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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

isn’t as easy as it seems - The Golden Series by Kathryn Celeste

"The premise is amazing and I love the freshness of it. There's a whole world of special creatures, and unicorns are just the first species introduced. You get to quickly meet dwarfs, other horse beings, wolves, pixies and more." - Dracona. Goodreads


Unicorn Gold

Rourke is a unicorn shape shifter and a virgin. Sent back from Alter Earth to rescue the paranormal beings who were left behind when magic left this world he is forced to confront the fact that unicorns seem to have vanished from the world.

Kaitlyn is a veterinarian with healing abilities. Unaware of the origin of her gifts she tries to live life under the radar.

Then she meets Rourke. For the first time in her life sparks fly. But Rourke has his own secrets of his own. Secrets that threaten to turn Kaitlyns world upside down.

Hunted by those who fear their gifts will Rourke and Kaitlyn be able to overcome everything trying to tear them apart? Or in the end will the hunters steal the choice from them?

Dragon Gold

A year ago David met his mate. It should have been the happiest day of his life. Instead, it was the worst. Emma ran from him. Only his ability to touch her mind keeps him sane but how long will that be enough?

Hunted and alone Emma hasn’t stopped running since she left Haven. David’s presence in her mind brings her comfort in the hardest times. When she returns to Haven will Emma be able to face David in person or will fear keep them apart?

With hunters after David and Emma’s ex stalking her is there any way this mating stands a chance?


I hear the question a lot. Are you a plotter or a pantser. For me, the question isn’t as easy as it seems. On the one hand, I’m a plotter. I kid you not, it’s all very colorful and well thought out before I put one word on the page. Without the plot, I get all tied up in knots and my writing gets stuck. There is nothing like the horror of staring at a blank page and having no idea what to type.

That doesn’t mean that my characters always go along with the plot though. I’ll be typing along quite nicely when the characters will suddenly insist upon a left turn into unplotted land. 

Oh, trust me I have tried forcing the story back on plot but it’s stilted and ugly. It never makes the cut. In the end, I have to put on my pantser pants and do my best. Usually, the characters swing me back in the general direction of the plot and my comfort zone.

Between the plot exit and reentry though there’s a roller-coaster of unplotted panic driven typing while I try to quiet the voices in my head enough that I can sleep at night. Characters can be very uncooperative with the whole sleep agenda if they aren’t getting their way.

Once I’m back on plot I can once again carry on typing without quite so much relentless prodding from the characters until the next time they decide to rip me off plot for a journey into their own imaginings.

About the author:
Kathryn Celeste has been a programmer, a security specialist, a bookseller, a reviewer and a secretary. Through it all she has written. Pushed hard by a relentless muse to give life to a world unseen by others.

She lives in Queensland Australia with her husband, three sons, dog, cat, ducks and chickens where she continues to write about the paranormal folks that poke around in her head.

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