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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tropical Nights by Jessica Stone

Published: January 17th, 2014


Lucas Kent didn’t expect trouble to follow him to Honolulu. But danger, like love, is often where you least expect it.

Alicia Baker is a directionless diamond heiress nursing an obsession with detective novels when a real life investigation falls in her lap.

When Alicia finds out Lucas is a murder suspect, she tries to fight her growing attraction to him to solve this mystery. With the enemy hot on their trail, Lucas struggles to find his friend’s killer before the killer finds them.


Hello! My name is Lucas Kent. Alicia has been doing some blog posts this week and she thought that people might be interested to know a little bit about me. I told her I didn’t have the time, but somehow she still managed to talk me into it. 

1. I’m a doctor. I specialize in reconstructive surgery, working primarily with burn victims. I’m a little on the young side to be doing what I do, but that’s partly because I graduated from high school a year early and college two years early, at the age of 20. 

2. I’m very close to my younger brother Toby, who I helped to raise after our mother left when I was eight years old. Toby was only two at the time. 

3. Toby is a professional surfer. I taught him how to surf in part to keep him out of trouble. 

4. Because of this I always was very responsible. My father was a firefighter and I wanted to make life easier for him. 
5. I was born and raised in Miami. Florida is a crazy place, but it has its advantages. Miami has beautiful architecture, sunny weather, and delicious food. 

6. Speaking of food, my favorite food is the Cuban sandwich. 

7. I always excelled in school with one glaring exception—languages. I’m terrible at them. All those years in Miami and I only know a handful of Spanish phrases and words. 

8. I have never been to any of the theme parks in Florida. Not a single one. Miami’s not that close to Orlando, and when you grow up in Florida you don’t think about vacationing in your own state. At least I didn’t. 

9. I have a tattoo of the Rod of Asclepius (the serpent entwined with the rod) on my back left shoulder. It’s a symbol of medicine and I got it when I finished medical school. It might have been Toby’s idea. 

10. I used to have a dog named Sleeping Beauty. I inherited her from a neighbor when the family moved overseas. I called her Bee for short… and because her full name was a little embarrassing. 

That’s it for me. I’m turning it back over to Alicia tomorrow, so thanks for sticking with me for a post!
About the author:
Jessica Stone is an American writer currently living in Shanghai, China with her family. A lover of travel, she writes contemporary romance set in exotic locations around the globe. Her interests include classical history and literature, live music, and craft brewing.

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Anonymous said...

Am impresia ca mai au putin si se impusca intre ei. Evident ca problemele vin unde esti si tu. Lucas se astepta la altceva? Imi place mult titlul, si cred ca este foarte potrivit. Iar de imagine nici nu mai zic, pentru ca ea este si mai potrivita. Cat despre Alicia, abia astept sa vad ce face cu suspectul ei de crima :))