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Thursday, June 21, 2018

it seems that fate has other plans... The Curse of Pirini Lilapa by Michael E. Thies

Some look to the sky in superstition, others look to the sky in fear, and yet, some look to the sky in contemplation. For in the weeks and days before the suns converge, plots perspire, deities die, and families are fractured as no one is safe from their harsh and heinous gaze. . . 


The Curse of the Pirini Lilapa

The Trials have concluded. Coronation has elected a new apprentice to Guardian of the Core. Since, Zain Berrese, Prince Hydro Paen, and Eirek Mourse have gone their separate paths, thinking each other a distant memory. But, it seems that fate has other plans. As the three travel their paths, they find that their lives are not so separate after all. The persons who they thought they were at the end of the Trials are now tested even more as the suns draw closer to their convergence. To an event known to bring only bad luck, sorrow, and pain. To an event that occurs every 150 0years. To an event known as Pirini Lilapa. 

Some look to the sky in superstition, others look to the sky in fear, and yet, some look to the sky in contemplation. For in the weeks and days before the suns converge, plots perspire, deities die, and families are fractured as no one is safe from their harsh and heinous gaze. . . 

The Trials of the Core #1

As Edwyrd Eska approaches his two-hundredth year as Guardian of the Core, he must find an apprentice to train under him. His title and role compel him to safeguard and govern his universe, Gladonus, as each Guardian before him has done and those after him shall continue to do until relieved of such duties by will of the Ancients. Prince Hydro Paen, Eirek Mourse, and Zain Berrese—amongst other contestants—receive invitations to compete in a quest of Trials intended to determine who will become Eska’s apprentice. An old adage goes: “The toughest trials test you truest” – and these events challenge their fortitude through tenuous partnerships, intellectual rivalries, and battles of weapons’ mastery. Along the way, each contestant must attempt to overcome personal demons that haunt them. In this tale of ideal dreams and lucid aspirations, these competitors find theirs threatened by deceit, betrayal, sabotage—and even flesh—as all become vital to success… 


He had kept Gabrielle safe during the fourth Trial on the top of Vatu Volcano. He had made sure his mom was safe upon returning home. And he had now just finished making amends to a past girlfriend he no longer could afford to mourn. Zakk now needed his attention, and Zain knew he had to oblige. He had to make things better because he knew his family wasn’t truly safe until there was no longer a grudge between them. 

As Zain made his way back home from the Anga Mountains, he thought about what his next step would be. How do I find him? How did he find me, even? Who is he working with? There were many questions he needed answered, but silence wouldn’t aide him; neither would the suns that dipped behind him. He would be home by the time the last of the light faded from view. But with the impending night and the silence occurring now, Zain’s eyes slowly became lead. The vivacity he had experienced at the mountain range seeped out him, sapped by the surrounding elements. His search would have to wait until morning.

Focusing the rest of his energy on getting back safely, Zain eventually returned to a quiet house. He slouched to the door and on instinct began to ascend the steps on the right-hand side. 

“Goodnight, Mom,” he tried yelling, but a yawn stole his strength. 

There was no response. He walked a few more steps and noticed a splotch of red on the lobby floor. Then he noticed more—a trail leading into the dining room. 

“Mom?” Zain reversed his movements. 

Silence. Dead silence. 

He crouched down on the lobby floor and put a finger in the warm, red substance. He didn’t need to. He already knew what it was. But a part of him didn’t want to believe it. That part of him wanted to pretend that he didn’t smell or taste the coppery essence. 

Zain drew the knife on his belt and followed the trail of blood all the way into the dining room. Portraits lay dismantled and strewn about table and floor. That’s when he saw his mom, hand over her neck, lying in a pool of her own blood. 

About the author:
Michael Thies graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Creative Writing and Advertising. After a year in the marketing and sales field he realized that it wasn’t his calling, so he went back to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for his second bachelor’s degree, this time in English Education. Now, he is a wanderlust traveler and global English Educator. Shortly after receiving his English Education certificate and his TEFL certificate, he spent one year living in Santiago, Chile interacting with the people and the culture there. Currently he is 28 and living in China, on the other side of the world, still interacting with the locals, still adopting their culture, but more importantly, still writing. It is these experiences that fuel the imagination of his mind.

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