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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

time is running out for me to make my choice... Stolen in the Dark (Fae Bureau of Investigation #1) by Scarlett West

"A awesome book by Scarlett west! The cover drew my eye right a way because of the beautiful purple cover! But it was scarlett's awesome storytelling that got my attention. With great writing and awesome characters it was a very entertaining read." Kat V., Goodreads


Published  July 20, 2021
Cover Artist: Lori Grundy

Tagline: He forced me into their world. Now dark enemies want me dead.

When an attempted kidnapping leads me to be rescued by a dark and sexy Fae, I assume life can’t be any stranger… Until I discover I’m his fated mate, and that he needs my help to stop a ruthless enemy from kidnapping his kind.

If someone doesn’t stop the brutal attacks, it could lead to earth’s ultimate destruction, so if I want to survive, I have to join the Fae Bureau of Investigation, with Damien as my superior.

But while Damien may be both hot as hell and my one-time hero, my unearthly ability to sense things through my hair is telling me to run: Damien can’t be trusted, and I would hate him as my boss.

With the enemy closing in, though, time is running out for me to make my choice: join the Bureau…or return home to my death.

Readers who enjoy Karen Marie Moning, Laurell K. Hamilton, Amelia Hutchins, and Lindsay Hall, will love this dangerous and sexy urban fantasy. Scroll Up and One Click to start reading this hot paranormal romance today!

10 Holiday Celebration Ideas, including Dates!

As a paranormal romance author, I couldn’t resist relating my posts to romance. Most of us are busy planning events around family so some of these are for that time, but others could be better for alone time!

10. Decorate Your Front Door
This one would be a blast with kids. Grab some dollar store wrapping paper, cover the door, with it and add a bow, or seven! Or if you have a bit more time, have them draw or paint their own festive designs on large construction paper, then tape them to the door in the order they want. Add some gift bows, and ta-da! You have a decorated door with a personal touch.

9. Movie Night
This one is great because it can be easily switched up for a couple or a group. Watch your favorite romantic or funny holiday movies. Bring your cozy blanket and your favorite snacks! And for the adults, add in some holiday martinis or wine. Sounds relaxing!

8. Go Ice Skating and Eat Dinner
Maybe it’s because I live in a place where it doesn’t snow, but I think going to ice skating rinks is so romantic and fun. Why not be silly, hit the ice, then eat a nice dinner together?

7. Christmas Ornaments
Have each of your family members pick out their individual ornament choice. Each year, I take my son to a holiday flea market that supports a local senior center. Check out your area and see if there’s an event like that. It makes choosing an ornament even better because often at these markets they have things in great condition, but are more personalized than a big store.

6. Shop for a wish list gift
How much more romantic could you be than doing something awesome for other people? Choose a wish list gift from a local organization, and go shopping for that child! It’s a positive, fulfilling way to give back during the holidays.

5. Hide a Christmas Pickle
Kids love to hide and find stuff! I know the tradition is to hide the pickle on the tree, but you could also use a non-breakable item like a soft ornament, or a stocking, and tuck it away around the house. With little ones, the game can be played over and over.

4. Make Christmas Cards
If there’s one thing most people love, it’s to get something personal in the mail. Making some Christmas cards with the kids, and sending them off to a best friend or a favorite relative can be wonderful. I especially love shiny paint, glitter, and kid drawings.

3.Play Santa Claus
One super fun thing my four-year-old invented is a Santa Claus game. One of you plays Santa Claus while the other pretends to sleep. The “Santa Claus” brings toys you already own and places them next to the sleeping area. The receiver wakes up and gets excited about the gifts. Then you switch roles! By the way, we never wrap them. We have played this game so many times, and he continues to love it.

2. Make a holiday dessert
Some people find it very romantic to create something together, including cooking. You could have a date night bake-off! Or it could be an amazing project with the kids. Either way, we all need dessert during the holidays. Cookies, cakes, brownies, and yule logs, making something sweet for the holidays make life brighter. (Check out my super fun, easy recipe below for Strawberry Santa Hats.)

1. Silly Gift Exchange
This is a game better played with a group, either as a family or for a fun adult night. Everyone picks up the strangest, silliest item they can find at a garage sale or a thrift shop. For best results, keep it a surprise and make sure each person will get something. People bring the presents to the gathering wrapped then place them on a table. Participants randomly pick a gift and open it. The sillier the item, the better!

Pretend Bonus Date Night: Since I’m a paranormal romance author, I can’t help myself, I have to add in a fantasy. Fly off with your honey in a private jet to the Alps. Attend a local Christmas market, go romping through the fresh snow, and then get snowed into your cozy cabin for the night!


I narrowed my eyes at Damien. “Does that mean we would have to work together?”
Damien smirked. “Yes.”
I groaned. As it was, Damien set my nerves on edge in so many different ways. I wasn’t sure I could stand to be close to him. Every f*cking day. And the way he touched me? His hands on my hair? My senses swam when I recalled that embrace.
“Though I don’t like the way I was thrust into this situation, I believe you now. Except for the bracelets. I don't know if you put them on my arms or if they’re even still there. But what can I do to help?”
He raised his eyebrows, and a flash of heat blazed in his eyes. “Thrust, huh? I like your choice of word.”
My cheeks burned, and Iwas sure I was turning all shades of red.
Then, as usual, his expression snapped back to ice. “But this is no game.”
I opened my arms wide. “I'm aware of that. Explain it to me. What would I have to do?”
Still holding the folder, he crossed his arms and jutted out his chin. “Give up your life and join the FBI.”
I frowned at him. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation? You work with them?”
 “Correction. The Fae Bureau of Investigation.”

About the author:
Scarlett West writes steamy, paranormal romance featuring sexy Fae. Deep characters and hot romance are her thing. An avid reader and writer who will never stop dreaming, Scarlett has traveled to many countries and been on tons of adventures. She draws her stories from these places, life experiences, and her grand imagination. Besides writing, she's a hobby herbalist and a dancer. If she's not by the computer typing these things up, she can be found in a forest, on a mountain, or by the ocean. She would like to thank her three F's: Fans, Family and Friends. Thank you forever for your support.

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