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Sunday, January 15, 2017

promises of home and happiness - Walking The Divide (The Gray Eyes #3) by Martine Lewis

Cover Reveal "I loved this book. So much happens, it is not just about first love; it is a deep and an incredibly emotional read. I honestly, could not put this book down when I started to read it. The plot is so full of surprises that each page kept me guessing. [...] So do yourself a favour and check this book out. You won't be disappointed. I Highly Recommend" - Mary, Goodreads


Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: March 21st, 2017

Elyssa Thompson, wealthy Manhattan upper class girl, wants something more from life, something meaningful beyond the drunken rich kid parties and shallow talk about clothes and makeup.

Zander Fredrick, street kid, victim of a broken foster care system, survives with the help of his power to project feelings onto other people. When he sees Elyssa in Central park one day, he feels a pull toward her, something beyond attraction, something that promises of home and happiness.

Can Elyssa and Zander cross the divide of social class to be together?

"WOW!!!! When I started to read Crossing the Barrier. I couldn't put down the book at all. I laughed, cried, and was on my seat throughout the whole book.This is first book that I read by Martine Lewis. I loved it every page I turned too. " - about Book #1 United Indie, Goodreads

"This book is exceptionally well written, with a storyline that drags you in and won't let go. Violence is a part of the story, and it wouldn't be the same without it. It is there by design and is not gratuitous. With mystery and suspense, this book will keep you on your toes. It is pretty obvious just who the other 'bad guys' are, but the how and whys remain unknown until you read further along." - about Book #2 Merissa, Goodreads

About the author:
Martine Lewis is forty something who was born and raised in the French speaking province of Quebec, Canada. She spent her childhood looking forward to her summer vacations at the farm, which were a nice escape from the suburbs where she lived.

Her first written endeavor was a 200-page handwritten Duran Duran bandfiction which she wrote when she was eleven years old. Of all her written work, this is the only one she no longer has.

All throughout high school, Martine wrote more bandfictions and some original work, then she went to write fanfictions in the Star Wars, Buffy and Harry Potter universes. Her fanficiton in the Potterverse are mostly centered on characters of her own creation and can be found on fanfiction.net.

Following her viewing of Roswell on Netflix in 2012, Martine wrote book two and three of the Gray Eyes Series, then went on to create the Gray Eyes Series universe in which she has been playing ever since. She writes contemporary coming-of-age romance fiction (young adult/new adult) with a twist.

Martine is an avid reader and rollerskater. She loves sushi, hot chocolate on a cold day, and the beach. But what she loves above all else is to curl on her chair with her computer and write more stories for her readers.

Martine currently lives in Houston, TX with her two cats.

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