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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Always the prisoner...now she’s the prison. - The Prisoner (The Messes #4) by Kiersten Modglin

"This entire series has burrowed down into my heart and has at times, overtaken my mind. All four books have characters that the reader will wholeheartedly fall in love with and also completely hate. This series will have you gasping in shock, crying in despair and taking deep breaths when a possible happy ending is in sight." Sarah, Goodreads


Published: December 20th, 2018

The epic conclusion to The Messes Series. This book is NOT standalone. 

Always the prisoner...now she’s the prison. 

Fiona Denali’s mind is a fortress of secrets. 
Things she can’t tell, people she must protect. 
She never wanted to hurt anyone, but they hurt her first. Now, she must protect the one person she can still count on—herself. 
On the run from anyone who knows her face, Fiona crosses paths with a man whose eyes seem just as haunted as her own. 
She could save him...but he could destroy her. It’s a choice she’s had before, but last time she chose wrong. 

Logan North is done. 
His life is over. 
Eventually, they’ll catch him and kill him. And honestly, he can’t see much reason why that’d be a bad thing. 
The only thing keeping him moving, is the girl who seems to need him more than she realizes. 
He had no intention of ever helping anyone again. Not after the last time went so wrong. But, Fiona may make him rethink his plan. 
One last good deed before he surrenders to his fate. One last mistake before she gives into her dark nature.

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About the author:
Kiersten Modglin is a suspense author who enjoys dabbling in all the subgenres. A Netflix addict, Shonda Rhimes superfan, psychology fanatic, and indoor enthusiast, Kiersten enjoys raining days spent with her nose in a book. More than anything, she loves reading & creating life-changing stories.

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