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Thursday, January 12, 2017

"This could be it!" - Change of Heart by MR Daniel Side

"Movement across the street drew her attention. Someone, a male, walked down the sidewalk towards her dealer. He appeared young, his gait relaxed and unhurried. She didn’t think that he could see her man tucked back in the alley. Not a residential area. No bars close by. A trill of excitement ran through her. This could be it! Katherine pulled the lens cap off and aimed at the newcomer. At the alley’s entrance he paused, then stepped towards her dealer. Success! "


Release Date: February 6th, 2017

Patrick Corman, loner, ex muscle for a call girl service, struggles to stay alive and care for his institutionalized daughter. But now the danger isn’t coming from the streets. He needs a heart transplant. Shocked when, with only months to live, a mysterious benefactor offers him ‘the deal of a lifetime’, he sees it as a solution, even after reading the fine print.

When his former crime boss suspects that he is revealing information about her, and a young newspaper reporter sees him as her chance to get her own by-line, Patrick’s life and death struggle escalates. For her part, reporter Katherine Alderson keeps secret what she knows about his transplant, unaware that Patrick has his own secret, hidden in the fine print of the deal he agreed to.

Patrick’s new heart draws them together and into a conflict neither could have imagined when they discover someone has delved into their lives, using them as pawns in his own political game. Fighting to stay alive, one shocking revelation follows another, exposing the best and worst in both of them.

What does your office look like?

Funny, I don’t ever think of my writing location(s) as an office. For some I guess it has to be an official writing location or “office”. It definitely has to be a spot that suits your creativity and personality. A Lesson in Revenge and The Reedsmith of Zendar were written in my basement den, festooned with thirty years of memorabilia and props from school plays. A great place to become immersed in the story during the winter when the wood stove warmed the basement. Not so great in the summer – kind of damp and cool. So in the summer I moved to the tree house in the back yard, generally writing in the morning. When I built it for my three sons, some 30 years ago, I cleverly put in hydro – just in case I might want to use it in the future. Yes, sometimes I plan ahead. A really great place to write: nice breeze, birds and chipmunks sitting outside the windows on the branches. Change of Heart was written in one of the upstairs bedrooms (because after 30 years of cutting and hauling firewood for the wood stove I finally got tired of doing it.) All the guys had moved out and I had my pick. When we sold the log house, I set up a desk at the end of our living room in the new place (considerably down sized to an adult lifestyle condo) and finished it there.

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About the author:
Daniel is a retired school teacher who has written and produced many school plays, built his log home, restored a classic car, and spent many summers canoeing with his family in northern Ontario. Daniel’s other novels are A Lesson in Revenge and The Reedsmith of Zendar. All three novels are available on Amazon.

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