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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Super Alert dog saves the day ! The Adventures of Super Alert Dog by Gail Morin

" Inspirational On the other hand, Super Alert Dog comes to the rescue! Also, what stood out was this: "Being mean online and in-person is the same because the pain is the same."" AAQ, Amazon


Published: ‎June 24, 2021

Super Alert dog magically appears when there is cyber bullying, as well as any online dangers and stranger danger. Super Alert dog saves the day on different adventures. He also wears a cape. He is a superhero dog when he gets alerted on his super alert tablet. When a child is in danger, or experiences cyber bullying, or any online danger, Super Alert dog magically shows up to save the day and to teach good moral lessons. He offers advice on sharing, getting along, and spreading joy and peace. He teaches children about using manners too. As he becomes friends with the children, he has many different adventures. Super Alert dog is so fun to watch and to learn from.


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About the author:
Gail Morin
is the author of The Adventures Of Super Alert Dog. Her writing is used to help kids learn very important moral lessons in a fun and exciting way. As a past educator herself she knows the importance of teaching kids at a young age on learning morals and good valuable lessons. Her book takes kids on adventures with the Super Alert Dog.

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