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Saturday, April 4, 2020

GRAND FINALE for Formula for a Perfect Life by Christy Hayes

Launch - Author Interview
What inspired you to write FORMULA FOR A PERFECT LIFE? 
I wanted to write Kayla’s story (and the whole series) for college-age kids trying to live a Christian life in a secular world and specifically a secular university. I have college-age kids—both strong Christians—both attend secular universities—and the challenge at their age to balance their faith and worldview in a place where sin is rampant is very real. I worry about young adults who don’t know Jesus and who struggle with sin and forgiveness and self-worth.


Published: March 30th, 2020

Two practical strangers. One fateful night. Two pink lines.

College senior and obsessive romantic Kayla Cummings' dreams of a storybook life are spun off course by an unplanned pregnancy after a one-night stand with her secret crush. Devastated, Kayla turns to her roommates and best friends for advice. No matter what she decides, no matter how deeply embarrassed, she has to tell the father.

Ben Strickland’s future is written in stone—as long as he gets a decent score on the Law School Admission Test. Feeling pressure from all sides, Ben struggles to juggle his upcoming finals, another shot at the LSAT, and his needy girlfriend Darcy. When the girl he spent a memorable night with weeks ago shows up at his doorstep pregnant, his already chaotic life spins out of control.

With the clock ticking, decisions to make, and a boatload of people to disappoint, Ben and Kayla embark on a journey neither anticipated—a journey where falling in love might be the biggest surprise of all. But when old hurts and buried secrets pose a greater threat to their future than impending parenthood, will Ben and Kayla go their separate ways or forge a new path to happy ever after?

"I recommend Formula for a Perfect Life by Christy Hayes to readers searching for an inspirational contemporary romance. There’s a strong message about reserving sex for marriage and Christian faith is a part of the book. Overall, I enjoyed Formula for a Perfect Life and it’s a keeper for my bookshelf."Beauty in the Binding - Review

"I enjoyed reading this reading this book. It had just enough faith references to serve as a reminder to keep the faith, especially as we are in a very weird place in our world right now. But it wasn't preachy. So I think even others who are less religious may still find some value in this book." Uplifting Reads - Review

"Let me say - I LOVED everything about this book! The cover is gorgeous, the story has all the feels and the mail characters (Kayla and Ben) have so much depth and emotion and have you rooting for them till the end! . . . I love how this book truly portrays the struggles. The hard choices that have to be made. . . . It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but you can get through it and be happy one way or another.
This is a top book for me for 2020, the connection I have to it is real."Books with Bethany - Review

"Wow! This was such a great story and is definitely up near the top of my list of favorites. . . . I loved the way this story progressed. . . . I felt that the romance between these two built naturally, starting with two people who did not really know each other and were uncomfortable with the situation, to a couple who truly cared for each other and the life that was created between them. This story was very nicely done." Britt Reads Fiction - Review

"This bittersweet story has merit in both the various individual character's personalities and in the situations involved. These are all well defined and "draws" the reader into the story causing the feeling of him/her being there. . . . The novel is very well-written. The connection of book and reader are strong and poignant."Rockin’ Book Reviews - Review

"I liked this story. I liked who Kayla and Ben become by the end. Especially as they reach for a greater purpose and put away their own selfishness for the sake of their child. This story does bring us to a satisfying and sigh worthy conclusion and I was glad to go on this journey with them." Pause for Tales - Review

"With a pinch of faith, this is a realistic and honest look into unplanned pregnancy along with the impact it has on the mother-to-be, the father-to-be, as well as their families. It also highlights how important strong friendships are in addition to family. Delightful, and a true example of the plans God has for us – even when we’re sure of what we want. And, sometimes it gives us the courage to stand up for ourselves." Reading Excursions - Review

"This is a sweet read by Christy Hayes that I will definitely recommend right from the start! . . . I was drawn in from the beginning of the book until the end and I really liked how the author used the phrase God has a plan for you Karebear. He sees outside the big picture where we can only see what is front of us. . . . I will be looking forward to reading more of this author's books in the future. She's just that enjoyable!" Red Headed Book Lady - Review

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About the author:
Christy Hayes lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and dogs. Christy writes Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Christian Romance, and Women's Fiction. When not writing, she’s reading, walking dogs, or stalking her college-aged kids on social media.

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