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Monday, January 27, 2014

Author's Playlist and GiveawayS The Agent's Daughter by Ron Corriveau


Melina has been preparing for a future career as a spy.

She just doesn’t know it.

Legendary spy Evan Roberts always knew that his fifteen-year-old daughter Melina also possessed the absolute lack of fear required of an agent. Without telling her his real profession or his intention, he began to guide her toward an eventual career as a spy. However, Melina’s world is shattered after her mom is involved in an accident that leaves her mysteriously unhurt but unresponsive. Her father’s plans on hold, Melina settles into life at a suburban high school, immersing herself in a world of schoolwork, her friends and a budding romance with Alex, the cute new guy in her class.
When Melina and her father uncover shocking new information about her mother’s accident, Melina is pulled deep into her father’s shadowy world. With Alex desperately trying to find her and only hours to go before it will be too late to save her mother, Melina and her father work together using their combined skills to find a way to reach her.


The Agent’s Daughter is about a high school girl that overcomes some challenges and doubts to uncover her natural ability as a spy. I made a list of songs sung by women that I think fit the mood of the book.

1. Hooverphonic – Inhaler 
This is a song that sets the tone and plays in the background throughout the book. 

2. Curve – Perish 
When Evan has thoughts about his wife, this song is playing. 

3. Throwing Muses – Shimmer 
Any Throwing Muses song would fit nicely here but Shimmer is one of my favorites. 

4. Bowery Electric – Freedom Fighter 
As Evan is trying to escape during a mission, I can hear this song. 

5. Laurie Anderson – Ramon 
A beautiful song about how we should help others.

6. Tricky – How High 
Any time that Melina is involved in a fight, this song is playing. 

7. Massive Attack – Protection 
This is a song about somebody backing you up at all costs. 

8. Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck 
I can’t understand a word that is said in this song, but it fits the mood of the book. 

9. Garbage – Stupid Girl 
I think of this song when, Ellen, the antagonist to Melina is around. 

10. Hole – Heaven Tonight 
Alex is humming this song whenever he is around Melina. 

11. Kristin Hersh – A Cleaner Light 
This song plays when Melina’s friend Jean is around. 

About the author:
Ron Corriveau is an electrical engineer and works designing custom integrated circuits. He started writing to prove to himself that he actually does have a right side to his brain. Originally from Southern California, he currently lives outside of Dallas with his lovely wife and two awesome kids. He has only recently come to terms with the fact that he is a geek, although he would like to stress that he doesn’t hold any kind of leadership role in the organization.

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Debby said...

blogs are such a wonderful way to find great books. Thanks!!

Kai said...

I love the family's spy business especially when the kids are kept in the dark but they do eventually figure what Mom's and Dad's job really are.

Anonymous said...

Intriguing and mysterious book. Would like to read it. Thanks for the chance!