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Friday, July 13, 2018

All of the unicorns were now gone.. except... The Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm by Sybrina Durant

"The Blue Unicorn…reads like old time fairy tales…where life and death choices are made…And …maybe, you will learn why you never see a unicorn.This magical fantasy filled with fun and humor, sadness and happiness, and lessons learned. We are not alone." - Sherry, Goodreads


Black and White Coloring Book

The wood-cut look illustrations in The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm Black and White Illustrated book are reminiscent of old world fairytales by authors like Lewis Carroll and The Brother’s Grimm. It is a story which transcends age and presents valuable life lessons on overcoming adversity through perseverance and valuing friendship. 

Everybody loves unicorns! OK maybe they don't but for those who do, they will love this story about a little unicorn who was born into a tribe of magical, metal horned unicorns. The little guy has no magic and he has no metal but somehow he must save the tribe from an evil sorcerer. Read the book to find out if he can do it.

“The metal horned unicorns are doomed!” That’s what Lauda Lead Horn wailed when she first saw the tribe’s new savior. OK, so his horn was not metal. . .and he did not have a magic power. . .and he was really a puny little runt. But doomed? Were things really that bad?

Well, things were pretty bad in the land of MarBryn. Magh, an evil sorcerer utilized unicorn horns and hooves to create his magical potions and spells. Those he used, to increase his power and to conquer everyone in his path.  for twelve survivors.

Before the blue unicorn was born, Numen told Alumna, the aluminum-horned oracle, that he had a plan to bring the tribe back home to Unimaise. His prophecy was, “Only the blue unicorn can join with the Moon-Star. Until then, no new unicorns will be born.” Blue was the last unicorn born. Twenty years later, his horn was still covered with a plain blue colored hide. There was not a glint of metal to be seen on it or his hooves. And he still didn’t have any magic. But he was no longer scrawny and he had his wits. Though no one else in the tribe thought he had a chance, Blue felt ready to make Magh pay for his evil deeds. And he went off to do it alone. That was Blue’s first mistake. If the entire tribe was not standing horn-tip to horn-tip at the proper time and the exact place to help usher the Moon-Star Spirit into Blue’s horn, he would die. Then, the rest of the tribe would really be doomed.

Readers will follow along two journey paths in this book. Blue is joined in his travels by his mentor Gaiso, the Stag and his friend, Girasol the Firebird as they try to find their way across a danger-filled MarBryn to Muzika Woods. The rest of Blue’s tribe is forced to follow another route due to Nix Nickle Horn’s unfortunate incident with a Manticore. Nix, the great unicorn defender must safely lead the way for Ghel, the Golden-Horned unicorn; Silubhra Silver Horn; Cornum the Brass-Horned unicorn; Steel Horned Style; Cuprum the Copper-Horned unicorn; Tin-Horned Tinam; Dr. Zinko; Iown the Iron-Horned unicorn and the others in an action packed adventure to their destination in Muzika Woods. Both journey paths converge there in the Nebulium Circle.

This ebook, for teens and older readers, will introduce you to the Read and Color black and white version of The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm Illustrated book. If you love to read and you love to color, this is the book for you. Read a chapter, then color the fanciful pictures yourself in this fully-illustrated black and white version of "The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm". 

This book, written by Sybrina Durant and illustrated by Dasguptarts, offers readers a 
visual feast of over forty beautiful water-color pictures that each span two pages. Forty-two - easy to digest two-page chapters are chock full of adventurous and entertaining morsels. If you love to read and you love to color, this is the book for you. Read a chapter, then color the fanciful pictures yourself in this fully-illustrated black and white version of "The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm". This illustrated book will become a favorite of teen and older fantasy readers. A companion coloring/ character description book is also available at any online bookstore. 

About the author:
I'm Sybrina. . .. . .Just one of millions of wannabe author/singer/songwriters out there but I hope, after reading or hearing my books and songs, you'll think my contributions to the world have as much value as any other famous artist out there today. 

Fame is all in being in the right place at the right time but at least with the internet and venues like this, all of us have opportunities to share our creativity with the world. I'm so happy that I am able to share my works with you. That is awesome!

The books I’ve written span a wide range between illustrated picture books, coloring books and YA novels to technical and how-to books. 

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Laura said...

I read this and was surprised by the depth of the story. A wonderful book and lovely illustrations.

Rita Wray said...

Sounds like a good book.

SB said...

I liked the cover--where did you get it created?

Sybrina said...

Thank you Laura Thomas...I'm so glad you liked the story. In 2019, I'll be releasing the novel version of this story which will go into much greater detail than the illustrated book.

SB, the cover artist and the illustrator of all 42 pictures in the book is Sudipta Dasgupta who heads the illustration company Dasguptarts. You can find him easily on facebook by typing that in. He and his team did an amazing job with not only the 42 color pictures in the book, but also the 42 black and white wood cut look pictures, plus the character design pictures. I really got lucky when he found me on a facebook group. :)

Reader246 said...

The cover art looks beautiful.

kim hansen said...

Love stories like this.

Audrey Stewart said...

I think the cover is cute. I saw someone dressed as a blue unicorn for Halloween. I wasn't aware that there were blue unicorns. (jozywails@gmail.com)

Jana Leah B said...

The cover is so pretty. I love the colors.

Terri. said...

I love the cover art!

Sybrina said...

HI Misty: The metal-horned unicorns come in many colors. In fact, the color of some of their hides is loosely based on the color of the flame when a particular metal burns. For instance, a copper flame burns green so it was a good color for Cuprum who is a copper-horned unicorn. It is also a good color for Cornum, who is a brass-horned unicorn. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc so Cornum is a lighter shade of green than Cuprum. Potassium burns lilac so that’s the color of lightening that comes from the mauve unicorn’s horn. Other hide colors were determined by the color of metals in their natural state. Aluminum is mined from bauxite so the aluminum-horned unicorn's hide and mane are various shades of red and hot pink because of the reddish color of bauxite. Iron is known as the black metal. It gets its black color from magnetite so Iown the iron-horned unicorn's hide color is black. There are many other colors in this story. I hope you enjoyed learning the background of these.

Betul E. said...

The cover is gorgeous! I love all the different colors, it looks beautiful together.

A.Isaahaque said...

The cover is perfect!!! It carries an entire story just by looking at it

Dan Denman said...

I like the design and colors of the book cover. The story description sounds good to me.

Mikhail R said...

A good mix of textures on the cover. Thanks for sharing.

tiago rosado said...

What do you think of the book or the cover?

it very cool looking and unique,you should maybe think about an illustration version of the book or something....like a kids version maybe!!!