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Monday, November 19, 2018

His biggest challenge -Longevity: The Wardens Of Time by Caleb Smith

"The characters and story really did an amazing job of drawing me into the book and created a fantastic new YA mythology that has the potential for far more stories in the franchise. It’s a story of finding hope, discovering your inner strength and standing up to the bullies and evil of the world around you. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy", Anthony, Goodreads


Published: October 25th, 2018

Noah Thomas is a scrawny seventh grader who is bullied to the brink in his new town. Friendless, except for sassy tomboy Wendy Sherman, who seems to lend him the confidence he needs to stand up to his oppressors.

Upon stumbling into a bookshop one afternoon while on the run from some teenaged tyrants, Noah is hurled into an unexplainable adventure. Noah learns that the bookshop does, in fact, lead to the Akashic Records – a place that holds all spirit lives recorded in tablets of light. With this new found knowledge, Noah begins to grow in wisdom and confidence to face his fears.

His biggest challenge comes in the form of five demonic spirits that he accidentally lets loose from a lost tablet. Will Noah succeed with the help of his guardian angel cat he calls Keeper, or will all Hell's henchman prevail?
A spiritual thriller that skillfully celebrates determination and self-discipline-Kirkus Reviews 

Noah dug into his pack and pulled out the royal blue covered book that held no title. He opened the cover and a whirlwind blew the pages, pushing his hair back as if a fan were in his face. After settling from the surprise, he made out the title: Book II: The Boy Who Flew. He opened the first page and was immediately sucked in. He let the pages go as air ravaged his entire body. He was high in the sky falling straight down. His eyes were as big as dinner plates, and he was not ready for this fantasy. He had always wanted to fly, but being forced to do so brought great anxiety. He didn’t want to close his eyes and count to three, yet he needed to get out of this situation, even if momentarily.

About the author:
Caleb Smith an author from Bangor Maine, holds a passion for nature, spiritual study, family, poetry, art, strength training and golf. Honesty, simplicity and a hard work ethic are the best things that shape his day.

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