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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Living in a crumbling ... Cardboard Castles by K.L. Young

“CARDBOARD CASTLES is by turns introspective, heart-wrenching, brilliant, and daring. The world-building is outstandingly well done, and Young’s talent shows here especially. While both worlds Jos inhabits are intricate and complex, Young brings them each to vivid, sometimes painful reality. I’ll be honest—this is not a book for the faint of heart. Ms. Young explores some dark themes here—homelessness, mental illness, betrayal. And yet despite this, there is humor and hope and love abounding in Josilyn’s story.” –Keith Willis, author of the Knights of Kilbourne series


Published: May 17th, 2018

When seventeen-year-old Josilyn begins to see the fantastical world of her father's imagination, she can't help but wonder if he isn't insane at after all, or that she might be.

Living in a crumbling cardboard castle under the park bridge and struggling to care for her mentally ill father, Josilyn's life has been anything but regal since her mother's death. But when a former friend discovers Josilyn's secret and leads Child Protective Services directly to her, her father's visions of grand feathered dragons and treacherous dark knights become the least of Josilyn's problems.

Now separated from her father and terrified for his safety, Josilyn sees his imaginary world, forcing her to consider the possibility that someone may be desperate to see her father dead--and her in chains.

In a stunning twist of reality, survival may not be a matter of sanity, but who to trust, and who to kill.


Download the first five chapters of Cardboard Castles for free! HERE

The stars are bright tonight, like a brilliant sea stretched out before me. I bring out an extra blanket to sit on and gaze at the constellations, my back resting against the strongest part of the castle. I pull up one corner, wrapping myself in it, and divide my attention between trying to identify my favorite constellations and listening to Father’s critique of our performance, which is mostly favorable. 

My world is small, but it’s mine, and I love it despite all the reasons I shouldn’t. 

As if in a show that the heavens themselves approve, a falling star streaks across the sky. Before I can think, my heart makes a wish my mind wouldn't have agreed to if it had been given a chance to argue. Brice turns back, his eyes lock with mine, and I am at peace.

Unfortunately, peace never lasts long in a castle, especially if it’s made of cardboard. 

A portion of all sales from the book are being donated to Chattanooga's Community Kitchen, which serves the author’s city homeless population
ON SALE for only $2.99 (FREE on Kindle Unlimited) through July!

About the author:
K.L. Young's fascination with all things fantastical comes out in her writing, whether it’s dragons, vampires, or ghosts – if it has wings, fangs, or goes bump in the night, she’s writing about it.

She lives in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, Tim, who’s responsible for making her believe all her writing dreams will come true. Together they have two daughters, Savannah and Tabitha, who both enjoy art and writing as well. By day, she teaches eighth grade in a suburban middle school where she shares her love of writing and dreaming “big dreams” with her students.

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Linda Romer said...

Cardboard Castles sounds like a good read. Thank you

Laura said...

I can't wait to read this!

Maranda Hymes said...

I love it, the concept almost reminds me of The Spiderwick Chronicles!