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Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Monday, December 6, 2021

the way to growth... Underestimate Me – That’ll Be Fun by Furiosa

This book is a collection of rants, opinions, and observations on random subjects that I scribbled while running away from and toward my true self.


Published: October 2021

This book is a collection of rants, opinions, and observations on random subjects that I scribbled while running away from and toward my true self.

I hope my words can show others that there is life after years of breaking rocks on society's conformity chain gang and that real empowerment is being yourself and not what others tell you that you should be. You cannot sit and read the book of your life as it unfolds. You must write the next page yourself. That is the way to growth and to peace and yes, you can be homesick for places you have never been.

Book description by my Inner voice: This is a chunk of at times incoherent ramblings on life and people one meets as they wander aimlessly on the internet and through the so-called real world... a shambolic, circumlocutious clustershtuck of a sometimes crap-infused, possibly drug-fuelled word salad.

It’s your life. Choose your own adventure.

“Don’t follow me, I will get you lost. Don’t lead because I will get bored and wander off. Just walk beside me and help me cause trouble.” —Unknown Author

I write this book for me, though I know some people will relate to some parts of it. It’s about realizing that you’ve been right all along—you are strange, and you are not ‘normal’, and that’s okay. The thing that you must realize is that we are all unique, so, contrary to what society tells you, being strange and not normal, unless you’re a serial killer or other obvious degenerate, is a good thing. Just forget about society and stop trying to fit in. That will only squash your potential and kill your soul, and it will be a slow, painful death.

I’ve come to learn many valuable things through my own experiences observing and interacting with humans and some entities that were questionably human, both on the internet and in so-called real life. These interactions affected me and enabled me to be who I really am, and they helped me get closer to peace.

About the author:
Furiosa has been expressing her thoughts and ideas on paper, walls, and sidewalks since she could hold a crayon. Though she only recently published her first book, Underestimate Me. That’ll be Fun! She identifies as a bestselling author. She wants you to know that being yourself is your superpower. Furiosa loves autobiographies, classic old movies, all genres of music, chasing stars, and visiting far-flung places via roads less travelled.

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Sherry said...

I love the cover and the excerpt.

katieoscarlet said...

I love the cover and title. I enjoyed reading the excerpt.

Furiosa said...

Hello, Thanks so much for hosting my book. I hope everyone enjoys reading Underestimate Me. That'll Be Fun! as much as I enjoyed writing it.

CCAM said...

That ax makes you wonder what the heck is that?
Is it a joke? Is it the "response" to the underestimation?
Is this a mystery, horror or what? After that, you see that is a non-fiction book and other questions come to your mind

Indeed, "That’ll Be Fun"!!! :))))))

Furiosa said...

Ha! It is a response to the underestimation but I rarely need to use my axe. 😁 Sometimes when you're too nice people think you will take their nonsense. My axe is a verbal axe.

Stormy Vixen said...

Furiosa, congratulations on your release of Underestimate Me, That will be Fun, which sounds like a great book and I like the cover! Good luck with your book and the tour! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a magical holidays season!

Furiosa said...

A BIG thank you for hosting my new book and I am so glad that some of my fellow book lovers enjoyed the excerpt and the cover. For some reason I cannot reply to you individually on my phone or computer and I keep getting kicked out. Time to get the axe out maybe? LOL Look forward to coming back to Mythical Books to check out other author's blogs. thanks again.. Furiosa

Cali W. said...

Great excerpt and giveaway. :)

pippirose said...

This book likes very interesting. Love the cover.

Nancy P said...

Amazing cover

Furiosa said...

Thanks for the positive comments about the cover. I had one person tell me they'd pass on the book completely because the title, or rather, one word from the title was rearranged in such a way that it was a 'struggle' to read. Interesting and noted.

Denise said...

OMG! That cover! Shades of Lizzie Borden and 40 wacks!

Amy Woolard said...

This looks fantastic!!