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Friday, April 10, 2020

If you copy your mind, your memories, your sins… Aethyr by Sean E. Kelly

"The book’s pacing is smooth, the prose assured, and the tension stays high with hefty suspense constantly in background.
With its intriguing blend of high action, hard-core techno details, and life philosophy, this heartfelt tale is sure to charm sci-fi readers.
Suspenseful, unsettling, and thoroughly engrossing. " Booksiren, Goodreads


Published: February 2020

If you copy your mind, your memories, your sins…are they still yours?

One day in Pittsburgh, Paddy Riordan died...his body did, anyway. His digitalized mind wakes up in a world where nothing is what it seems, his memory fragmented. When a stranger appears with a dire warning, Paddy must piece together his broken past to save his mind and the woman he loves, all while eluding masked assassins, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and the sinister sorceress Rusalka.

But he’ll find no enemy so cruel as the shadow of the past. What he discovers hidden in those memories may condemn him to a fate even worse than death.

"Wow, just wow. Attention grabbing from the first page. Some incredibly thought provoking concepts and philosophical ponderings throughout. Really well thought out storyline and characters. Fully enjoyable read! " Farah, Goodreads

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About the author:
Sean E. Kelly started writing fiction in 2009 and published his first novel in 2015. An advocate of ethical transhumanism, he also enjoys kayaking, photography, growing facial hair, and reminding you that our posthuman future needn't scare you.

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