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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Save them all or die trying. - Heart of the Colossus (A Holly Drake Job, #3) by Nicole Grotepas

The mission is a logistical nightmare. How can Holly and her crew save an entire fleet of children? The answer: whatever it takes. 


Release Date: July 12th, 2018

Save them all or die trying. 

Holly Drake and her team have seen the evil lurking behind everything the Shadow Coalition does. The last time they plunged into the heart of the shadow empire, they could only rescue one. Now they’re going back for the rest. The crew is ready and willing to put everything on the line. They have a plan, they have the means, this is the job they were born to do. 

But time and space are stacked against them. 

The mission is a logistical nightmare. How can Holly and her crew save an entire fleet of children? The answer: whatever it takes. Co-opting fuel tankers, recruiting explosives experts, hiring pilots, and revisiting mysterious specters from the past. Some things are too painful, even for Holly Drake, but when it comes to freeing the innocent, not even the ugliest mistakes from her past will hold her back.

Is this the mission that will unveil the true nature of the Heart at the center of the Shadow Coalition? She’s seen the hands, just who is the heart?


Back at the Bird’s Nest, Holly watched as Darius showed Shiro how to use the tranquilizer gun. 

“I prefer sword-play. This isn’t a distraction, it’s brute strength. There’s no finesse. I need finesse, chaps.” 

“Alright, Odeon, then,” Darius said, looking at the Druiviin where he sat on the sofa, plucking out a tune on a small stringed Druiviin instrument. 

“I am sorry, but that’s not something I can do, either. I’m a healer. Injecting someone with that goes against everything I believe in.” 

Darius fumed quietly, his jaw clenching and unclenching. “Really? Using that Ousaba isn’t healing, is it? Fine.” He breathed out. Looking around the room. Charly had just come into the Nest and sat down behind her desk, rummaging through drawers and riffling through papers. Darius’s gaze settled on her. “Charly then.” 

“What?” She glanced up and saw the tranquilizer gun in his hands. “Oh, hell yeah. You should have just picked me from the start,” Charly said, standing up and moving around her desk to take the gun in her hands. “Sweet.” Darius removed a dart from the canvas quiver and showed her how to load it. He repeated to Charly everything Shig had told him. 

Charly stood in a wide stance and aimed the dart gun out the window behind Darius, closing one eye. “So how soon do I get to use this puppy?”

About the author:
I'm passionate about human rights, animal rights, and living life with no regrets. I love how becoming a parent has deepened my devotion to making the world a better place. I do that best by crafting stories that attempt to answer hard questions--the ones I think about most--while also being entertaining and fun. I live in a landscape that reminds me of my place in the universe, under an endless sky and towering mountains that are older than human memory, and I love it here.

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