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Sunday, November 21, 2021

If I weren’t so freaked out, I would probably be fascinated... Jared (The Hunter #2.5) by R. Sullins

18+ "I rate this book a 5/5 stars. I loved how the author wrote it and completed the story in such a short way. It made for a really interesting read and has made me want more."- Mariah B., Goodreads


Published: November 20th, 2021

This wasn’t supposed to be my life.
I enjoyed being in the Army Special Forces and was damn good at it.
Now, I was living the life that my brother had dreamed of- the life that killed him.

Becoming a vampire changed nothing, and yet it changed everything.
I was still a soldier, but now I worked for the local vampire king instead of my country.
And I was finally ready to claim my mate.

I just needed to battle her demons.
That is if my own demons didn’t end up destroying both of us first.


“You’re a what?”

It was official; these people were insane.

After Jared led me to a room that was all red velvet couches, gold sconces, and a giant fireplace, I met some truly attractive people.

Ivy was sweet, quiet with haunted blue eyes and an inner strength that I envied. Her fiance, the rich guy that everyone had been talking about, was...something. He radiated this kind of energy that warned me to stay away as strongly as if he wore a sign that read “caution, danger ahead”. I was no idiot. I would not be putting his hospitality to the test. And they had definitely offered me their hospitality. I was immediately told that I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted, with no strings attached.

It all went downhill from there, though.

I shook my head as if that would erase what I had just heard. I pinched the bridge of my nose and counted to ten. I opened my eyes to see every eye in the room on me and promptly closed them again. This time I counted to 100. Surprisingly, everyone was pretty patient with me. I decided to go to 200.

I felt something bump into my fingers and cracked one eye open to see a small glass that looked thick and heavy. It was half-full of an amber liquid that I assumed was whiskey or something. I honestly had no idea what alcoholic beverages there were or what they looked like. I shrugged one shoulder, picked up the glass, and chugged it back.

I instantly regretted that decision.

Fire filled my mouth, my lungs, my stomach. I felt the burning through my nose and started gasping for breath, immediately followed by a coughing fit that threatened to expel my lungs.

“Please, don’t give me any more of that.” I sniffed and rubbed my nose and eyes. “Ever.”

When I was finally calmed down, it was to see the guys all sitting with grins on their faces. Ivy, at least, had the good grace to hide her smile behind her hand.

I glared at Miriam. “Why did you give me that drink? What did I ever do to you?”

She snickered. “You looked like you needed it. I was afraid you were on the verge of a malfunction.”

I sighed and looked back at Crispin. The vampire. Apparently, they were all vampires except Miriam, who worked for them but was more than human. But Crispin was the head vampire. An actual king. If I weren’t so freaked out, I would probably be fascinated.

“Okay, tell me more.”

Hunter's Promise (#2)

Ivy Moore defined herself as a woman who was responsible for taking care of her sister. She spent years paying for an accident that was never her fault. Until the night she was attacked by monsters and was rescued by the powerful vampire king, Crispin Decius. Through his help, she discovered that she was strong, deadly, a Hunter.

Now she is facing something far worse than just the monsters that she was born to destroy. The insane vampire, the one that was building an army of monsters fed on Hunter’s blood, is in hiding, but she isn’t through tormenting Ivy. She does the unthinkable in the name of vengeance, and the Hunter will face a challenge that has the potential to break her.

Ivy’s life has changed drastically since knowing that vampires exist, but there was no way to prepare for how many more changes were to come.

This is book to in the Hunter Series. This NOT a standalone. Book one is Hunter’s Blood

*warning* this book contains violent and sexual scenes that are not appropriate for readers under 18. Please read responsibly.

Hunter's Blood (#1)

My name is Ivy Moore.
This morning I woke up a 21-year-old overworked waitress, sister, and not much else.
6 years ago I watched my mother walk away while I was trapped in the mangled car that held my crippled twin sister and the body of my dead father.
My hatred for her ran deep into my bones.
It wasn't until I was attacked by monsters that were attracted to my blood that I began to understand.
With the help of the local arrogant vampire lord, I learned all about my heritage, about vampires and revenants, about what it was like to live again. About learning to love.
While Crispin spent his nights training me to be a deadly killer, someone else was creating an army.
I was a Hunter.
And someone wanted me for my blood.

Important Note: This is the first book in a series, please be aware that it ends in an HFN but the second book picks right up where the first left off.

Warning: This book has blood and gore that may offend or disturb sensitive readers. Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for anyone below 18

Early review
"holy &%$# am I ever hooked. Like on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next..." -JW

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About the author:
I guess you can say I have a passion for romance.
You will most often find me with a book in front of my face, whether I'm in the middle of writing one or taking a break by reading one of my favorite authors.
I love my family and my pets. I need quiet time to recharge and I'd rather be deep in the middle of woods than in the middle of a city. Yeah, I don't people well.
I hope you enjoy my stories. I put all my heart into each of them and they are truly my book babies.
Thanks for stopping by!

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