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Friday, February 8, 2019

Windhollow and the Axe Breaker (Windhollows, #3) by Trayner Bane

"Calling all middle-graders! If you love danger, unusualbeasts, and magical powers, then Windhollows is the place for you. Ridealong with hero, Billy, as he learns who stole his powers - and what heplans on doing about it!" - Chanticleer Reviews


Published: November 22nd, 2018

Billy uncovers secrets of the Axe Breaker and a mysterious history long hidden from the Lands, only to find his adventures have just begun.

With the help of friends Teddy and Wendy, Billy must find the Four Stones of Lumite and thwart his enemy’s plans.

But as the battle unfolds, will an unexpected loss plunge Billy into darkness?
"Bane did a wonderful job building upon the story, the characters, and the themes of loss, finding one’s place, and perseverance. And he manages to do this in a style that kids can enjoy. " Heather, Goodreads

About the author:
Trayner Bane enjoys nature, fitness, survivalism in our modern world, reading World War II Pacific theater history, and spending time with his children. In his professional career, he was formerly a red team leader who worked with a highly skilled team of individuals operating in an adversarial role to determine possible attack vectors and weaknesses within operation theaters, or as his kids might say, “He helped fight bad guys.”

Nowadays, he writes and creates the Windhollows fantasy adventure series and runs an information technology company.

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