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Thursday, November 16, 2017

I have to accept it all over again - The Scarred Bullet Series by Serena Kearney

18+ Dazed Bullet
Cursed Frames
Define Us
Tenderly Toxic

Dazed Bullet

I have a temper. I’m angry. That’s a given.

How I take it out? At my job in the boxing room of our gym.

I’ve spent over a year trying to harness it, but I wasn’t by myself.

Almost every night, like clockwork, he’s there on one side and I’m at the other.

He is big, rugged, but handsome.

He’s also scary. Silent. Deadly.

When I hear the name Bullet, you would think I would have gone running in the other direction.

I didn’t. I should.

He has a past.
He has secrets. Danger. Pain. Sorrow. 
Little did I know that it would just bring us closer together.

Cursed Frames

He's been there to help through it all.

Every touch, every sound, and every breath.

I was starting to get better. I was starting to live again the way a normal girl should. That is until we graduated college and life got in the way.

I didn't think I would see Dem Dabbs again, at least I hoped I would soon, because now I'm falling back. I'm back into my habits. I don't think I'm strong enough, but somehow, I have.

I'm living on autopilot... until I get that hope back.

I can see him.

Will it be the same? Will we pick up where we left off?

Will his touch bring me back to normal?

Or does he need me more than I need him?

Define Us

I’m supposed to be strong.

Until I found I was in a relationship I swore I would never be in.

I didn’t know how trapped I was until Dean Sailer walked into the diner, making me question who I turned into.

Dean reeked of overconfidence.

He’s sarcastic and thinks he’s funny.

The worst part is I find myself smiling when I don’t feel like it. He brought out something inside me that I locked away a long time ago.

I wanted nothing to do with him.

I wanted to stay contained in my world.

When tragedy threatens the life of me and my best friend, he’s the one I find myself relying on.

He’s there for me when no one else is.
No matter how much I try to resist Dean Sailer, he seems to delve deeper into a place I thought was gone.
Can I change? 
Or will I be the definition of what I’ve made myself out to be?

Tenderly Toxic

Release Date: December 1st

He showed me what love is really like.

They showed me how happiness affects the heart.

They showed me that I still have one.

And then my violent past comes to rip it out of my chest.

Fine, let it.

Happiness. Love.

I have to leave it behind.

Violence. Hate.

I have to accept it all over again.

Because I will do anything to keep the ones I love safe.

Including going back to the cold, toxic soul I once had.


What inspired you to write this book? 
As you know, it is book four in the series, so Randa actually came from the first book, and is seen through out the series. Suddenly, as I wrote all of these, I liked Randa in a wounded way, and I wanted her to have her own HEA. Of course, I had to think about how I could get her there, and well, Tenderly Toxic was born!

What did you enjoy most about writing this book? 
I really liked Randa and Rolfe's relationship. I wanted it to build. I wanted it to be real and raw and painful. I also wanted Randa to grow. To work through her past and her feelings, wanting to get through her confusion and find out who she really is. Something that I feel everyone goes through, I know I did (just not involving the criminal life, lol)! 

Advice you would give new authors? 
There's a lot of advice, but I'll keep it short. It may seem cliche, but it really makes sense. Write. Just write. Because you can always edit and do whatever after. If you have an idea, just get to it, and worry about the rest when you hit THE END. Second, be prepared for constructive criticism. From your editor. Your friends. Your family. Take in their reviews and recommendations because they will see things you don't. And third, be prepared for negative reviews! It's just life, and do not take it personal. Any review is exposure, so just think of it that way. There will always be people who disagree with your story, but focus on the positive ones, those will always overcome everything else! 

What do you do to unwind and relax? 
I love to just relax with a bunch of pillows and blankets, and watch a good movie, or binge watch tv shows. Of course it's a bonus if my husband, or cat, cuddles with me, lol! And of course, reading! Who can forget that? LOL!

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About the author:
I am a Leo. Born August 10, living on the east coast. I self-published my first novel, PNEUMA, November 2014, and it's hasn't stopped since.

One of my biggest problems was having too much to read. Now my newfound problem; having too much to write and not enough hands to type it out. Not enough brains to put the stories together fast enough. Not enough tea or coffee to keep me awake 24/7.

So, like every normal person, I have to take it one day at a time.

My cravings for sweets keep me going, any sort of cakes (especially red velvet), pies, cookies, and ice cream.

I have a cat named Bongo-Bongo, who loves to get in my way when I'm trying to work, but is too cute for me to fight him off.

And then I have my family, specifically my husband, who puts up with my endless nights, my tapping of the keyboard, my ridiculous imagination, and yet, he always encourages me to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

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