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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Is there a secret formula for... The Romance Novel Formula by A.K. Leigh

Join best-selling romance author and academic researcher, Alicia Leigh, as you discover:..


Release Date: December 7th, 2021

Is there a secret formula for writing a successful romance novel?

Backed by research and professional expertise, The Romance Novel Formula provides everything you need to take you from idea to first draft of your breakout romance novel.

Join best-selling romance author and academic researcher, Alicia Leigh, as you discover:
πŸ’–How to take your love interests on the “lovers’ journey” – inclusive of ALL types of romantic relationships: mΓ©nage, alien, LGBTQI, polyamory, etc.
πŸ’–A unique five-act structure to make your story easy to write and manage.
πŸ’–The specific story “beats” exclusive to the romance genre (and which other books on writing typically exclude).
πŸ’–The story and character arcs necessary to classify your book as romance.
πŸ’–How to avoid stereotypes by focusing on archetypes.
πŸ’–Popular romance tropes.
πŸ’–Essential writing techniques.
πŸ’–Advice on dialogue.
πŸ’–The most common writing mistakes . . . and how to avoid them.
πŸ’–Goal, motivation, and conflict.
πŸ’–Fear, need, and flaw (what are they, and do you need them?).
πŸ’–Much more!

Complete with checklists and over 30 writing exercises, The Romance Novel Formula is the new essential romance writing guide for aspiring and experienced writers, plotters and pantsers, and professional researchers.


Does The Romance Novel Formula work best for “plotters” or “pantsers?”

Both! If you are a plotter, you can use it to outline your novel. If you are a pantser, you can use it after you’ve finished your first draft to make sure you have everything where it needs to be. Of course, you can also do something in between those two options. The point is to find what works for you. If you are new to writing, you might not have heard of these terms, so I will give you a quick explanation here. For those who already know, feel free to skip ahead. A plotter is a writer who plans every stage of their writing. They plot and outline every important part of their story before they write it. James Patterson is a famous plotter. This approach can stop you from running into trouble as you write because you always have a clear direction to go. On the other hand, it can also stifle your creativity and make it difficult when a character goes off script (which happens). A pantser is a writer who writes by the seat of their pants. In other words, they go wherever their ideas, the story, or the characters take them. Stephen King is a famous pantser. This method can be great for those who revel in the creative side of storytelling. However, with no clear plan, the ideas can dry up and manuscripts can go unfinished. As you can see, there are benefits to both. Though some people will try to convince you one is better than the other, the fact that so many writers are successful using either method tells you they are equally valid options. In case you are curious, I am a plantser (just what you want, another unfamiliar term!). This means I utilize aspects of both plotting and pantsing in my writing. You can feel free to do the same.

About the author:
A.K. Leigh (aka Leigh Hatchmann) is an unrepentant dreamer and romantic, trauma survivor, writing teacher, and identical triplet. Her multi-genre fiction transports readers into a world of cozy mysteries, suspense, crime, the supernatural, and time travel––all entwined with a heart-pumping HEA romance. Her non-fiction titles (as Alicia Leigh) take readers on journeys to strengthen self-love, heighten creativity, and increase imagination. Find her books, and follow her, at: www.amazon.com/author/akleigh. Join her exclusive LOVELEIGHS CLUB and at:

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