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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Hannah Goodheart and the Guardian of Time (Hannah Goodheart, #1) by C. Michael Morrison

"Even though I'm way too old for this book, I found it mesmerizing, It's clean with lots of good principles to live by. and this book isn't just for the girls. there are lots of boys in Hannah's travels. So I give this book 8 stars. I loved it and can't wait for the next one." Joy, Goodreads


Published: October 1st, 2019 

Turning thirteen can be difficult - especially when a time-traveling thief steals your necklace, and a brewing temporal conflict turns your birthday party into a mission to save the universe. As Hannah and her friends chase the thief across time and space, they learn her necklace is more than a pretty piece of jewelry. Only one person can control the powerful pendant, and they must find them before the entire universe is wiped from history. 

Myth and magic collide as they race to find The Guardian of Time.

From Chapter One – Stargazers.
(audio excerpt here)

About thirty yards from where we were laying on the corduroy quilt, a faint glow glimmered on the ground. Taking a couple of steps in that direction, I tossed over my shoulder, “Can y’all see that?”
No one else could make out what I was talking about, but I was sure I could see something. I just knew it, and everything within me was driving me to investigate.
“The meteor shower is playing tricks on your eyes,” Lily said.
Morgan chimed in, “Lily’s probably right.”
“No,” I said, taking a few more steps closer. “I can definitely see something.”
“Where are you going, Hannah?” Annie asked. But before she could even finish the question, I had spanned nearly half of the distance to the glowing object, which I was now certain I was seeing. The other three jumped to their feet and ran to me. Morgan was the first to see it. 
“Oh, this is weird. Should we be doing this, guys?” Morgan said with trepidation.
“You don’t think it’s a meteor or something, do you? Maybe Morgan’s right,” Lily said.
I kept walking—cautiously, but undeterred by the warnings of my friends. “It might just be a firefly or something, but I want to check it out.”
Sure enough, a small object sat just barely exposed on the surface of the ground. It glowed the faintest blue but seemed to fade as we drew closer to it. I knelt and reached out my hand, almost without thinking. 
“Hannah,” Annie said, “I don’t think that’s a firefly. You sure you shouldn’t get your parents?”
I ignored her completely and brushed the earth away, dislodging the object from the hard, dry soil. It seemed to be a small metallic cube, and almost the moment my hand touched it, it completely quit glowing.

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About the author:
Author of Hannah Goodheart and the Guardian of Time, C. Michael Morrison is a man of many talents. His passion for story telling began as a boy growing up in a small river valley town in West Virginia, where Mike cultivated an affection for science fiction. It’s no surprise that these days, he can be found on the Trek.fm podcast network, where Mike is co-host of Meta Treks: A Star Trek and Philosophy podcast, as well as an occasional contributor to other shows on the network. 

In addition to being a devout PEZ collector, Mike is Lead Pastor of Collin Creek Church in Plano, TX. 
Mike lives in the Dallas area with his wife, Dorinda, daughter, Hannah, and their standard poodle, Princess.

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