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Saturday, December 11, 2021

A Perfectly Stated Novel: Rough in the Big Apple (Crowns of Chaos MC # 2) by J.A. Lafrance

"Absolutely loved this book and thoroughly enjoying the series.
JA Lafrance has really nailed the characters in this series and you can't get enough of them.
Read this cover to over, couldn't put it down." - Jodi B., Goodreads


Published: December 1st, 2021

Gas Station, Biker Club, and a gorgeous man with blue eyes.

Everything that Ryanne wasn't expecting coming off the worst birthday surprise of her life. What she didn't need to see is the impromptu live porn going on in front of her, especially since she hadn't gotten any in years.

Then she looked behind her, and saw him.

Roy "Rough" Metcalf, enforcer for the Crowns of Chaos MC and a man of few words. He has always been the one hurt in any relationship, so he doesn't even bother trying, until he lays eyes on her.

Ryanne, just wants to sulk in peace. Until her peace becomes public knowledge, and she starts being stalked by an ex-lover, someone who isn't afraid to humiliate Ryanne, by any means necessary.

The Crowns of Chaos MC promised her they would protect her, but will Rough take it one step further?

About the author:
JA resides in Northern Ontario Canada but is originally from the Capital of Ontario.
She is a married to her loving husband and has three beautiful children.
When she is not locked in her writing cave she works with the board of education as a supply Educational Assistant.
She loves watching hockey and Soccer and enjoys talking to the many people she has made friends with.
She enjoys a good joke and can usually be seen with a smile on her face and a joke on her lips.

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Stormy Vixen said...

Rough in the Big Apple sounds like an excellent read for me and I like the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a spectacular holiday season!

Laura said...

Interesting title. I wonder how it pertains to the story.

lildevilgirl22 said...

cute cover looks romantic but the name throws me off lol

EclecticZebra said...

Sounds like a good read! The writing style is just the way I like it! ~Amy Jo

aheerde said...

I like book details

SexyBrat said...

I like the book details.

slehan said...

Looks like an interesting book.
Thanks for the contest. 

Candie L said...

You had me at blue eyes (since I have dark hair and blue eyes, I always pay attention). Thank you

VelvetNoir said...

Sounds like a fun romantic read. I am definitely curious about the mysteries that are held within this book's covers.

susansmoaks said...

This sounds like a fun read. I'm in.

Anita said...
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Anita said...

I think the book details sounds great

rajee said...

Love the cover