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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

she gives her all in finding a cure - Deadly Curses (Magnolia Valley Series) by Donna Shields

"[S]he doesn’t know her little world is about to be turned upside down. She discovers other possible victims of a deadly Voodoo curse, one being the gorgeous and stubborn doctor. As she becomes wrapped up in protecting him at all costs, she finds she’s fighting against her developing feelings for him. Once she realizes she can’t, she gives her all in finding a cure against the curse that promises to take him away from her for good."


Dr. Trent Moore’s life is complete – a no-strings relationship, financial security, and great health – until he is summoned to his father’s grave and discovers a grave robber stole one of his father’s bones … a finger bone. From there, Trent’s seemly perfect world spirals out of control. Strange occurrences happen, and the sexy lead detective informs him a grief stricken mother has placed a curse upon him. As his near death experiences ramp up, and he finds himself falling in love, he’s beginning to believe there may be some truth to it all. But, will he run out of time before he can tell her he loves her?

When Detective Ciarra Pacelli is assigned to a prominent judge’s suspicious death, she doesn’t know her little world is about to be turned upside down. She discovers other possible victims of a deadly Voodoo curse, one being the gorgeous and stubborn doctor. As she becomes wrapped up in protecting him at all costs, she finds she’s fighting against her developing feelings for him. Once she realizes she can’t, she gives her all in finding a cure against the curse that promises to take him away from her for good.

5 Things You Should Know Starting Out As a Writer 

Thank you for having me here today. I’m so excited Deadly Curses is finally out there in the world for all to read. This is my third published book and yet it still feels like it did the first time – excitement and nervousness all balled into one. I thought I would share today some advice with the new writers out there just beginning on their journey. 
1) NEVER GIVE UP. I always had that nagging little, pessimistic voice piping up saying “What in the world do you think you are doing? Writing? Really? This isn’t a story, this is a disaster of jumbled words.” I still do today. You just have to shove that little worm back down and press on. Write your story. Don’t stop. Finish it no matter what. Let it breathe for at least a week. Then edit, edit, edit. Yes and edit some more. Make it shine. And when you are pretty sure you will go absolutely insane polishing it, it’s more than likely ready. Submit. 

2) CONTINUE TO LEARN THE CRAFT. Don’t think once you are done writing a story or even finally publish that you don’t have to learn anymore. There is so much more to learn. My husband and I always say knowledge is power. The more you know, the better off you will be. Do you know how to write a synopsis? Maybe you took a workshop to barely get one written. But, guess what? There are dozens of workshops out there on how to write one. And everyone has a different perspective and a different process that worked for them. Maybe you will stumble across one that finally ‘clicks’. Or maybe you will combine a few different elements from each one and find your own process. And that’s just ONE way continuing to learn is well worth the effort. Go check out http://savvyauthors.com They have some wicked awesome workshops, boot camps and all the motivation in the world. They are all very talented. 

3) THE PAY STINKS. Unless you are one of the famous writers ie. Stephen King (my favorite), Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, then expect to keep your day job. Besides, being a writer is having the passion overflow and wanting to share your stories with the world because this is what you LOVE to do, not what you need to do in an attempt to make a living. 

4) LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SYNOPSIS. As I said in point #2, learn this. I have taken a dozen workshops on how to write one, and I still struggle with it. I will let you in on a little secret. I hate writing them. If I can avoid it, I probably will (procrastination station here). But I am finding that I need to pull up my big girl panties and just do it. Because I want to enter my books in contests and most require that lovely, torturous part. 

5) DON’T HOLD OUT FOR ONLY ONE OR TWO PUBLISHING COMPANIES. Leave your options open. Obviously, you aren’t going to try every single one. However, don’t do what I did. I held out for Harlequin. I was sooooo determined that my story would be published by them. And then came the rejection. I fell apart. I put the manuscript up and didn’t write another word for two years. Please, I am begging you, don’t do this. Which goes back to #1. Keep writing. Don’t stop. Don’t let rejection stop you. Yes, you will cry. Rejection hurts. Get it over with. Let it marinate for a week. Then go back and see why they rejected you. But back to being a little more diverse on sending out your manuscript. Find the ones looking for your type of story and submit. I found my home at Soul Mate Publishing where Debby lets my craziness ... I mean creativity flow. Of course there is a lot more to it than my mere five points here. So, go learn, write and love it.


Ciarra straddled the chair close to Trent’s bed resting her head on her hands. His cheeks lacked color. His eyes appeared sunk in. It seemed as if he’d aged within the last two hours.

Gregory came in from the hospital, which was where Trent was attempting to point out through the window just before he passed out, and said Trent probably had a touch of the flu as it was going around, and he was dehydrated.

Flu her ass. More like a damn curse. Ciarra called Tiesha back in. He wasn’t protected. Ciarra looked for the amulet he’d received last night, but never found it.

Trent’s sister in law, Sammy, prepared chicken noodle soup downstairs.

“Oh wow,” Tiesha said upon entering the room. “He doesn’t look very good. About as bad as the other one. I must say your partner’s unbelievable. He’s over there wearing gloves and a mask. I tried to explain to him he couldn’t catch it. But, he won’t listen to a crazy ape like me.”

Ciarra rolled her eyes. High time to give Rick some eye opening life lessons. “What do you think?”

“You should try a shaman or a Vodun priestess. You need to break the curse.” She placed the back of her hand against his cheek. “No fever. If anything, he feels cold and clammy.”

Ciarra eyed her best friend. “So, you know a Vodun priestess I suppose?”

“And a shaman. Which do you prefer? You don’t have a lot of time left.” She pulled out an amulet and handed to Ciarra. “Here is a new one. Place it under his pillow.”

“Thanks for the reminder . . . and the amulet. I guess the best bet would be Voodoo.” Ciarra reached out and ran her hand across the top of his head. She swore she wasn’t going to fall for this man. Yet, she teetered on the edge of a very high cliff with Trent. If only she could just let go and fall.

Jack, oh Jack. What do I do?

Her heart ached, being torn between the dead and the living. How had it happened? Trent lived like a playboy.

But, she could see a side of him he didn’t let out too often. One he wouldn’t really show. But then did a couple of times without knowing, he had.

Ciarra and he were like night and day. They could never last. But, the same could be said for Princess and Brutus. Yet, there the two misfits lay. Brutus the big baby on the rug and precious Princess curled up near his head, as if they had been the best of friends forever. Animals could teach humans a thing or two.

“Hello, Ciarra?” Tiesha waved her hands in front of Ciarra’s face. “Where were you just now?”

Ciarra shook off her thoughts. “Nowhere promising.”

“Oh boy.”

Ciarra raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Oh this isn’t good. You have fallen flat on your face, huh?”

Ciarra turned away and back to Trent.

Then, it hit her. The whole Florence Nightingale syndrome thing. She only cared for him as a human being. “Nope. There will never be another Jack.” Silly little liar.

“Go ahead and lie to yourself. But Ciarra Pacelli, you are not, and I mean not, fooling me. I know you.”

Ciarra crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s only because I have to protect him.” Finally, something to cling to besides love. Maybe, she wouldn’t be tumbling off the cliff after all. She was lying to herself, but it was the only way to protect her from Trent.

“Again, go ahead and twist it any way you want. You have fallen for him.”

About the author:
I’m Donna Shields, author of paranormal romance and romantic suspense – published with Soul Mate Publishing, mom of six, gramma of four precious cuties and wife to an imperfect, yet amazing husband of fifteen years and counting (He’ll say a hundred, roll his eyes, and smile). Psss…I’m imperfect too, but don’t tell him that….

We call the beautiful state of South Carolina our home where there isn’t much hustling and bustling going on, where people are friendly (for the most part-it’s called that Southern Hospitality), strangers wave and say hello with a smile. And it doesn’t hurt being centrally located where the ocean is a mere three hour drive and the mountains no more than an hour and a half away.

I’ve been writing for five years steadily, but have always dabbled with writing short stories here and there. I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for all sorts of paranormal. And when suspense and adventure is thrown in the mix, I’m a truly happy girl. I enjoy writing both genres and at times the lines between the two blur, combining to make paranormal romantic suspense. My heroines are strong, even if quiet. They are independent, yet scarred and in need of a true love. A real hero, one who understands they need their space, but will love them fiercely. The hero may have a hard exterior, but inside he’s a mush ball. And the hero needs that woman who can tame him down a little and love with all her heart and soul.

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Deadly Curses looks and sounds great. I am adding this to my TBR pile.

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this book looks great! really love the cover as well :)

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Deadly Curses sounds like a great read. The excerpt was very interesting. Thank you for sharing it.

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I think this looks wonderful!

Donna Shields said...

Thank you all for stopping by. Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter.

Donna Shields said...

And thank you everyone here at Mythical Books for having me here today.

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Wow first, love the cover great colors, very eye catching. The excerpt is great. Detective Ciarra Pacelli sounds like a great character and I love that there is Voodoo in the book, and Romance. Sounds very good!! I look forward to reading it, thanks so much for the giveaway too!!!

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I can't wait to read this story. I loved the excerpt, and the beautiful book cover too.

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I don't think I've read a story about voodoo or curses before. Given that I like the dark sides of things, lol, I think I might like this book :)

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I think it sounds great and I can't wait to read it.
Thanks for the giveaway! =)

smiles said...

I can't get past the stealing of a finger bone from the grave... That's *such* an interesting start to the story! I think it'd do a great job sucking me in right off the bat :)

Donna Shields said...

Thank you all for stopping in.

I thought so too smiles.

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i love the blurb and the cover !!!
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Deadly Curses sounds very interesting! I wonder how many people believe in Voodoo curses.

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your book sounds pretty cool and I look forward to reading it. best of luck

Donna Shields said...

Thank you all. I really enjoyed writing it!

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This looks really awesome!

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This sounds like a great book, and the cover looks good too.

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Sounds like a great read

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