lock together. As his left hand held one tool steady and his right began to work the lock, a strong hand gripped his shoulder.

Eamonn froze, all his muscles tensing in a mix of surprise and regret.

“What do we have here?” a male voice hissed behind him. “You look as though you've done this before.”

Not good. Really not good. The nervous fluttering of Eamonn’s heart escalated to panicked pounding. Where did this person come from and how did he catch him? He’d heard no footsteps or rustlings of movement. Eamonn's mind raced with the possibilities of what his next move should be. Try to run? Plead for mercy?

He had never even come close to being caught before and hadn’t fully thought out what he would do if it ever happened. Even the minimal punishment for stealing—a short jail sentence —frightened him. Eamonn couldn’t let anything get in the way of his education and plans for the future. If he ran and didn’t escape, though, and his captor discovered his history of thefts… well, even his age wouldn’t keep him from the gallows.

Excerpted from The Thief’s Relic by Angela Knotts Morse, Copyright © 2022 by Angela Knotts Morse. Published by An Encouraging Thought Publishers.

About the author:
Angela Morse has been writing since the fourth grade when a teacher wrote an encouraging note on one of her assignments. The note read, “I would not be surprised if I go to the library one day and pick up a book by Angela Knotts!” That simple note lit a fire within Angela and she developed a passion for writing stories. Though she has dabbled in a few genres, Angela’s favorite to write is Fantasy. Her audience is typically New Adult (NA) or sometimes Young Adult (YA), depending on the age and maturity of her characters and intended readers. Angela currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and cat.

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