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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

mystery, corruption, intrigue and plenty of “food for thought”... How to Control an Entire Planet by C.D. Hill-Lavalle

"Fantastic...stimulating!" "One of the most interesting books I've ever read, second only to the Bible!
— Ms. .J. G. Shuker (Great-grandmother & native elder to 14 children, and a retired pharmacist assistant.)



Written under the guise of a Sci-Fi thriller, this little book ends up revealing more than just a riveting exposé. It soon reveals the very mysteries our civilization has been searching for, for centuries!

The "five steps" (narrated by an ancient and technologically superior race) tells how they easily set up their control and indoctrination of the planet's populace to fulfill their sinister agenda. Initially seen as a detailed and prophetic set of instructions, the reader will soon suspect: this vague reference to another time and place, to an unknown and primitive world, is too familiar, too real and too foreboding.

All darkness will come to light as you journey down the "rabbit hole of the Matrix", soon revealing the very "Who, What, How and Why" to every major event occurring globally today. More importantly, you'll discover the "simplest" solutions to gain back and enhance your personal freedom, prosperity and future happiness!

It may just change your life and it may just change life as we know it on this planet!

"In her new book, Cheryl brings a unique and intriguing viewpoint on the world we live in today." "Thought provoking!" (— Jessica Busch, Program Manager Women's Own Resource Centre)


Many long years ago a group of us kids gathered to discuss a movie we’d all seen—an early version of “Alladin and the Forty Thieves”. We were a troop of friends united in the love of adventure and mystery, eight to ten years old.

A question came up in the group: “If you found a magic lamp that could grant you just “One” wish, what would you wish for?” As this question got answered each of us six kids enthusiastically answered in turn. “A million dollars!”, said one. “A mansion full of toys”, said another. “The fanciest sports car around!” And so it went, around the room, material wishes all, all until it came to me.

When it was my turn, I thought for a moment and blurted out: “To be “All-Wise”, because I felt: “If you knew everything, you could have everything!”

Little did I realize, this one utterance would propel me on a lifetime quest for knowledge, answers and mastery--trying to figure out “Life”, and why things happened as they did. Even stranger, it was something that occurred twenty years later that changed my life forever and became my first major spiritual experience!

The “How”, “Why”, and extra details I’ll leave out, to keep the story short; but on that eventful day I met my “Guardian Angel” (albeit, my Higher Self) who told me many things. He explained he was from the “Realm of Truth and Wisdom” and that I “possessed the ability to see beyond the facade of others to see the truth within, and that I had the ability to absorb and transmit wisdom”.

This was something that literally “blew me away” and took many years to recognize and admit to; however, it was the entire impetus that resulted in the book that I now present to you. I had accumulated far too much information to keep it to myself and the time had come for the truth to surface, so global poverty, illness and suffering could end and change could occur to enhance lives everywhere.

To some it may appear as a Sci-Fi or mythical creation; however, many will soon discover that it is all truth--what I’ve personally experienced and what I’ve had authenticated and validated on multiple occasions throughout my life (as God is my witness).

Discover and judge for yourself at: “https://cdhill-lavalleauthor.com


How you use the facts presented, I will let you decide, based on whatever stage of enlightenment you find yourself in. Whether you are an ambitious human wanting to conquer a less evolved race, a lover of mysteries, crimes and intriguing tales, or someone who is seeking answers to the meaning of life—this book will surely satisfy.

In this time and era of “No More Secrets”, where controversy and scandals are becoming the norm, I offer you a new exposé, a “Planetary Exposé”— one filled with mystery, corruption, intrigue and plenty of “food for thought”.

At the very least, I present these words to plant a seed in the minds of the inhabitants of this little blue planet, a planet that represents merely a tiny speck among the many universes that exist today. Our planet is the youngest, with a human population described by many other life-forms as: “uneducated bags of mostly water, primitive and savage in their current evolution.”

Under the guise of a science fiction, the first five chapters reveal an actual planetary takeover and the steps that were used to set up control of its populace, narrated (in italics) by one of the ancient and dark race of beings who had been involved with two, attesting to their proficiency in this process. One planet, after years of their control, exhausted its life—a physical legacy of a doomed culture. The second planet (a more successful takeover), this alien race will now refer to—one still under their control, and one that has been for thousands of years.

From the sixth chapter forward, I take the story in a new direction, revealing more important history, secrets, discovery and channel—offering powerful solutions to aid our own planet in its present day survival and ways to improve the health, safety and prosperity of all human beings. Note pages are added with the hope as you make your discoveries, it may inspire you to make a difference in your own life, or that of others. You may even discover more of your past within these pages—stifled memories of a distant yet forgotten ancestry.

Written to educate the inhabitants of our own planet, this five-step process is also a confessional of sorts, by a dissenter one could say, of this alien race. I’ve heard that he is one of many of his kind who is tiring of the control and deceit they have perpetuated. In its telling, there may be hope for our own understanding: that all souls, aliens and humans alike, can evolve, absolve their misgivings, and seek forgiveness. This is something we as humans would do well to master for our own peace and evolution.

This book, I’ve also found, has some divine “magic” within its pages. Every reader will discover a part of this story that is especially dedicated to them; and once read, then randomly opened with intent, each reader will find a valuable message for that day.

I hope that it will not only inform, but inspire, long after its completion— helping you gain the wisdom and power to not only enhance your own life, but all life on our planet.

Follow this journey and decide for yourself.

About the author:
Born of humble beginnings, Cheryl could be seen as just an ordinary person; but she's an "old soul" who has had some extra-ordinary experiences in her life. This, her first book (written in a love for humanity), is an accumulation of over fifty years of research and study, validated through personal experience and a host of miraculous events. Initially, this research was for her own personal healing and evolution - to "make a difference" in the world. It now facilitates her gifts as a quiet channel and intuitive healer (hoping to re-open a nature and healing retreat again).

Born with a passion for business, she became the sole income-earner during most of her twenty-seven years of marriage; however, through that experience and business success she also witnessed much injustice, abuse and discrimination, fueled by our current systems. Life eventually took her to see and experience the "other side of the tracks", meeting thousands who were struggling with poverty, illness and addictions—all trying to cope with (or "escape" from) a system that has plagued mankind for centuries, and now, threatens the very planet we reside upon.

She is compelled to share her knowledge and discoveries with the world and "Right the Wrongs" done, so humanity can learn the truth of their existence and their potential for change. After six years of compiling information and unforeseen challenges, this writing has now emerged at what may be considered the perfect time - a time when the world is in massive fear and chaos, with people "questioning" more than ever before, realizing what's really important in life and wanting solutions for their own peace, healing and prosperity. In this "Time of Awakening", it is hoped that many will discover: that ALL life matters and everyone has the potential to heal, prosper and evolve
"naturally", and with grace.

She is hoping, as this book is shared and distributed globally, that she can in some way make the difference she has sought for humanity and for life on our planet, and help others who wish the same.

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