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Monday, September 11, 2017

this newfound love... - Anticipation by S.D. Thomas

"Wonderful read! I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was well written and kept my attention start to finish. [...]
Relieved that it's a trilogy and there will be more Mark and Cassie in the future!" - Amazon


Published: August 2017

Cassie Smith wasn't expecting to fall in love with her best friend, Mark Santos, or the emotional turmoil she encounters in the relationship. But, this newfound love has her questioning the only commitments she's ever made: to God and to leaving her hometown. Will she change her mind and stay with Mark? Or will she risk everything she's ever known and loved to continue with her original plan? 

Writing a Christian romance novel 

I’m not sure what you’re looking for. 
But I can tell you that writing this type of novel was challenging. Not only am I not, nor have I been a young adult in a long time, but the topics of discussion throughout the book were hard to tackle with taste, but also be realistic. I struggled with some of the romance scenes to make them believable and relatable, but also be God-honoring. That age is tough, period. There’s so much influence from the world, and it’s easy to succumb to peer pressure and ignore God’s Word. I prayed a lot over this story that it reaches the age group intended. I wish there had been novels that broached these subjects with a Godly point of view, verses some of the other novels I read. It would have probably helped me to make better choices, and not felt so guilty over feelings and temptations I was experiencing. 

About the author:
S.D. Thomas has a B.A. in Journalism from Penn State University, and has always enjoyed creative writing. It wasn’t until after heartbreak that she accepted God’s calling and began writing according to His Word. She’s the co-founder of Coffee With Christ, a bi-monthly blog regarding topics and stories from the Bible. She is an avid reader, coffee enthusiast and studies her Bible daily, doing her best to live her life as a disciple of Christ. She lives with her husband and their fur baby in West Virginia.

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Kate Sarsfield said...

Good luck with your endeavours, Ms. Thomas.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kate! Good luck with yours as well!

Richard Brandt said...

Nothing will test your faith like love.

Unknown said...

Isn't that the truth Richard!

wendy Hutton said...

this book sounds very interesting good luck

Jodi Hunter said...

Sounds Incredible!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!

Stephanie LaPlante said...

This book sounds sweet and captivating.