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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

not all is well within the Great One - The Four: Destruction of Honor (The Mejuarian Chronicles #1) by Zola Blue

"[I] really enjoyed it. The characters were well-developed and very integral to the story. The author's writing style is unique and fits this mix of genre. This author brings the stories to life." Amy S., Goodreads


Published: March 2nd, 2020

The Ercutians, an ancient race of spell casters that abandoned Earth long ago, have abandoned the ways of their elders. Their powerful magic they once used for good has been replaced with destructive spells and incantations, and their once thriving, wonderous lands have turned against them. The destruction of the Ercutian race is imminent. 

To heal their lands, and prolong their heritage, a sorcerer, sorceress, wizard, and wizardess combine their mystical powers to become the Great One, known to all as Thire-los.

But not all is well within the Great One, for conflicting personalities brood within the single entity, and what was once Great threatens to become tainted, throwing all of Ercutia back into chaos once again.


Don’t break the circle”, Thie told them. Neither magic user was exactly sure what was about to occur. Nervously they waited in anticipation for Thie to finish his incantations. 

Roj ixeal cd’aozro epo,” he commanded loudly in the old tongue.
Let four become one.”
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About the author:
Born in Florida, I am a resident of the US, but now I reside on a lovely island in British Columbia Canada. During the early years of my life, I worked in the business industry, thus reaching my goal of obtaining my degree in Business Management.

I love to read, and over my lifetime, I have probably read hundreds of books. Now that life has given a bit more time to concentrate on my personal life, I am following God and writing fun, fanciful fiction stories, which blend over into the fantasy realm.

My first amazing middle-grade fantasy series is now out, "The Four." There are very little violence and no wars. This is my attempt to provide lovely fanciful readings to the young to stimulate their imaginations.

God is the mentor of my life, and to Him, I give thanks for all things.

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