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Thursday, January 6, 2022

At an auction, competition can be deadly... Going, Going, Dead by Kirsten Weiss

If you love laugh-out-loud mysteries, witty heroines, quirky cats, and a touch of the paranormal, you’ll love Going, Going, Dead, book 6 in the Paranormal Museum mystery series. Read this twisty cozy mystery today!


Release Date: January 31st, 2022

At an auction, competition can be deadly...

When Maddie attends an estate auction of artifacts from America’s spiritualist era, it’s just another day in the life of a paranormal museum owner…. Until she discovers the body of the murdered auctioneer.

Her mother is convinced the murderer is after a mysterious statuette that once belonged to the town’s Ladies Aid Society. With the holidays approaching, Maddie and friends dive into the mad world of obsessive collectors to find the missing statuette… and a killer.

Maddie tracks her suspects through a secluded gothic estate, in the wineries of Central California, and along the streets of small-town San Benedetto. But this clever criminal is determined to win at all costs. Will the killer use Maddie’s friends as the ultimate weapon against her?

If you love laugh-out-loud mysteries, witty heroines, quirky cats, and a touch of the paranormal, you’ll love Going, Going, Dead, book 6 in the Paranormal Museum mystery series. Read this twisty cozy mystery today!


The bell over the door jangled. I shut my laptop and looked up.

My mother strode inside. Cora wafted behind her.

My mom pressed her palms to the glass counter. “I thought I’d find you here. We saw you leave the auction.”

“I didn’t think I should interrupt your interrogation,” I said, somber.

My mother sniffed and adjusted the collar of her denim shirt. “Hardly an interrogation. That deputy was barely out of his teens.”

“We were hoping your Detective Slate would interview us,” Cora admitted.

“But he didn’t,” my mother said. “We saw him leave too. Which means he can’t assist the sheriff, which means you’re somehow involved.”

“I was with Herb when he found the body,” I said.

The two women looked at each other.

“Well then,” my mother said, “I suppose that makes it easier.”

My scalp prickled. “Makes what easier?”

“Your investigation,” my mother said. “Ladies Aid would like to hire you. Pro bono, of course.”

“You mean for free. Was Tracy Hook a member of Ladies Aid?” I asked.

“Was that the person who died?” Cora asked. “No, she isn’t.”

“Then what—?”

“There was something very valuable in that house, Madelyn.” My mother’s lips firmed. “Something important to Ladies Aid. I have no doubt that’s why the auctioneer was murdered.”

“What?” I asked.

“Does this mean you’re taking the case?” my mother asked. “Because I’m afraid I can’t tell you more unless we have a deal and a promise of confidentiality.”

I shook my head to clear it. “What are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“What’s going on,” she said, “is either you investigate, or we will.”

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About the author:
Kirsten Weiss writes laugh-out-loud, page-turning mysteries. Her heroines aren’t perfect, but they’re smart, they struggle, and they succeed. Kirsten writes in a house high on a hill in the Colorado woods and occasionally ventures out for wine and chocolate. Or for a visit to the local pie shop. Kirsten is best known for her Wits’ End, Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, and Tea & Tarot cozy mystery books. So if you like funny, action-packed mysteries with complicated heroines, just turn the page…

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