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Saturday, November 20, 2021

is it true that opposites really attract? Confessions of a Porn Star's Son (Frat House Confessions #11) by Natalie-Nicole Bates

 Find out if this couple can find happiness with each other long-term with all the chaos from their families and friends, or will they be doomed to a November fling and nothing more.


Published November 7th 2021

Confessions of a Porn Star's Son is instalment 11 of Frat House Confessions, a 12 part series releasing in 2021.

Lincoln Lorenzen
I recently found out that the only reason that I was accepted into the fraternity is that I’m a legacy – my father belonged to Sigma Alpha Zeta and is a major donor to both the fraternity and Preston University. Now I can’t wait to graduate and move across the country. Especially now that my mother Patty Pleasures, a 1990’s adult film star, is trying to revive her career. The only person who keeps me sane is Wren, the angelic daughter of missionaries, but a girl who knows how to get wild.

Wren Martin
Moving away from home is my first taste of freedom and I’m determined to enjoy it. My parents have already planned out my life and even chosen a husband for me. I still go to church every Sunday and plan on taking a missionary trip to Peru this coming summer. But just because I’m a good girl on the surface doesn’t mean I can’t get a little nasty, too. That means I will enjoy Lincoln Lorenzen for my own pleasure, and then set him free.

Wren and Lincoln are direct opposites, but is it true that opposites really attract? Find out if this couple can find happiness with each other long-term with all the chaos from their families and friends, or will they be doomed to a November fling and nothing more.


There’s yet another party at the frat house tonight. I’m growing weary of the same people’s faces every night. When I was first accepted into Alpha Sigma Zeta I was ecstatic.

They wanted me! 

I was going to forge lifetime friendships and bonds with these guys that would never break.

Then I heard the whispers.

He only got into Alpha Sigma Zeta because he is a legacy.

His dad is a huge contributor to the fraternity alumni association, and he sits on the board at Preston. Of course, he was getting in. It was a no-brainer. Besides, he can hook us up with all that fine Hollywood starlet ass. Those chicks are desperate. Not to mention all the porno queens he must know.

After all, his own mother is a porn star!

I stare up from my bed at the cracked white ceiling and watch a spider slowly making its way along a crack.

I know the truth, but no one knows that I know. If that makes sense. It was my father’s wish for me to become an Alpha Sigma Zeta. So here I am, knowing that they never really wanted me to begin with. My father is a sleazy lawyer, and my mother is a whore who takes off her clothes and has sex on camera for money.


I walk, and I walk. I’m getting further away from the frat house. I just don’t feel like going home anytime soon.


Home? No, it’s not home. It’s the place where I lay down my head to sleep. Where I put my earbuds in and close out the world. The place I no longer feel a part of. I keep telling myself that I only have one more semester to go after the current semester ends, and then I’m out of there.

I love the weather in Los Angeles in November. It’s the perfect mix of not too hot and not too cold.

Just wonderfully pleasant.

It’s chilly at night, and I wish I had grabbed a hoodie before I left the house, but I wasn’t planning on being outside very long.

There is a coffee house on the edge of the campus. I’ve never been inside, but for some reason, I’m drawn into it by the sound of a woman singing.

A siren, calling me to find her.

I stand in the doorway of the coffee house and take a look inside, but I can’t see the singer. I’m going to have to go inside and see this woman with the beautiful voice.

I walk into the coffee house and look around. It’s nothing special, just a big old room. A lot of small tables with red tablecloths and a lit candle. On one side is the bar. The place is heaving with people. As I make my way further inside, people smile and say hello to me. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. 

I kinda like that feeling. To be welcomed, even though I’m a stranger.  Maybe I’ve been hanging around the wrong people the last few years.

And then I see the singer and I just stare.

It’s Wren!

I feel like I should rub my eyes and look again.

But I know it’s her.

All dressed in black. Red lips, porcelain skin, and raven hair hanging long and loose.

I’m mesmerized.

About the author:
Natalie-Nicole Bates has worn all the hats in the publishing world - reader, reviewer, author, and now small publisher with Perfectly Poisoned Press. She has the ability to see the point of view of everyone involved with the love of books.

With a taste for the darker side, Natalie-Nicole's favorite genres are Dark Victorian, Steampunk, and Dark Paranormal. Her interests include collecting Victorian-era photographs, Frozen Charlotte Dolls (her latest batch was just delivered from a German excavation site after being buried underground since about 1860), and antique poison bottles. She loves exploring and photographing cemeteries - the older, the better!

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