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Saturday, April 4, 2020

a journey into one man’s hell... Out of the Shadows by Theresa Sederholt

Dane Johnson was like every other man in his thirties except for one very big secret. 


Published: February 2020

Dane Johnson was like every other man in his thirties except for one very big secret. One that, for him, was so horrific, he was determined to keep it hidden. He thought it would never see the light of day—that is until today. His fragile world has crumbled around him. The past exposed for the world to see. Now the boy he tried so hard to keep safe might be gone forever.

This is a journey into one man’s hell, with the hope that it will help others find the strength to be able to say, “I need help.” 

"An absolute must read , would give it more than 5 stars if they allowed. Theresa you truly out did yourself... BRAVO !!!!" Melissa, Goodreads

"This author will make you cry your eyes out and then give you a big hug at the end of the book . So if you want a book that will have you hugging your loved ones just a little harder tonight this is the book for you . Give it a chance I promise you will not be disappointed." Patricia, Goodreads

About the author:
Theresa Sederholt was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She is a graduate of Campbell University in North Carolina, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Theresa now resides in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband - a professional chef - and her two adorable dogs. 

Experiencing life first-hand is what she does best. Believing she can do anything has put her in some crazy situations; babysitting a pig farm and cutting the top off a mini truck. Her list is A-to-Z and full of endless possibilities. 

As a flight attendant (there’s that list again), she would make up stories about all of her passengers as they came and went. It seemed only natural to put pen-to-paper and see where these characters would take her.

A story that started as a single woman having a cup of coffee - while trying to make it through life - quickly grew into a complex world of romance, mystery, and murder. The Unraveled Trilogy was born. 
This trilogy may have had humble beginnings, but in 2015 it gained prestigious recognition. Shattered Lies (book three in the trilogy) won Inks & Scratches Book Of The Year along with Cover Of The Year. BTS (Book Trailer Showcase) Book Reviews gave Shattered Lies The Red Carpet Book Award for Honorable Mention Rising Star Readers Choice. Theresa can humbly claim herself as an Award-Winning Author.

Theresa’s beliefs are pretty simple: 
There isn’t a luggage rack on the hearse. 
Give a girl some Nutella and an espresso, then watch her change the world.
Theresa enjoys connecting with her fans. 

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tetewa said...

Sounds like a good one!

Bridgett Wilbur said...

Great cover.

laurie nykaza said...

love to read it nice cover too

Beppe DM said...

Beppe DM

Anonymous said...

The cover art seem real and relatable to alot of people.

johnthuku0 said...

The person used for the cover looks very sad and in great pain. It really makes me want to read the novel in order for me to find out why.

Anna Josefin Bergman said...

Sounds good.