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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

a strange assortment of employees - Memoirs of A Road Warrior by Fred Klein

"This book was an easy read full of laughter. JT"- Jerald, Goodreads


Published: April 2018

Andrew Livingston, a young, naive college graduate gets a job as a sales engineer for a crazy company. Set in New York in the corporate raider 1980's this humorous book is a recounting of all the strange history of a high-tech company with an eccentric CEO.

This character gathers together a strange assortment of employees who endeavor to manufacture and sell their products to an equally strange collection of customers. The book tells of their amusing conflicts and experiences throughout the decades.

Follow the company's encounters with Chinese agents, horse trailers, rocket fuel disasters, con-men, bedbugs, and airplane crashes. Learn how not to run a business!

After visiting customers in the Dallas area, Andre and I went to a Cajun restaurant for dinner.
I looked over the menu and asked, “What should I order?”
“The crawfish and the alligator should be good,” Andre replied in his heavy Cajun accent. “Where I come from either you eat the alligator or it eats you!” 

About the author:
Fred Klein is a new author of his humorous novel MEMOIRS OF A ROAD WARRIOR. He was a sales engineer for 30 years selling scientific instruments throughout North America. He is a private pilot, a drummer in a band, and presently lives with his wife in California. Fred is not a natural comedian but funny things always see to happen around him.

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