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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Magical Christmas Do Over: Will Leave You Laughing, Crying and Clapping by Linda West

The Magical Christmas Do Over: An Adorable Second Chance Romance Novel That Will Leave You Laughing, Crying and Clapping by Linda West 
“A heartwarming novel about overcoming the past, second chances and miracles.” P. Hilton 
“This book left me laughing, crying and clapping. Extraordinarily heartwarming and unusual!” J.Stevens 


Published: November 6th, 2018

Thrown together by fate, three women get a second chance to go back in time and change their lives forever. 
They say once in a blue moon you get the chance of a lifetime, and this was that blue moon. 

Three friends. Second chances. One miraculous Christmas. 

A strange Christmas letter appears and Macy Kennedy is forced to go back home to the small town she has avoided for over thirty years. Kissing Bridge, is a rural snow town full of Christmas obsessed people. Despite an oncoming blizzard, and in spite of her feelings, Macy packs up to leave on the adventure of a lifetime. 

She bribes her loyal secretary and the firm’s maid to help drive her through a blizzard to accomplish the sordid ordeal. Little can they ever imagine, that a rare mystical blue moon hangs high in the sky on this Christmas Eve, and magic lives in this enchanted mountain town full of love and friendship.

Miracles happen every day in the adorable snow town of Kissing Bridge Mountain, but nobody expected this. 


It was a cold December eve, some say the coldest in decades, and a blizzard warning was in effect. It was the Friday before Christmas and most of the other workers of Kennedy and Crane had already left for the Christmas holiday weekend.

Samantha looked at the clock and groaned inwardly. It was after 8 o’clock and her boss was in an extra foul mood even for her.

“Shouldn’t you be getting home to put on that awesome Chanel dress you bought for the big night?” She asked.

Macy spun around enraged, and Samantha sunk back.

Macy’s dark brows knit together and her brown eyes looked nearly black with the size of her pupils. She ran her hands through her short dark hair and then stared at Samantha with disbelief on her face.

“I got a text from Todd an hour ago. He’s gone off to LA with some friends for Christmas!”

Samantha’s mouth fell open. “What, why?” She stopped herself. “I’m sure he has a good reason Macy.”

Macy snorted. “Yeah, good reasons usually don’t come in a text. I’m losing him Sam.”

Macy plopped down in her chair and stared out the large picture window of her sleek office, and tapped her long manicured nails on her desk like a woodpecker.

“Says he’ll call me when he gets back…in a month.”

Samantha’s groaned inwardly. Poor Macy, it looked like she was getting the ultimate big let down. Broken up with at Christmas. No engagement celebration after all.

“Here’s a piece of mail you didn’t get.” Sam offered up happily as she placed it on Macy’s desk.
“Send it back.” Macy said dully without turning.

Samantha continued hopefully. “It’s not the annual Christmas invite from your mother Macy, that one is always in a red envelope. I always send that back. This is something different.”

Samantha looked at the pretty Tiffany blue colored envelope.

“It’s addressed to you personally, not the company.”

Macy cocked her head to the side intrigued.

Sam rushed on eager to bring some sort of happiness to her boss. “Maybe it’s a love letter from Todd with two tickets to Paris for when he gets back?”

Macy let out a big huff and gazed out the window at the oncoming storm. They both knew that wasn’t the case. Todd’s last minute text was just a breakup in disguise.

But if not Todd then who? Macy really didn’t have any close friends that would send her a Christmas card. Anyone that did know her at all, knew she abhorred Christmas. Too much money being spent in the name of sentimentality and tricky marketers as her father always said.

Macy waved her hand without looking back at Samantha as if she were a servant.

“Read it.”
Samantha scanned the letter, then suddenly, caught her breath and brought her hand to her heart.
Something in Samantha’s tone made Macy spin her chair around.
“Its from a friend of your mothers, a Ms. Carol Landers.”
“You have got to be kidding me!” Macy threw her hands up in the air.

Now my mother is having her friends beg me to come home and visit her? How utterly selfish!”

She shook her head in disbelief. “What is it with my mother? She ruins my life and then she stalks me! Can’t she see no matter how many times she begs me to come home for Christmas - I’m not going to Kissing Bridge to see her?”

Samantha swallowed uncomfortably and croaked out, “I’m so sorry Macy. But this letter says that your mother passed away yesterday, and you’re the only relative left to claim her body.”

She looked up sadly and met Macy’s stunned eyes.
“You have to go home to Kissing Bridge.”

About the author:
Linda West is an Amazon best seller and author of the best selling series ‘Christmas Kisses and Cookies.’ She writes books that feature food and fun and includes her own recipes from her quaint beach café in Malibu. 
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