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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

We had our chance. Our days are now numbered. - The Aegis League Series by S.S. Segran

"Astonishingly imaginative and thoughtful…” ~Samuel F. Pickering, inspiration for Academy Award-winning movie Dead Poets Society~ Over 125,000 copies sold/downloaded & 1.8 million page-reads in Kindle Unlimited!


Aegis Rising #1

Aegis League is a multi-award winning series about friendship, courage and a quest to save humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.

We had our chance. Our days are now numbered.

Lifelong friends Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody are cast into an adventure of epic proportions when their small plane crashes in the remote forests of northern Canada. They are rescued by a secretive tribe in a hidden valley who possess astonishing abilities — and a terrifying divination. 

The group soon learns that not everyone in the peaceful village means them well. But the worst is yet to come when they discover a larger, more sinister force at work outside the valley. And it intends to remake the world in its image.

Shocked to learn that the fate of humanity now rests on their shoulders, the teenagers struggle to accept their new roles. Armed with powers entrusted to them by an ancient prophecy and the resilience of their friendship, can the group survive the onslaught of a ruthless enemy and put an end to its cataclysmic scheme?

If you like epic adventure stories with endearing characters in an immersive world then you will love the Aegis League series!
Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.


(Prologue – 500 B.C.)

Sprinting like a madman, he soon reached his house. Smoke and flames shot out from the roof as he barged through the main door. Fumes and ashes began to choke his lungs. He coughed as he called out to his family.

No answer.

Terrified, Mokun tore through his abode. His eyes teared up so terribly from the smoke that he could hardly see where he was going as the unbearable heat weighed down on him. His heart pounded as he struggled to breathe. He couldn’t find his family anywhere. Then a thought struck him: the cellar! They may have panicked and sought safety below ground.

He ripped off the hem of his tunic and tied it around his nose and mouth. The smoke was so thick he was forced to feel rather than see his way to the cellar. He found the door to the cellar opened and tripped over the steps in his haste, falling to the ground. He pulled himself up and called out again to his loved ones. He got no response and stepped forward. His foot bumped against something and he jumped back. 

With growing dread, he knelt down in the darkness, squinting to make out three huddled shapes. He froze in horror, oblivious to the danger around him. His five-year-old daughters were huddled against their mother, and his wife had her arms wrapped around the twins. They didn’t move.

Aegis Incursion #2

Aegis League is a multi-award winning series about friendship, courage and a quest to save humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.
The first wave strikes. The assault on humanity begins.

A mysterious plague destroys crops and leaves swaths of farmland around the world in ruins. Panic and riots break out. Famine and rebellion push nations to the brink of war.

With the memories of their fateful summer suspiciously erased, straining their relationships, Jag, Tegan, Kody, Aari and Mariah must regain what’s lost to battle the forces of darkness advancing across the lands.

Finding themselves hunted by operatives from a clandestine organization at every turn, can the group outmaneuver their pursuers and stop the world from descending into chaos?

If you like epic adventure stories with endearing characters in an immersive world, then you will love the Aegis League series!
Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.

"If Daniel Silva and Rick Riordan had a love child, it would be the young S.S.Segran. With the intensity of an adult spy thriller and the relatable characters that teenagers enjoy, Aegis Incursion takes YA Action, Adventure, and Fantasy to a new level." ~ The OnlineBookClub.org ~
Over 125,000 copies sold/downloaded & 1.8 million page-reads in Kindle Unlimited!


…A sound in the distance snapped him out of his daydream. It was a low rumbling, like thunder, but that was impossible—the sky was still bright and cloudless. As the sound gradually became louder, Elwood was able to pinpoint the location and slowly looked toward the east. He squinted against the sun, then gasped when he saw a shimmering silhouette emerge from the glare…

…The aircraft thundered right over Elwood’s head, so near that the vortex of air created by the plane’s passing churned the water violently, capsizing the canoe and pitching him into the lake. He struggled and attempted to cry out, only to choke on water. He floundered back up to the surface and sputtered and spat as he tried to regain his bearings.

Catching sight of the plane as it boomed overhead, he watched, agape, as the aircraft hit the surface of the lake on its belly. The massive propellers struck the water, violently tearing three of the four engines away from the wings…

Aegis Evolution #3

For fans of Maze Runner, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson comes an award-winning story of friendship, courage and a battle for humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.

The second wave is unleashed. The world is forced to its knees.

Two strains of a devastating pathogen infect population centers around the globe. From mega-cities to remote villages, the descent into chaos is swift as the disease spreads like wildfire.

When Jag is injured from an accident, Tegan reluctantly assumes leadership of the group as they are tasked with their most challenging mission yet by the Elders of Dema-Ki.

But things take a turn for the worse when one of them becomes infected and hovers on the brink of death. The friends throw caution to the wind and risk everything in their quest for a cure… one which, for reasons unknown, has remained concealed for over two thousand years.

Can Tegan and the League discover the remedy before a relentless enemy locates and destroys it, sending millions of lives to their end?

If you like gripping action-adventure stories in an immersive world, then you will love the Aegis League series!
Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.

"Following the tradition of the prior two books, readers are treated to chapter after chapter of fascinating characters, exciting action and apocalyptic consequences." ~~ The US Review of Books ~
Over 125,000 copies sold/downloaded & 1.8 million page-reads in Kindle Unlimited!


Jag and Tegan flopped onto a couch despondently and turned on the television. They increased the volume just as the anchor warned viewers of the graphic imagery that was about to be broadcasted. 

Mariah, Aari and Marshall joined them as a shaky video from a Moscow train station unfolded. Screams and gunfire blasted through the speakers as armed personnel in military hazmat suits gunned down infected men and women. Some of the footage had been blurred but a few of the friends still turned away. Aari stumbled toward the front door, slamming it shut behind him. 

“Gareth said he was there,” Marshall said hoarsely. “He witnessed that.” 

Tegan looked away. As much as she tried to forget, the dead Dema-Ki villagers from the Battle of Ayen’et still lurked in the recesses of her mind; their bodies strewn lifelessly in the dirt, the rest of the villagers having to carry their fallen brethren home and bury them. The massacre at the train station brought the raw images back to the surface. 

Her eyes welled up but she quickly blinked back the tears as the images on screen switched to drone shots of civilians being taken into quarantine zones around the world, some even at gunpoint. One zone in Indonesia had gotten out of control, and as in Moscow, the infected were all gunned down. 

A voiceover recited portions of press release statements and statistics throughout the photo and video reel. “. . . Dozens of countries have officially declared a state of emergency with many grounding all flights to and from their nations. Urban centers and transportation hubs are most affected and many quarantine zones, as you can see on your screens, have been set up around the globe in an effort to contain the disease. Governments have also begun closing their borders as the death toll continues to rise. According to the World Health Organization, at least four-hundred thousand mortalities have been reported. There is no indication that this disease seems to be slowing down as the world frantically searches for a cure. We have to hope that a breakthrough will come soon. Back to you, Lara.” 

The camera cut back to the anchor but each time she opened her mouth to speak, only shaky breaths came out. “I, um . . .” She pressed her fingers to her closed eyelids. 

Mariah sank onto the couch beside Jag, who put his arm around her. “It’s happening,” she whispered. “It’s really happening. The world is spiraling out of control, just like Reyor wanted. And we’re supposedly the ‘Bearers of Light’, the Chosen Ones. Look at us.” 

The anchor managed to compose herself. “I apologize. Thank you, Thomas. Continuing on now, a recent report about the ongoing conflict between the Indo-Sino forces and Russia bears no suggestion that the war will end anytime soon.” 

“You’d think,” Tegan said, “that an outbreak like this would slow down this stupid war.” 

Marshall shook his head. “They’re just soldiers following orders, doing what they think is necessary for the survival of their country. Besides, most of these skirmishes are taking place in farmlands away from populated areas. They probably haven’t seen the effects of the outbreak up close.” 

About the author:
Amazon Bestselling author S.S. Segran is a lover of books, dogs and all the popcorn she can stuff her face with. Her genre-defying Aegis League Series traverses the exciting worlds of action/adventure, sci-fi, thriller and speculative fiction in the YA universe. Even as she delves into her creative endeavors, she intends to support youths in developing countries realize their potential through her non-profit organization, AegisLeague.org.

When not devouring a novel or writing one, Segran can be found drawing on paper and tablet, or tumbling into a black hole of comic books and video games. She's an ardent fan of horseback riding and parkour, and having enjoyed jumping out of a perfectly fine plane at fifteen thousand feet -- perhaps skydiving.

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