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Friday, June 8, 2018

Fate conspires with shattering results... The Valarsard Chronicles by Erin Eldridge

Compelling and convincing!
A good fast paced medieval adventure and love story that will ...
"What’s not love about this story? I find myself staying up all night to read this book just to find out what happens next. There was suspense, bad guys, good guys, magic, shapeshifting and above all, a happily ever after [...]" Ju, Goodreads

Published: 2018

The Ravening Heart of the Wolf
A brutal medieval warlord believes his lost true love has returned to him from the grave. A young girl is uprooted from the sheltered life that is all she has known and must learn to survive in a violent and pitiless world where man is wolf to man. A valiant young warrior loses his heart to her, but the unforeseen tears them apart. Fate conspires to throw all three into each other’s path with shattering results. A colorful cast of minor characters helps to create a stunning, stained-glass-montage of an adventure that will enthrall readers young, old, and in-between.

The Wolf in Winter
Following the dramatic events that closed Book One, the Valarsards settle back into harmonious co-existence. But tranquility is short-lived, enemies are close at hand, and both the wolf and the eagle are called upon as never before to protect loved ones and avert further tragedy.

About the author:
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. The city is still rebuilding after the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. I have been a teacher for most of my life, most recently, a teacher of deaf students. Currently, I do part time support work with International students at a boys’ college. I’ve taught overseas as well, in Africa and in Brunei. I have two children, one of who, my daughter, lives in the UK and the other, my son, lives around the corner! I started writing two years ago and have completed four books: a contemporary romance, two war stories and a medieval fantasy. I have many more ideas for stories yet to come.

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Something different for sure. Weather its a half human half robot, or a human that is not quite human.