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Sunday, November 19, 2017

REVIEW Not Dead Yet (AM13 Outbreak #4) by Samie Sands




Okay, it sounded bad last time, it sounds bad even now. Samie Sands is back with the fourth volume of the AM 13 Outbreak series (see my review here). And, if my little joke didn’t have too much fun then, now is definitely out of line. Why? Because this volume is truly the crowning of the series as subject, as a theme and literary value. For so much time I‘ve not seen such a gain for a writer as Samie’s and for us as readers. Last time, I’d made some little jokes about the concept of the British zombie books - the first volume of the series seemed to me a little flimsy in the way in which the main character was presented, from her maddening hesitance and lack of initiative. Yes, introspective seems to be the keyword of the series, but this time, everything is under another sign. 

Let's finish with what it was and let's deal with the book that is important for us now: Not Dead Yet. You could interpret this book not just like a single novel, but like a collection of short stories. Each chapter presents us new protagonists and new situations. Of course, the main theme will be the zombie apocalypse, but the situations in which they find themselves will be different and everybody will react in a different way. Don’t expect fists and bullets to fly in every direction. This is not Samie’s style. If you look for something like this, you better watch the new series of The Walking Dead. No, she’s in charge of the human soul and the way in which people react in an unexpected and strange situation. Yeah, the struggle with tribulations is the battle that the author imposes on her characters. Sure, will be some physical moments, let’s say, but not these will be the essence of Samie’s stories. Samie’s strength is not one of the fists that smash a jaw, is the one of the heart. If the soul will win this fight you will find for yourselves. 

The stories are not by far cute, they are quite serious about their theme. There is a wave of melancholy that pervades, some of the stories could be even depressing, but they are beautiful as a symbolical message. If in my old review I’ve had some small critics, this time I’m very pleased with what I’ve read. And if you let yourselves fooled and say that because the novel is written by a woman it’s a book for girls stuffed with delicate and swanky things, you’ll be sooooo wrong. 

Not Dead Yet will distill the whole series, and the final product will be one of great value. This is a novel that definitely will be appreciated even by those that are not too much in zombie books. 

Too many words are plenteousness. This is the book that you must read if you are tired of the classical zombie stories. 

Enough! The rest is silence! 
Enjoy… if you dare!


The AM13 Outbreak has affected everywhere, the entire world has experienced infection.

Victims of the virus are no longer human, they've changed, become something scientifically impossible. With their loss of human function and their new lust for flesh, there’s only one word to describe them...


The world is divided as everyone tries to work out how to survive. Many have already lost their lives 
in the fight, but there are still a few who are not dead...

About the author:
Samie Sands is a 28 year old freelance graphic designer who has recently decided to follow her lifelong dream and use her creativity in a new way by writing.

She has a degree in Media Studies and PR and has already had articles published in a number of e-zines, including one of the most popular pieces at Zombie Guide Magazine. She has also had short stories included in a number of successful projects.

She lives in a small seaside town in the UK, but loves to travel to gain inspiration from new places and different cultures.


Samie Sands said...

Thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad you loved Not Dead Yet as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

GZM said...

It was a real pleasure. :)